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    • Hello board members, please join me in welcoming Tmb913 to TheBullsPen.com. Tmb913 joined on the 07/22/2018. View Member
    • El ladrón juzga por su condición. 🤔
    • So, I remember when Arizona State (ASU) announced they were moving from Nike to Adidas. My kids were Nike kids. They freaked out.   Then, Adidas rolled out the new ASU uniforms. I threw up in my mouth. They rejoiced.  Youngest one later got a job at Adidas and swears by their stuff. I was really liking everything UA did with us.  I'm hoping for the best. I'm all about the Ws, but it's very clear that some kids factor in apparel/uniforms in their decisions.
    • Looking forward to seeing them *almost* as much as who will be QB... not really but the accessory stuff looks good to me and I think the helm looks good from that angle--just hoping they flash more gold on the jersey/pants than that
    • Had she read it, she wouldn’t have been in the dark about USF 🏈 .   With her being a non-traditional student with the extremely busy life she described, I seriously doubt her claim that she would have attended football games, free or not.