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As the title says, this is the place for Bourbon folk.

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  2. Yeah I heard the Gold is good stuff. I'll probably be drinking beer before the game but that Blantons will be opened after the Bulls start 1-0 late Friday night
  3. My wife and I love it but that is getting hard to find. So I don't drink it as much as I would if were readily available. On a road trip to Biloxi I came across some at a liquor store there and bought 5 bottles. When the Costco near us first opened they had it on pallets. Had I known things were going to change............ Your dad must be a great customer. Our WBB coach JF has a couple places that call him when it comes in and he let me know so I could pick up a bottle - the only one left from the case - about 4 hours after he called. Just looked at your photo and the one I was drinking on the cruise had that gold top on it so it must have been the same.
  4. Haha you're an animal. My dad has about 16 bottles of Blantons original. Everytime his local liquor store gets a shipment they call him lol Despite the hype, I do enjoy Blantons but my daily drinker is Eagle Rare.
  5. I may have had the Gold while on a river cruise in Europe in '18. It was a different cork than want is sold here. It was very good but I didn't notice a huge difference between that and what I have here. But, then again, it is so hard to come by that I don't drink a lot of here. They had 3 bottles on the boat. Finished the 1st. Drank the 2nd and got into the 3rd. It was a 7 day cruise.
  6. Had a friend get it for me while visiting the UK. It's not sold in the U.S Blantons gold is about 103 proof Blantons SFTB is around 130 proof I haven't had either yet but Gold is said to be full flavored and a noticeable upgrade over Blantons original. SFTB is uncut and unfiltered. Big, bold, and warm. I kind of wanted to open this one when the temp drops but it's hard to wait that long...
  7. Few questions, how does it differ from regular Blantons? Not filtered? Stronger proof? And where the heck did you find it?
  8. I have been wanting to try Blantons SFTB and will pop it open after we beat Wisconsin
  9. Might be worth your while: http://www.aswdistillery.com/home I've had the Fiddler and it's a fine whiskey, but I would really like to try some of their finer offerings.
  10. We'll use regular Woodford for old fashioneds but agree that the double oaked should stand on its own.
  11. I bought that a couple of years ago on Amazon. Just poured from it for @Swamprat while he and his wife were here for some bourbon and dinner on Saturday. Told Jose's wife about it and she bought one on the spot for him. while in NOLA last year.
  12. https://www.mensjournal.com/food-drink/the-very-best-whiskey-decanters-a-buyers-guide/paksh-capitol-whiskey-decanter/
  13. Picked up my friend a bottle for his 40th this past weekend... then he proceeds to make old fashions out of the stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I'm out of Double Oaked again. God, I love that bourbon, but I need to slow down a bit.
  15. I added a bottle to my collection when it first came about, but haven’t opened it. Had some at a BBQ/Bourbon tasting the other night in Bardstown...it was pretty good, but IMO a bit over-priced for an 86 Proof pour. I acquired what I can describe as the best bourbon bottle ever...something your wife would love. Double Eagle Very Rare! Probably display it behind the bar for a few years, and then make a killing selling it on the secondary market.
  16. The Longbranch is pretty good. My bottle went relatively quickly.
  17. I'd been out of Double Oaked for quite a while and during the Woodford tasting I was reminded how much I like it. Obviously, I picked up an new bottle.
  18. Last Thursday evening, we went to a little bourbon bistro called the Purple Poulet in Dayton, Ky. They offered flights, so I tried one called "Neighborhood Hooch" which featured bourbons distilled local to the area. It included Riff's OKI, Boone County Eighteen 33, and George Remus. It's too bad OKI is no longer being produced. It was the best of that bunch. Really good. The Eighteen 33 was OK. I didn't like George Remus at all. Hardly any taste, compared to the others, and what there was, wasn't very good. To me anyway.
  19. Single Barrel was $39.99 at Wild Turkey. The sample at the end of the tour included Longbranch, WT101, Russel SB 10yr, and their Rye. I like the Longbranch.
  20. I bought some for a friend last week in Louisville...it was $25.99 (last year it was $20.18) and the single barrel was $55.99. My favorite pour from WT is Rare Breed. We are heading to Bardstown tomorrow.
  21. I can vouch for Angels Envy and Old Forester. Did those in Feb of this year.
  22. If you get to Louavull...Angels Envy, Old Forester, and Copper & Kings Brandy are good tours.
  23. Have heard that that festival is a good time. We've never done it but hope to at some point.
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