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Contribute to the Bulls Club Annual Fund in Support of the On Campus Stadium

Donation Goal: $10,000

Project will expire in


stadiumplan.jpgThis is the opportunity for us to support the plans for a USF Bulls Football on-campus stadium in theipf522.jpg near future.    Building an on-campus stadium is critical to our growth and goes along nicely with the Indoor Performance Facility you see currently underway.

The on-campus stadium plans will soon be revealed and we need to show our commitment. 

It is also important in conference realignment for USF to demonstrate a strong annual fund.  With this crowdfund, we can all be a part of it. 

In support, The Bulls Pen will run this on an annual basis to continue to support the stadium, USF Bulls Annual Fund and USF Athletics.   Donating through the site's effort shows support for both USF Athletics and The Bulls Pen while all donations go direct to USF Athletics.  You, like myself, can still donate directly to the USF Athletics as well.  it is encouraged.  Go Bulls!


You can participate in our crowdfunding through PayPal, Stripe and other methods

Guests may also contribute by using the embedded join via email or social media.  Guests with questions on the contribution or becoming a member here can email Brad.  We'd love to see you join our stampede!


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There you go bumped it to a zero. Might as well see how high $ we can get it if someone is going to do some matching. Also, sure that USF Athletics will be hitting folks up in the near future for the OCS. 

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Appears to be stalled. Here is my 2cents which in this economy is now valued at zero. Possibly, members could be encouraged to give anything large or small. We have 4 different places we feel strongly about that we donate $25-35 periodically TBP included. Personally, I would rather donate something (even small) to places/organizations we believe in than just one entity. There was a comment made the other day about the $25 donors. It was probably innocent and meant with some humor but...it could have been read the other way too. I see where people donate and then almost apologize for the amount they gave. And then you have the "all about me" folks who like to boast about their donation. There are 2 diff efforts going on now on TBP but, you prob only have the same group who donate. Maybe some encouragement could be provided to large-small- any and all donors to achieve the goal. Economically, there are a lot of reasons right now for people to be tight with their money. There you go-my editorial for what it's worth. Go forth and conquer Mr Brad

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Thanks @BulledOver, I appreciate your comments.  I will incorporate those thoughts as we go forward.  We really need more PEOPLE involved wioth the program than we need one guy to drop in and drop big dollars.  This is an opportunity for us to show we are here.  Secondly, it is the absolute dead of summer.  Site visitation is its lowest.  I'm hoping we see more support each day we get closer to the season.

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Hopefully we can have improved play on the field and gain exposure with our NIL . . . Go BULLS !!!

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