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Helping to Fund Facilities Goes Back a Long Way for this Community




I can't even remember much about this any more.  But I guess we took action to contribute towards the now named Lee Roy Selmon Athletics Center.  It was very nice to receive this letter in appreciation:



As best as I can remember, this was probably something that came out of one of the original iterations of the Bulls Backers Club.  If I had to guess, Eric is @E.T., Steve is @ZeroBullChip, Richard is @Ricky the Bull.  I'm not sure who Jeff is but have some ideas.  Jeff (and maybe Steve) may be the guys from the Carraba's at 56th and Fowler where we hosted many watch parties.

Please remember, we are also raising funds for the future On Campus Stadium.

Along with this, I remember here was a campus celebration for the athletic season in which we officially joined the Big East.  Member @HowieP went to it to ensure we had a picture of the Big East flag being raised.  To the right is the facility and in the background you can see the football team at practice.

image.jpeg      image.jpeg












This may be going be going a bit far, but Howie also was our incognito photog capturing pictures of the LRS center as it was being built...seems similar to our fascination with the IPF today.

1_1354-2.jpg.jpeg1_1353-2.jpg.jpeg       1_1355-2.jpg.jpeg






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