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  2. The Newsroom - Pretty good. I didn't know anything about it going it and had no expectations. I probably knocked it out in two weeks since it was only three seasons. Kind of interesting to watch how a show about the news covers legit news in hindsight, e.g. Boston Marathon bombing. Brooklyn Nine NIne - Haven't finished it, but it's funny so far. I think if you're the kind of person who would even start watching this show, you're the kind of person who's going to like it. Altered Carbon - If you like Sci-Fi, it's legit.
  3. Halfway through and it is as good as the first season.
  4. Jung Byung-gil puts together will constructed cross between MIssion Impossible and Kill Bill in this 2017 Korean assassins gone wild flick minus the snappy one-liners. Sook-hee, while exacting revenge for her fathers death is cut up in a shadowy world of South Korea's assassination machine. This slick vision filled with beautiful Korean people tells the story of love and revenge. Although the plot is somewhat choppy with the constant flashbacks it does enough to answer questions just as they were forming in your mind. The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed although, as with any other action flick, completely implausible. The acting is top notch and true to Korean style can be somewhat overly dramatic. The twists and turns are not mind-blowing but will catch you with a few Eureka moments. The camera angles are wonderful and the best part of the movie. The movie begins with a 5-10 minute fight scene from the first person view point with blood spatter everywhere. Additionally , the movie contains many tight shots wind their way around a pair of combatants. The last visual leaves you with a what has happened to her sense. Overall a great movie if you are good with subtitles as this is in Korean. BullScore 8.5 Horns Up Rotten Tomatoes 83% Certified Fresh Just Watch 77% IMDB 6.7 Available on Hulu Streaming https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/the-villainess
  5. Its these kind of movies that make me concerned with the future of film-making as a whole. Directed by 34 yo Tyler Macintyre, this "slasher" flick is less slasher and more gratuitous worship of the millennial fascination with social media. Every scene houses a phone, every event surround the quest for likes and technological approval of that unnamed individual on the other side of the internet. But even without these, the movie flat out makes no sense, the plot is childish and shallow at best. The acting is decent but the awful writing masks any talent the cast may have. The cinematography is crisp and slick as you would expect from a top end film but the special effects are so blase that the cinematography could have been crap and it wouldn't have made any difference. This movie is directed at teens but the soundtrack that sounds like music that comes from open source shareware. I don't often hate the movies that end up on my list, this is an exception BullsScore 3.5 Horns up Rotten Tomatoes 81% Certified Fresh Just Watch Rating 77% IMDB Score 6.0 Available on Hulu
  6. A poignant and fascinating 2017 drama centered on an AIDS activist group (ACT UP) set in the early 1990's as they battle with the French government for funding as well as a pharmaceutical company who is more interested in the PR for the drug they have created than the lives of the people who it may save. Homophobes beware, if gay romance makes you queasy, this is not a movie for you. But for the rest of us this is a beautiful movie that sheds light on how activist groups work within and just outside the lines of the law. This movie also tells the story of two of the activists that fall in love and the battles that various member face internally when inflicted with and dying from HIV. The sometimes rabid disagreements within the group as well as the surprising support the group receives from members of the community gives us a different look at life as an activist then the black and white version we are often presented with. The spoken language is French with subtitles that sometimes annoyingly blend in with the background but in general are readable. The plot is slow, sometimes agonizingly slow and with the movie run time of 143 mins, make sure you have the attention span to get through BullScore 7/10 Horns Up Rotten Tomatoes 98% Metacritic 78% IMDB 7.5 Available on Hulu
  7. Creed definitely has the best one off lines in the series
  8. Binge watch "The Office" probably once a year. Although the Jim Dwight impersonation was awesome, anything from Creed pretty much make up my favorites. His brief stint as manager was probably my bestest times of the whole series. Although I'm probably a lot more old school that any on here (right now just started watching "Newhart" for the umpteenth time), really enjoyed "Stranger Things" and have "Castle Rock" cued up on Hulu ...
  9. Three favorite scenes.....because one? ya right When Jim dresses likes Dwight, when Jim sends Dwight on the quest the find the end of the red wire, and the CPR class scene. Classic
  10. I can't call it binge watching, but I join my son for several episodes at a time of "The Office". Independently, on a flight this week, started watching Deadwood - after listening to an audiobook on the old West.
  11. Yeah as soon as the wife became VP I almost stopped. This was actually the first original series by a non- cable network ever and Netflix set the standard by making all of the hose of cards episodes for viewing st once (and hence the term “benge watching”).
  12. Yeah, I really liked the first and second season but just stopped watching and never got back into it. While trying not to spoil anything, I just think progressed to fast.
  13. You’ll like Succession just give it about three episodes before it starts to crank up.
  14. Still looking forward to watching the end of house of cards even though that show “jumped the shark” long ago.
  15. 8 Huge Original Movies Still Coming To Netflix This Year A couple of cool things coming up, including a old Orson Wells movie that was never finished.
  16. https://uproxx.com/tv/new-on-netflix-this-week-insatiable-the-guernsey-literary/
  17. Tonight we have been catching up on Wrecked on TBS with the DVR. Pretty funny show. Its stars Trevor form the whitest Kids You Know from back in the day.
  18. Succession is next on my list. Just wrapping up Altered Carbon. Westworld was pretty good.
  19. No, it’s about a family who owns the world biggest media company and the politics of who is will succeed the father. Really greasy inner family backstabbing. I also like the corporate action going on.
  20. Just finished Sucession on HBO. Love it! All of the people are deplorable but this what makes it work. Good cutthroat stuff. Waiting for Ozark to start on Netflix. If you have not seen that one yet I highly recommend it.
  21. Starting this off what are currently binge watching and how do you feel about it. Right now on Netflix i'm running back through Parks and Rec so the GF can experience the awesomeness that is Lesley Knope. Also currently running through the series Reign. Bit of "chick Flick" for lack of a more accurate term but I have to compromise and I can getting to the hollywood history side of it. It follows MaryQueen of Scots during her time in France and they can find some interesting ways to tell the story. What are you guys watching?
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