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How about a look way back at the early days and origin of The Bulls Pen, saved from the internet archive.




This site, bullventuresinc.com, was the lead site in the sprawling internet based empire led by the former entrepreneur known as Bulliever.

Bulliever incorporated a company known as "Bull Ventures, Inc. (BVI)  It was a company whose charter and mission would lead into unknown recesses of the internet while spearheading efforts at building a USF Fan base online.

After a rough experiment in the internet retail business (specifically in selling South Florida Bulls gear), Bull Ventures, Inc. folded.  What's left is this name and this site out in cyberspace - so we might as well use it.

Still remaining of the empire is SouthFloridaBulls.com, the flagship site of the former BVI and pride and joy of Bulliever. 

At SouthFloridaBulls.com, you will find numerous features, articles, etc. on South Florida Basketball and Football.

Hosted at this site are two main features of the complete online Bulls experience.

The largest online Bulls Message Board Community.  Please click on the image above and see for yourself. 


Secondly (to be opening soon),1auction.jpg
The only online Bulls auction site.  The site is open for bidding right now, with a Grand Opening announcement scheduled for the week of 09/16/02.



Home to:
bullet    The Bulls Pen Message Board
bullet    Bulliever's Auction House

Visit SouthFloridaBulls.com for:

bullet    Bulls Football
bullet    Bulls Basketball
bullet    Scores, Stats, Stories
bullet    Image Galleries
bullet    Free Email Accounts
bullet    Online Store (pending)
bullet    Athletic Calendar
bullet    Fan Polls
bullet    Updates on former Bulls
bullet    The Bulls Network
bullet    Links to official and unofficial     South Florida Bulls sites
bullet    and Much, Much More...


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