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Points and the Member Shop




We had a couple threads on the new "Points" economy, this being the initial one:

The points collecting has been in place for about a month, there is plenty of experimenting to do, but the possibilities are pretty entertaining.  I don't think it's a good thing to identify what adds points to your count (you'll figure it out), but I can tell you one key source of points is being online everyday, multiple days in a row at the least.  Starting quality topics is rewarding as well.

Points will be able to be used in the future for a number of things including games (like Rock, Paper, Scissors), board actions (username changes, signature changes, entry into premium raffles) and lotteries and a betting shop.  The latter two will be around towards football season.  Most of all, you can turn in your points earned as a member of this community to buy USF gear, memorabilia and even donate to USF.  

There will be more to come on this functionality, but there is a version 1.0 of the points store located here:  Points Shop

If you look on the main menu under "More" you should see this as well as some other helpful stats and information.  Again, get familiar, more to come on this. 



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Wise man...

I did the rock, paper, scissors thing and won some big dough.

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On this Points economy, I can use a little help.  We are preparing to enter phase II of the TBP economy.  So far, we have kept inflation under check while still generating posts.  No one seems to be unable to use verbs, so things are looking good.

We need to name the currency as soon there will be greater use.  Currently, we're referring to as just "points", but I think we need something more specific to the board and the Bulls.

For inspiration, I looked at a coin like this, that features @TripleB on the obverse and a Bull on the reverse:




Inspiring yes, but centuries old in design.  So kill some time this morning, and give me an idea of what we should call out currency and what it might look like.

Don't take the easy path and say "Bullchips" (although that's what came to my rusty mind), with the image of green poker chips adorned with a Bull.  Ok, that's a starting point, what else?


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My first thought for name was the very generic Bullpenny. You could keep Trips on there and put a picture of the athletics center or the Yuengling Center on the other. 

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