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Important: Site Giveaways, Member Shop purchases and tickets

This announcement is no longer active


With the season less than a few months away, I am going to start up a number of site features and routines including the Football Prediction Contests and Ticket and merchandise giveaways.  Also, for purchases in the Store or Member Shop, physical goods require your full name and address for shipping purposes.  Ticket giveaways require your email address. for ticket transfers

Please take some time NOW, to go to your profile (click on your name/icon in upper right corner, select "Account Settings", on the right click on "Edit Profile", scroll down to name address and email fields and complete.  Please verify email address.

In order to make it more efficient, contest or giveaway winners MUST have the email and physical addresses completed in order to win and receive.  Any entries without the completed fields will be void.  There is no entering the info after the contest.

One of our members purchased a Quinton Flowers with site points in the Members Shop today and it was delivered to the Post Office before close, without me having to ask for full name and shipping, it was in his profile.

So, please take the time and do it now.  I am going to be throwing out a couple giveaway contests just to reward the early adopters.  Got some merchandise and football tickets to get out to our members!

Thank you.


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