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As the title says, this is the place for Bourbon folk.

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  2. Friends bought me a belated birthday bourbon. Joseph Magnus. Just sampled it and think it is a keeper. Like a lot of spirits the first sip was a tad harsh. But from the 2nd one on it settled in nicely. Believe it is finished it cognac and sherry barrels. Nice nose, a bit fruity up front and nice finish. Good weight to it as well. If you search the web there is an interesting story behind it.
  3. You may be fortunate to have that bottle. According to this the distillery burned in the late 1990s https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/39304/new-zealand-18-year-old-double-wood-blended-twe-exclusive
  4. That sounds interesting. Always open to trying new things. Is it available in the US?
  5. The NZ whisky collection, Dunedin Doublewood, is some great stuff! 18 years total aged. Picked it up in New Zealand, at a liquor store. Wish I could say I hit up the distillery, but couldn't. NZ is not known for whisky, but this... Better than any beer or wine I had hands down!
  6. Does “weeded bourbon” give you the munchies?
  7. ... Jameson's Black barrel is good stuff. Still whiskey, though. They age it is charred barrels in the closest thing they'll do to imitate bourbon. It's still there barley mixture and still Jameson otherwise.
  8. I've got some makers 46 too as well. It's all right, but I think I prefer just regular makers over it. Something they do with the charcoal. Makers is supposed to be a weeded bourbon, which gives it a sweeter taste. I really like the Jefferson's ocean voyage 19, full of flavor and is a weeded mash. Woodford is usually a good choice. I'm not a fan of rye bourbon myself.
  9. Bummer of a way to spend your birthday. At least you had a top-notch bourbon to grab. Happy belated birthday!
  10. I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. Ended up at a incredible bar that had all kinds of gin on one side and then just about every kind of whiskey (bourbon, whisky, Irish whiskey, Scotch, etc) on the other wall. got to talk into the guy and it turned out they did have a bottle of Jefferson's ocean. Voyage 6! Was able to get a taste. Wasn't bad, but so far I've definitely preferred voyage 19.
  11. Turning 65 today and can't go out to celebrate. Was supposed to go to a wine dinner at Sacred Pepper but it was obviously cancelled. So I reached way back into the cabinet and pulled out my Pappy 15. Ounce and a half while I catch up on things on the computer. Great nose on this. First couple of sips seemed a bit harsher than I remember but I haven't been drinking much bourbon the past month. Smoothed out some after. Still a top notch sipper.
  12. Was able to pick up a few bottles of Luekens Barrel Pick Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare. Really liked the Eagle Rare, probably up there in my top 2 or 3 at this point. BT was good as well. I have found that I like the Old Grand Dad Bonded and 114, especially for Old Fashioneds as they seem to stand up well to the ice and sugar, and the price is right on both. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  13. Did I bring a Jefferson Ocean? If so, it was the Voyage 17. I can't remember that far back.
  14. This goes to what @CousinRicky said about the subjectivity of taste as I am a huge Double Oaked fan. If you liked the Russell's Reserve, you will like Longbranch, also a Wild Turkey product. Henry McKenna Single Barrel, Elijah Craig Bottle in Bond, 1792, and Heaven HIll Bottle in Bond (though discontinued and hard to find) are good bourbons to try.
  15. What was it we had a the last tailgate? I didn't notice. It was good.
  16. We tried the Voyage 17 at the Bourbon Classic in Feb of '19. I liked it enough to pick up a bottle. Had an earlier version, not sure which, that has a more salty taste and didn't like it. I tend to like wheated bourbons so will keep an eye out for the '19 trip.
  17. Something how everyone's taste is different. I like the Double Oaked as well but would put Russell's 10 yr above the others. Pretty sure the Russells is the same mash bill as Wild Turkey, which I don't love, but aged longer. I buy stuff that my wife says she likes after trying and then she doesn't drink it at home. Some I like - like Eagle Rare - and some I don't like Blade & Bow. Bought an Old Forester Statesman after going to a tasting for Old Forester and she hasn't touched it. She prefers Old Fashioneds if she's drinking bourbon and prefers Scotch if drinking on the rocks.
  18. Thanks! I actually picked up a bottle of the Angels Envy bourbon earlier this week, had one glass of that and I did like it. Will look into the Rye. Also bought some Old Grand Dad Bonded, which I read a few good reviews on for bourbons under $25 - haven't tried that yet, but figured it would be good to have on hand. Heard great things about the Eagle Rare and have been keeping an eye out, but have not found it in any of the stores around here yet.
  19. Try Angels Envy Rye. It’s kind of expensive ~ $90 but worth it. Also been drinking a lot of Eagle Rare, you can find it for about $30
  20. Hi all, looking for some friendly advice on some bourbons to add to my list. Very new to the bourbon scene, all started back in May when I bought some Makers 46 that was on sale to make juleps for the derby. Since then I've started to drink old fashioned's, neat here and there, over a large ice cube, and with a few drops of distilled water. Some of the bourbons that I've bought over the past 7 or 8 months were Woodford Double Oaked, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Rowan's Creek, Four Roses Small Batch, Russell's Reserve 10yr, in order of preference at this point. I did like the Makers 46 alot, but that was all consumed in mixed drinks so I feel like I don't have a good feel for that one yet. The Double Oaked, to me, was the standout, with the ECSB and Rowan's not far behind. Russell's seemed a bit harsh to me. Not sure what this says about my current tastes, but would love to solicit any input on what to try next from fellow bourbon drinking Bulls.
  21. Posted on here that I got some Jefferson's Ocean voyage 17 last year after a nice promotion. Just had the voyage 19, which has a "wheated" mash. Not sure I'm tasting the salty part, but the stuff is awesome.
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