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Time to fire this up again




It's a rebuilding season for The Bulls Pen.  Each year, when possible, I look at the upcoming changes, enhancements and apps that can be added to the board.  I  am looking for the right mix of cost vs. impact and try to find things that make you want to hang out here more.  More hanging out = more talking about the Bulls.  Yes it helps pay the bills, but also attracts more Bulls fans.

As some are aware, as this boldly posted topic indicated,

we are going to have our own "economy" where members earn points through different actions that can be used to purchase items, donate, "bet" and more.  There is a lot more to come so stay tuned.  

I also have collected a few more customizations that hopefully improve your time on the site.  I really like one added today - the current YouTube feed for USF Football - all packaged up nicely, displaying the last three USF Football videos uploaded, including today's Pro Day video.  No more having to check YouTube and create a thread.  We can all find this on the USF Bulls Athletics topics page - in the sidebar - after the countdown to the 2018 kickoff (on desktop or mobile).

In addition to this sleek, simple YouTube widget and the points economy, there are some other changes upcoming including a board-wide upgrade.   The upgrade will force some changes to how the board emails, its smilies system, the blogs, and more, so I'll get as much of it posted here in advance as possible.

All "technical" board changes will be addressed on this blog.  Please feel free to ask any questions and make suggestions on how you think the board could be improved.




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