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From Lagers to Stouts, post and discuss your favorite beers and where to find them.

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  2. I am in the desert, is getting hot...the porters I love so much have to stay on the shelf. Trying something different. Local Brew, Four Peaks, acquired by InBev a year or so ago but still highly regarded around here, White Ale: WHITE ALE BELGIAN-STYLE WITBIER True to its Belgian roots but infused with Arizona substance, our witbier is brewed with local orange peel and Sonoran White Wheat from our friends at Hayden Flour Mills. It's kept unfiltered for layered flavors, spicy aromas and a citrusy finish.
  3. I just downloaded it. I'm Apis on there.
  4. Same, I ordered one on amazon for really cheap. It's a fun hobby to get into.
  5. Yup, really simple with their instructions too. I did use a meat thermometer instead of the one they supplied for easier temp readings.
  6. I want to brew a NEIPA next. Brooklyn Beershop is whole grain right? I believe that's the first I did as well. I then switched to craft a brew because it's a malt kit which was a much easier process.
  7. Just cracked open my first batch this past Sunday, it was from the Brooklyn Beershop Everyday IPA kit. Not too bad, light on the aroma but a solid beer overall. Definitely looking forward to brewing my own recipes soon.
  8. Feel free to follow me as well, username is mcgies
  9. Probably some kind of hefe. It's really hard for me to drink the watered down stuff anymore.
  10. With week one approaching fast. What are you cracking open at the tailgate or pregame? I'm not sure if I will make it to the game early enough to tailgate and in any case it's really only me and my gf coming so i'm probably going to wait and grab a beer in the stadium, but i'm interested in knowing what you guys will game prepping with?
  11. Birthday brew kept cold courtesy of The Bulls Pen member shop. Spend those points guys
  12. I have added you GaUSFbull. I am Icemann78x. Anyone else feel free to add me as well.
  13. The Tampa Bay Lightning will be hosting Bolts Brew Fest at AMALIE Arena on Friday, August 17, beginning at 7:00 PM. The three-hour event will include craft beers from many different local craft breweries, oversized games, Lightning personalities & more! General Admission tickets will include unlimited beer sampling and other fun perks to be announced. http://www.amaliearena.com/events/detail/bolts-brew-fest-1
  14. Couldn't recover my old account so I started a new one. Username is ajc1228
  15. Adding you now. Go Bulls
  16. Kinda wanna catch a yardgoats game if i'm ever in the area.
  17. Really? Had to look it up - Oskar Blues depending on how you interpret. Link
  18. I used that back in college but let it go a few phones ago. gonna have re-up on it. Hopefully I can recover my progress.
  19. So as you're probably finding out about me, beer is a passion of mine. Any untappd users in here? It's a great social media app for beer drinkers. You can keep track of what you drink, rate the beer and find out a whole bunch of other cool stuff. My username is ninjaben, hit me up if you're ever on there.
  20. Picked up a beer called Diver Down, which is out of Brew Hub in Lakeland (my hometown). I had never heard of Brew Hub before, so I started reading about them on their site. They have their own stuff; Diver Down is among their own brands, but they also do something called "partner brewing," where smaller craft breweries can use their facilities to brew, package and distribute their beers under full supervision of their own brew masters. I thought that was pretty cool. Have to say, Diver Down wasn't the most impressive beer I had for an Imperial Red, but it wasn't bad. it would be cool to check out their tasting room in Lakeland, though. If anyone has been, or ever goes, let me know.
  21. Oh, we have the BrewBus - https://www.brewbususa.com/?age-verified=14e5c01b9c And Clearwater has the JollyTrolly - https://clearwaterjolleytrolley.com/ Then there's the PubPass - http://www.getpubpass.com/tpa/ We'll have to give the Atlanta Beer Bus a try next year. GO BULLS!
  22. Big fan of Cigar City - I picked up an Red IPA called Tocobaga on my last FL trip and it was pretty solid. Jai Alai and Maduro are pretty easy to get up here, since I believe CC was acquired by a larger producer. If you can ever get your hands on the White Oak Jai Alai, I think it's considerably better than the original.
  23. This past weekend when I was down there, I had Motorworks' Intellectual Property Ale. Had a very nice taste to it. Time before that (in early July) I had Darwin's Cran-Lemon Wit (at Swordfish Grill in Cortez, which I highly recommend, btw) and their Summadayze. Both pretty decent.
  24. IPA guy mostly but I've really been into sour beers this summer, like saisons and goses. Always down for a good Belgian as well during the summer. When it gets colder, I'll be into porters and browns. I'm not a huge stout guy, but I do like Terrapin's Liquid Bliss, which is a chocolate peanut butter stout. It's pretty tasty.
  25. Super cool. Atlanta has something similar, for a bit less ... the Atlanta Beer Bus. https://atlantabeerbus.com/
  26. Atlanta has TONS of breweries ... I'm a big fan of Monday Night and Red Brick. Others like Scofflaw (their Basement IPA is really taking off), Cherry Street, Wild Heaven and Orpheus are really popular.
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