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Hey Bulls fans, what to you want to know about Bulls Football?




Hey Members and Bulls fans, 

I have been in touch with some of the folks in the media that follow and report on our USF Bulls.  Looks like we'll have a handful with interest in being introduced here and getting to know us while we get to know them (better).  

For the group, it's looking like the range of questions can cover a lot of ground.  I have asked for collaboration with a broad range from beat writers to USF Administrators.  Instead of asking you to provide questions to specific individuals you can ask questions across the range and I can direct them to the best to answer.  If you do have a specific individual, then feel free to name.  If I don't have them joining us for an interview, chat or Q&A, I'll see if they can.

Please list your questions here in the response box.  Feel free to ask questions if you have any.  Or, offer solutions on who/what you would like to see.  If you remember Jeff Odom, did a Q&A last season around this same time.  I'll be gathering these questions over the next three-four weeks so keep them coming as guests are scheduled to join us.

Don't be shy, we'll need dozens of questions if we get the collaboration I am expecting.  Ask away.  

Thank you.





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What's up with that "indefinite return date" for the remaining game at UF? If the Gators have cancelled, how much was their buy-out?

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Thanks Paisa el Toro.  

The first question is always the hardest, and hopefully gets things rolling.

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