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About this blog

Free for all to add to, this will be a collection of images, video, etc., of our program's history through today.  Email Brad to become a co-owner.

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USFBullsEye's Dave Glaser Chats with The Bulls Pen

Back in the early days of USF Football, SouthFloridaBulls.com held chats with different Bulls-related guests ranging from reporters to administrators to former players.  I just came across the transcripts and want to test out displaying - AND this is the transcript with our fellow board member @Dave_Glaser.  It occurred on 6/9/2005.  So, if you want to flash back and see if we were asking questions about uniforms back then or suggesting we fire everyone, you can read for yourself.   Left in the

Ok, now we're ready...

Not too long ago, someone suggested posting some of the old stuff from the early years.  I have probably 5 hard drives of stuff, but three of those hard drives don't seem to want to work.  Anyway, a more recent one had a mini-trove of interesting stuff I thought I'd toss out here to get it started.  Please feel free to add your own and to comment so I know someone is seeing this stuff! First, I have a circa 2005 Athletics Master Planning image you'd probably enjoy seeing considering today's

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