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While in between upgrades...




I know some members tend to bookmark the one page they like to visit on TheBullsPen.com.  If they start on the main page, they always start on the main page and have an opportunity  to see any changes along the way to the thread they wish to read.  Others start on the Topic index page or perhaps even a particular thread.

I'm always throwing different things out there to see if people like it enough to comment on the main board or via PM.

Recently, I put a real slick looking enhancement to display the USF YouTube feed in the right sidebar of the Topic index page.  If you go to any board topic listing, you'll see it in the right sidebar just a scroll or two down.

Another thing that I'm not sure people are aware of is the RSS board.  There, you can read the latest news feeds of other sites like The Oracle, GoUSFBulls.com, TDS and SportsTalk Florida.  Take a glance at the headlines, if something interests you click and read.  All RSS topics can be commented on as well.  I am having a slight RSS duplication problem I am working on, but it's not a big deal.  I also pull in different RSS feeds from time to time depending on what they are publishing.  Don't let the board's post count fool you.  I manually delete anything over two pages unless there is a comment.

Here's a look at what is on the RSS board right now:


Any feedback is welcome on this thread.

Thanks for being a member of The Bulls Pen,




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