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EXPIRED $23 for 23 years of Bulls Football - Build the IPF


Join the $23 for 23 fundraising effort to benefit USF Football and the Indoor Practice Facility.  This crowdfunding effort is open to all members and guests.  Feel free to forward to your Bulls friends and family.  Targeted donation per person is $23 per ticket or more.  Those seeking to make a significant donation and wishing to receive the tax benefit may reach out to Brad in order to provide appropriate info to the USF Athletics program.

This effort grew from E.T.'s post of April 7, 2019:

E.T.'s vision was what if every season ticket holder donated $23 for our 23rd season of USF Football?  This would be significant if we could start on this board and spread this to all season ticket holders.  Perhaps even some non-season ticket holders would contribute and even purchase tickets!  

This effort is approved by USF and Brad will provide full reporting to board member and Athletics staff member John Lewis.




Current Donation Goals

  • Raised $5,515.00 of $10,000.00 target
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2 hours ago, BulledOver said:

Chip Away..💲🔨

That's it.  Get other Bulls involved and we can do this before the season starts.  it's just a slow time of year....do Bulls hibernate?  :) 

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I think it worked that time, Brad.  Had to reset my password for PayPal.  All my passwords are the same and I can't remember any of them!  Well, they told me back in the '70s that this would happen...:hippy2:

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Haha...Yep I think you’re good, will confirm later.

We have keep this thing moving, thanks to everyone donating so far!

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