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For the DIY Projects or Projects in general that you have to represent USF

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  2. Here is the finished tailgate trailer build. She turned a few heads on Saturday.
  3. Sorry for the delayed response, I just saw this. The horns are decals. I put them on after the boards were stained and painted, then put the polyurethane that I used over them to keep them from wearing and moving.
  4. My friend and I have outfitted an enclosed trailer for tailgating purposes. It was just finished this week. There is a link below to my google drive folder with pics and a video. The trailer has two flag pole supports to support 15' flag poles made of PVC. It has a 40" tv with soundbar and sub woofer, an antenna and a roku. It will also be loaded with a big shop fan, 10 X 10 tent, home made cornhole boards, grill, USF cooler etc. I am ready for football season boys. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10pauLJqzOPMh4XwTRIQyJCBzsQLGVgEd
  5. @Brad How do I add this thread to the club?
  6. Only things I have so far is a glass I etched using a vinyl cutter to make a mask and some acid and a steel Bulls logo my sister gave me that was cut using a CNC plasma cutter (still haven't decided what to do with it).
  7. It would have been cool if the outside edges were illuminated too.
  8. Illuminated "holes"? Like it.
  9. These are beautiful. The one and only change I would consider is that one of the two would have used the bull sheild (in my profile photo.)
  10. Are the horns painted on or decal?
  11. They cost me around $100 in materials. If I had more time on my hands I would build and sell them on a regular basis haha
  12. Very nice corn hole boards. If you want to buy them they go for $300 + for similar looking boards.
  13. Well that was easy..how about Bull Built ?
  14. Might I also suggest the name Construct-a-Bulls
  15. If I pick up a power tool someone is going to get hurt....
  16. I was about to do that. good looking out.
  17. I created a club called "USF Builds" so all projects can be in one place.
  18. From one Accountant to another nice looking boards.
  19. I wanted to start a thread for people to post their various USF builds (trailers, tables, cornhole boards, etc.) and also discuss possible ideas for builds. I will get the thread going with a photo of my cornhole boards that I build over the offseason.
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