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As the title says, this is the place for Bourbon folk.

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  2. An update on this subject. Last night we hosted a small party. In attendance were some bourbon drinkers; my son-in-law, and a couple of the husbands of neighbors of theirs. Used the tasting boards above and poured the following: WL Weller Special Reserve, Pappy 12 yr, Pappy 15 year and the Blend that was the subject of this thread. One of the guys attending is the Executive Worldwide Chef for Bloomin Brands. I told them ahead of time what was in the glasses. I thought it would be interesting to see the differences based pretty much on age and barrel selection as they all supposedly have a similar mash bill. The Special Reserve is rumored to be approximately 7 years in barrel. Everyone enjoyed it. The Pappy 12 was enjoyed even more and the 15 even more. So we come to last one - the blend of Weller 12 and Weller Antique. Surprisingly my son-in-law enjoyed it the most. The chef guy, who is really good at identifying tastes, thought it tasted very similar to the Pappy 12. I didn't notice the alcohol had much now as in the past. I did, however, pour the samples about an hour before we started the tasting and don't know if that softened that final blend or not. But I'm much happier with the experiment now. Sadly I have less an a quarter bottle of the Pappy 12 but still about a 1/2 of the Pappy 15 and even more of the blend. As an aside I made a lavender martini for the ladies which was a huge hit with all who tried it including the men.
  3. Tried the Ginger Infused Bourbon at my daughter's home, last night. She loves it, as does Mrs. S. A bit too sweet for me.
  4. It was the alcohol. We'd had a few or 20. I will never forget it. "You can't make an Old Fashion with Brandy!!!"
  5. I'm down to about 21 different bourbons and maybe 26 or so total bottles. With Eagle Rare hard to find in FL, we picked up a few bottles on our Biloxi/Memphis trip last week. Funny because the liquor store we stopped in had a dozen bottles on the shelf. Other than when Costco carried it a couple of years back I don't think I've seen a dozen bottles total in liquor stores here. It is the Mrs favorite, when she drinks bourbon, so figured best to stock up. Fun fact, on the way home from Memphis we stopped at The Hound in Auburn, AL for lunch. A great bourbon selection at fair, not cheap, prices.
  6. Will let you bring it for tasting next time we have you and Mrs here.
  7. After re-reading this after Swamprats update, I believe when taking one of the tours or in a bar in L'ville last month we were told that VOB is a great deal. Still haven't tried it but will be on the lookout for it.
  8. Your memory is better than mine. I don't even remember that. It could be the alcohol or, more likely, the advanced age.
  9. Rebel Yell is not a bad little bourbon. It runs between $12 and $16 a fifth.
  10. This is kind of sacrilegious, but my daughter talked me into trying Virgil Cane Ginger Infused Bourbon. I ordered a bottle through ForWhiskeyLovers.com as well of a bottle of their Rip-Track Rye bourbon. Haven't opened either, yet. I want to do it when I have time to savor or spit and drink some better.
  11. I like Evan Williams White Label Bottled in Bond. $26 for a 1.75 liter bottle, too.
  12. There is nothing like watching @CousinRicky debate a bunch of Wisconsinites on the proper way to make an Old Fashion. In a Wisconsin bar, no less.
  13. I have most of those. My favorite of that group would be the Willetts. My collection is getting rather large. It's not Cousin Ricky or NAS large, but it's getting there.
  14. If'n I'm a sippin' I drink it neat. I will usually add a splash of ice cold water when drinking at a party. Rarely use ice, except in my bourbon high balls, which I drink a lot of in the summertime.
  15. So from your two choices it appears you are a "wheated" bourbon fan. A lot of people start with that which is why Makers is a popular Bourbon. Larceny is also wheated. Instead of using rye in the mash bill along with corn and malted barley, they use winter wheat. That tends to give it a softer, less spicy taste. Think rye bread vs wheat. It was a couple of years of trying bourbons before I came to really enjoy it. Enjoy the adventure.
  16. There were a few guys...I learned about enjoying “neat” but I went with the large cube. Since I never drank bourbon before, I only had a couple and went with a choice of the more widely available (less exotic) bourbons. I had Maker’s on the far left and a Larceny. I’m going to put together a transition plan to make bourbon a greater part of my life. A little less porter and more bourbon. A good balance of both.
  17. I'll look out for that next time a pour some. Like I said, I'm still learning the finer points.
  18. I've only had 8 of those. Haven't tried Willetts.
  19. Did you detect any saltiness? A couple of the ocean batches that I tried did have a hint. Think they are doing one on rivers or they sent it down a river to the Gulf.
  20. I had received a set of football shaped large molds for Christmas. Used them for Super Bowl. I really need to check the Bourbon pages more often.
  21. Just getting back from Memphis and saw this. How did you enjoy them? That was a nice selection to start with. My favorite in the photo is probably the Willetts.
  22. With my first “bourbon tasting” at a friend’s house: Slept great last night.
  23. I just got a mold set that makes 4 large spheres' and 4 large cubes.
  24. I don't keep a lot of higher priced bourbon around... Recently hit a huge milestone/promotion and my wife surprised me with this: I think it's **** good. Still learning about the finer points of bourbon, so I can't describe it well. But, it's smooth and delicious.
  25. Add the yeti 10oz tumbler.... Keeps the ice as ice longer....I have a sphere ice mold (the death star)...does great in the yeti tumbler.
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