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Why not - the TBP Points Lottery




Just to have something else fun to do with your member points, now you can play the lottery.  Initially, it will be a weekly lottery with pots of various sizes.  You can see this week's lottery (just started today) here:


It will end tonight, as it is mostly a test run.  But if you like games of chance like lotteries, feel free to play weekly.  You can buy as many tickets as your points will afford.

You should already be aware of the Member Shop.  It's a points store that allows you to play games, acquire board functions or purchase smaller gift items with your points.  Items and costs will change frequently so as not to break the bank and to address inflation, exchange rates and monetary policies.

Lastly, another extension of your points and the Member Shop is the Betting Shop.  Once again, your points come into play and you can bet on featured college or NFL games - virtually anything.  There si even a spot for you to "request a bet" if there is a game you'd like to wager on that is not shown.

I hope you'll visit these optional forms of entertainment - it may help pass the time to USF Football!  Have fun.



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