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Social Integrations




It is easier than ever to join the conversation at The Bulls Pen.  And the giveaways, quizzes, galleries, downloads, Member Shop, etc., too.

I have recently completed a revisit of the social integrations functionality after finding some had been broken by our software as well as that of Facebook and Twitter.

The integrations are important for a number of reasons, but I'll stick with the top two.

  • New members - Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In or Windows account can log in to The Bulls Pen with those credentials.  Very simple access to an account at TBP and immediate posting.  It really is so easy.  So, if you're out there talking with fellow or future Bulls fans, bump into them on Twitter, or Linked In remind them they can join in seconds, and maintain the same identity they have on other social platforms.  Here is what guests will see when they come upon https://thebullspen.com:


social platform integration.png


  • For existing members, if you go to your profile page, you'll see to the left the opportunity to integrate with your social platform accounts, allowing you to share name changes, content, and status updates (varies by social platform).  It makes it very easy to share from TBP to Twitter and FB.  Here is my profile.  I am integrated with all but Linked In at this time.




Please keep this in mind when talking to other Bulls.  There's no dreaded sign up, just use one of the social platform credentials nearly everyone has already!  And as a member, by getting yourself connected, you will have an easier time sharing with others you.

If you run into any problems while setting up your integrations, please let me know.  




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