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Things to do in the offseason, Part I




Hey, part of our community has been the fun of prediction contests and other things....most recently, raffle style giveaways and bracket contests.  In order to make it a more easily manageable situation for your humble host, I am asking that you complete the Name and Address profile fields added to your Profile. 


This will make it much easier for me to get winnings out on time.  It's all private, but saves me from having to ask and then being delayed because I do not want to make multiple trips to the Post Office.  Much like the ticket giveaways require you to have a good email address in your profile, you will need a good shipping name and address to successfully participate in giveaways, contests and some newer things we have coming up for 2018.

You can get to these fields to complete by clicking on your username in upper right hand corner of screen, select profile and then click on the "Edit Profile" text. 



Then, scroll down and enter name and address.  These fields are viewable to you and me.  Permissions are set to private.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  





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