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6 hours ago, FarEastBull said:

I really like how this staff has recruited this past month (they've been on board  for about a month, right?).

I like the tiered approach. It seems like in the past, especially the last group, we'd just go after so and so players and when we whiffed on those guys, there was no back-up plan. So far, it seems like there's a plan-A and then plan-B, etc.

Now, let's see how they coach and how the team plays together.

I agree the plan does seem to be a lot better & more strategic. Hope that translates to the floor.


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2 hours ago, Gatorbull325 said:

**** it, somebody has to put on some green and gold goggles so it shall be I lol

You must have Bull Daly on Ignore ....


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