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Using the Calendar Reminder




The calendar function has been around since The Bulls Pen was a forum on SouthFloridaBulls.com.

It doesn't quite get the community use it could, so I'll invite you to visit and see if it can help manage yours and our Bulls life.

First of all, there are two calendars that combine as one:

  1. Bulls scheduled games
  2. Bulls events

Only the Admin can add scheduled games, but we can all add events - such as BULLRALLY I added a week or so ago.  Events can have RSVPs attached so members here can see which other members are planning on going.

The feature I wanted to mention is the "Set Reminder" function. 


A new feature recently added, now you can set that reminder that will keep you informed, even if you are not on the website.  I recently set up a test reminder to share.  It's a nice email reminding you of an event (with however many days lead you need) as well as some recent stories from the Pen at the bottom of the reminder email.  Here is what my reminder looked like for Fall Camp (top of email):



So, whether it's the first football game, fall camp, BULLSRALLY, Block party (to be added) or any other function or game on the calendar or to be entered on the calendar, you can use the TBP reminder email to keep you on schedule.  

I hope you'll visit the Calendar (tab on main navigation bar) and provide some comment.

Thank you.




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