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Found 2,793 results

  1. LOUK'S CLOSER LOOK: GAME 11 By JIM LOUK Voice of the Bulls TAMPA, NOV. 21, 2017 - We're playing a football game in Orlando on Friday. You might have heard. It's taken a while for this game to get to where people thought it might. It's been a few years now since television and conference folks moved it to an annual Thanksgiving time event in the hopes that the final game of the regular season would be meaningful to both parties. More often than not, that hasn't been the case. Until now. It's 10-0 vs 9-1. Darn that fourth-and-24. That really didn't change much for this game, though. The trophy, and all associated back injuries from trying to move it, awaits the winner. So does Memphis, and a chance at a conference championship and further glory. It's also a matter of pride. A full year of chatter is in front of us until these two teams meet in Tampa in 2018. Is it the most important game in USF Football history? I have no idea. There's no context to it yet, and there won't be for a while. But it is a potential gateway to some things this program has always strived for and has yet unaccomplished. So, yes, this 250th game in program history is a pretty big deal. Time will tell how big. When we started a college football program at USF, this is the type of thing we signed up for. It's no fun without rivalries. It's no fun without games that matter, especially at season's end. Around 7 o'clock Friday it will be a glorious moment for one team. The other will start to think about the 2018 game. Because win or lose, the rivalry will continue for both programs. Now, just a few War on I-4 notes as we prepare for Friday: The first USF-UCF game was on Sept. 17, 2005 in Tampa. The Bulls won, 31-14, and went on to win four straight matchups through 2008. When the series resumed on Nov. 29, 2013, UCF won two straight. The Bulls have wins in 2015 and 2016, making the all-time series 6-2 in favor of USF. Bulls fans will fondly remember Oct. 13, 2007, when USF beat the Knights, 64-12, in Tampa in the most one-sided game in the series. The closest game was the very next year, when the Bulls edged UCF in overtime in Orlando. The Knights dealt the Bulls a home shutout loss in 2014. This will mark the fifth consecutive year the game has been played around the Thanksgiving holiday. Nov. 24 has been a good day for the Bulls. They concluded their 2001 season on that day with a 34-13 home win over Utah State. Six years later, the 2007 regular season concluded in Pittsburgh with a 48-37 win over the Panthers at Heinz Field. The countdown is on for Quinton Flowers, who needs 96 yards of total offense to become USF's all-time leader. He enters this game with 10,780 total yards. The Bulls enter this game best in the nation in tackles for loss, averaging 9.1 per game. As mentioned, this is USF Football's 250th game. The all-time record is 145 wins and 104 losses. Television coverage will be on ABC beginning at 3:30 p.m. On the radio, we'll begin at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time with the pre-game on AM-820 in Tampa, with affiliates FM-99.9 in Brooksville, AM-1070 in Port Charlotte/Ft. Myers, and 106.9-FM in Sarasota. Don't forget you can also listen on USF Bulls Unlimited through the iHeart app. Follow @BullsUnlimited for the full program schedule, including live games. Men's and women's basketball, who both play Friday, will be featured on AM-1040 and Have a wonderful holiday. GO BULLS!
  2. I have read many times on the forum that they hope Q runs more this game. This is the opposite of what Q needs to do at least at first. Q and Gilbert will need to come out passing and execute early. Particularity dinks and dunks, and I don't mean bubble screens, I mean quick short routes. We will need to pass to open the run against UCF. They will stack the box and they will put a spy on Q. They have FL speed and athelteism just like we do so we wont be able to out talent them. The good news is that should open up the passing game. If we can execute it will force UCF to change their game plan and then we can start running. This will be how we win. Houston put a spy on Q and stack the box and I would expect to UCF to be more effective in doing so...
  3. AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco Has Seen Enough, Unloads on Kirby Hocutt & CFB Playoff Committee As bad as everyone harps on our conference, we do have one of the most intelligent and hard working Conference leaders in Mike Aresco. He has been the loudest voice in calling for being included into the P5 (P6). Here he is in an interview that was posted on a UCONN board: I would love to be a fly on the wall when he gets to talk to the CFP Committee and Chair Kirby Hocutt. I just wish I could know how in their right mind anyone from the CFP could rationale not including us into the Power conferences, or at least expanding the playoff system to allow the conference Champions to play them and then add a few slots for 2 or 3 at large teams. Very Interesting Read!
  4. Yes! You are reading this correctly. All the data that I've been gathering about this game says USF WINS. I know we've played sluggish football all year offensively, and we've gambled too much on defense at times and paid the price at least once -to Houston. However, everything is lining up perfectly for a nice, solid win over the rusted tin men. (1) Florida Athletes vs. Florida Athletes: USF wins this matchup because we'll have more rest and we have more seniors. (2) Flowers and the senior leadership on this team, they've seen it all, including losing their head coach and adjusting to new coaches. (3) Flowers, his talent, and his elusiveness. ucf hasn't seen a QB like Flowers since last year when they got beat. Nobody has ever stopped Flowers! ---NOBODY! (4) Our guys have already gotten all the bad voodoo plays out of their system, including that snake-bite play against Houston. The guys will play well. (5) Strong and Gilbert will make better decisions on play selections: the odds are just staggering against them making the same mistakes after what they've seen this season. (6) ucf is not that good. Solid but not world beaters. I've watched a lot of their games now. With Flowers and our RBs, I think we will move the ball and score plenty. Not a problem! (7) All things being equal, I think the intangibles favor USF. Plus, ucf hasn't had to fight for a game this year; they don't know what it's like. Get on top of them and they will start to doubt. And deep down they know their coach is gone after a few more games. That's got to eat at them. Home field advantage? I don't think so. Our players are just going across I-4 and taking their year-long frustrations out on the rusted tin men! These gnats are very average (as in not a FSU-like team when we played FSU). USF WINS! I GUARANTEE IT! ---In all the years on this forum, don't think I've ever guaranteed a victory before.
  5. STRONG HAS BULLS POISED TO PRODUCE IN HYPED-UP WAR ON I-4 November 21, 2017 By TOM ZEBOLDUSF Senior WriterTAMPA, NOV. 21, 2017 – Friday can't get here fast enough for two fan bases that are blowing the roof off when it comes to buzz about USF-UCF.At this point, social media is flooded with back-and-forth bragging between the programs' faithful while TV stations are pumping the storylines leading up to the most important War on I-4 battle to date."It's more than just a game," said senior center Cameron Ruff (Tampa). "A lot has to do with pride. You're representing your school and representing not just yourself, but everybody that goes there. It's pride for the rest of the year to have that over the other school. It means a lot."Winning Friday also means booking a trip to the conference championship game as The American's East Division champion. Hungry for its first league title, USF (9-1) knows it must be on point to beat UCF (10-0) on the road and fortunately for the Bulls, they have a head coach that has them poised to produce."We're going to need a complete game to beat this team," said Charlie Strong at Tuesday's weekly press conference. "It's the only way we're going to beat this team because this is a really good football team."When Strong talks, the Bulls listen, especially this week with the stakes the highest they've been all season. Strong definitely knows how to handle situations like this after leading Louisville to consecutive conference championships (2011-12) and winning two national titles as Florida's defensive coordinator (2006, 2008)."The buildup is going to be there and don't buy into everything because at the end of the day, you've got to get yourself ready to go play," Strong said. "It's going to be a mindset there. You talk about the toughness, it's going to be a mental part of it and a physical part of it."All around, No. 22/19 USF will have to stay in its zone for 60 minutes and a veteran coach like Strong says simple aspects about the game will speak volumes."We've got to be able to control our emotions and then it settles," he said. "Once it settles, let's see if we can go move the football on offense, go stop them on defense and change the field position in the kicking game."Stopping No. 12/13 UCF's offense will be a tall task, considering the high-powered Knights lead the nation in scoring (48.2 ppg) with 10 straight 30-plus point outings this season."We've just got to be gap sound," Strong said. "We can't give up the big play and the thing we can't do is let one big play lead to another."Averaging 37.9 points per game, USF's offense also isn't one to take lightly and the Bulls will be going up against the conference's second-best defense that ranks behind only USF. Opponents have averaged just 21.6 points at Spectrum Field this season and only one foe has broken the 30-point mark."This is two high-caliber teams coming at each other, fighting for the same goal," Ruff said. "We know they're going to get our best and we know we're going to get their best. It just depends on who is going to give more and who is really able to put it all out on the field."Friday can't get here any sooner for both programs and until then, Strong is determined to help USF handle the hype. Ruff said keeping things in perspective won't be a problem as the Bulls clearly see the big picture."Now that we're in the driver's seat, our future is technically in our hands. We're able to write our own story and that's the way we like it. That's the way we love it," Ruff said. "We control our own destiny right now and we're going to put everything we've got into keeping it going."Rivalry Is All About RespectStrong and Ruff were both asked at Tuesday's press conference if the Bulls use the word "hate" when talking about their rivals."It's all a sense of pride," Ruff said. "We're trying to be the best, and to be the best, we've got to beat the best. Right now, they're in front of us in the conference. I wouldn't say it's about hate. It's all about pride.""Respect" was a common word in Tuesday's press conference that was directed toward UCF because of all the Knights have accomplished. One of only four remaining undefeated teams in the FBS, UCF has come a long way since its winless 2015 season and the Bulls give them a lot of credit."He's done a really job," said Strong of UCF head coach Scott Frost. "He's a really good football coach and that's a really good staff that he has. You have to have a lot of respect for what he's done."Friday's showdown will certainly feature lots of field chatter between the programs, but another thing to keep in mind is both teams share a lot of common ground."A lot of these guys, they grew up together. Some of them were teammates and some of them are really best friends," Strong said. "…Even in rivalry games now, you don't see so much where it's just hatred because all these guys have grown up together, they've seen one another, and they respect one another. There's a lot of respect for the game."Bulls Bits BOWL-BOUND TEAMS: For the second straight year, USF and UCF will battle as bowl-eligible teams and this year is the first time both programs are ranked heading into the rivalry game. USF and UCF are two of only nine teams left in the nation with one or fewer losses this season. NO. 1 VS. NO. 1: Friday's showdown will match up UCF's top-ranked conference offense against the top defense in The American. USF leads the league stat sheet in total defense (323.5 ypg), pass defense (200.5 ypg), pass defense efficiency (101.3) and scoring defense with just 19.9 points allowed per game. The Bulls also lead the conference with 17 interceptions, one ahead of the Knights. BULLS SUCCESSFUL IN ORLANDO: Leading the all-time series, 6-2, USF is 3-1 in War on I-4 games played in Orlando after a 44-3 victory in 2015. USF Football on
  6. SI article on Q Pls do not paste the article on forum. Articles like these need clicks! Nice read. Go Q! Continue being the change brother!
  7. Eric Lee Signed by Patriots

    The New England Patriots waived fourth-year defensive end Cassius Marsh on Tuesday and signed defensive end Eric Lee off the Buffalo Bills' practice squad. The 6-foot-3, 260-pound Lee, who entered the NFL as a rookie free agent in 2016 with Houston, has been active for one career NFL game (Week 4 vs. Atlanta this year) but did not play. He attended South Florida and spent 2016 on the Texans' practice squad before joining the Bills' practice squad in early September. The Patriots now have Trey Flowers, rookie Deatrich Wise Jr. and Lee as pure defensive ends on the roster.
  8. USF @ UCF Game 11/24/2017

    Is there a specific place on UCF's campus that everyone plans to tailgate at? I didn't like the idea of tailgating at a hotel so I didn't purchase a ticket for the Alumni tailgate at the Holiday in. It looks like our options for parking on campus are all small lots a good ways away from the stadium. So where does everyone plan on parking? I saw in another thread that in the past a lot of USF people have parked at Gemini Blvd and Libra Drive. Is that my best bet?
  9. Your vehicle (tires, paint...) when you go over for the game? What about bringing your children and worrying about their safety? I mean they did slash what's his name's tires the one year...
  10. Media Predictions for USF/UCF

    I've thought it is quite funny how ESPN has UCF with a 70% or greater chance to beat us for the last couple weeks, so I wanted to see what the other networks were thinking for this game. ESPN: UCF 79.1% USF 20.9% FOX Sports: USF 31.7 - UCF 25.8 Bleacher Report: UCF 38 - USF 21 It'll be interesting to see what other outlets predict the outcome will be after the rankings come out on Tuesday.
  11. WarOnI4 game week

    I like this move by Strong
  12. Football Thoughts

    We have seen high scoring offense along with really good defense for 2 or 3 quarters all season. is it possible since we know in the back of our mind we can do this is the game we put it all together? Slap the rival upside the head and keep on slapping? Maybe I am delusional.
  13. Las Vegas Line Movements Las Vegas Movements · Offshore Movements South Florida Bulls @ Central Florida Knights Game Date: Friday, November 24, 2017 Game Time: 3:30 PM VI CONSENSUS LINE MOVEMENTS Money Line Spread Total 1st Half 2nd Half Date Time Fav Dog Fav Dog Over Under Fav Dog Fav Dog 11/19 4:25pm CENTFL-9.5 -110 SFLA+9.5 -110
  14. GAME DAY! November 24, 2017 3:30 p.m. Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL This will serve as our official in game thread for in game discussions and commentary. Stand alone topics should still be posted in a new thread. For those preferring the chat room for in game discussion, you can find the chat room link in the above title bar, the mobile menu selection or click here. Both the board and the chat room function well on mobile phone, tablet or desktop. GAME DAY vs. Knights USF will close out the regular season with the ninth installment of the War on I-4 in Orlando. In USF’s 250th game in program history (145-104, .582), the teams will be playing for The American East Division crown and a ticket to the American Championship game on Dec. 2. USF has never won a conference division or overall title in the program’s 21 years. WAR ON I-4: The War On I-4 resumes as part of department wide sports series between USF and UCF, schools separated by approximately 100 miles of Florida Interstate 4. The War On I-4 all-sports series was won by UCF last year and is currently tied, 9-9, in 2017-18. The Football teams play for the War On I-4 trophy unveiled in 2016 (pg 3). USF leads the series, 6-2, and has won the last two meetings. This marks the first time two ranked teams will meet in the game and third time USF has entered ranked. It is the second straight season two already bowl eligible teams will meet. The two teams are among just nine nationally with one loss or less on the year. VS RANKED: USF is 11-22 all-time vs. ranked teams and will be facing its first under Charlie Strong. USF is 4-10 on the road vs. FBS ranked teams, last posting a win with a 23-20 victory at No. 16/18 Notre Dame on Sept. 3, 2011. USF has four wins vs. AP top 20 teams on the road, including a 24-19 win at No. 9 West Virginia in 2006. FLOWERS IN ELITE COMPANY: Quinton Flowers is just the 7th FBS player to post 7,000 passing and 3,000 rushing yards on a career. With 63 passing and 39 rushing TD, he is near becoming the 6th FBS player to post at least 60 passing and 40 rushing TD. With 10,780 total yards, he needs just 96 yards to set a new USF total offense record. TV: ABC: Adam Amin (p-by-p), Dusty Dvoracek (analyst) & Molly McGrath (sideline) AUDIO: USF Radio Network (820 AM): Jim Louk, (p-by-p), Mark Robinson, (analyst) and Joey Johnston (sideline) STREAMING AUDIO: / USF Bulls Unlimited on SIRIUS/XM: PREGAME SHOW (2 HRS PRIOR TO KICK): Jim Lighthall, co-host, Rock Riley, co-host USF/IMG RADIO AFFILIATES: In Tampa, WWBA 820 AM. Also in Brooksville (WXJB 99.9 FM), Ft. Meyers/Port Charlotte (WKII 1070 AM) and Sarasota (WSRQ 1220 AM and 106.9 FM) Major In Game Twitter Feeds USF on Social Media: Twitter: @USFFOOTBALL, @CoachStrong_USF, #GoBulls; #USF; #BullStrong; #USFFootball Instagram: USFFootball Facebook: USF Football Live Stats USF Game Notes - USF Depth Chart - USF Stats UCF Game Notes - UCF Depth Chart - UCF Stats Game Day Central Go Bulls!
  15. What does the newer, casual fan need to know about this alleged rival, UCF? Don't worry about structure. let's get a canvas of information out there. For example: UCF nicknames, akas: UCiF - derivation Tinmen Kaniggits ??? Name of the UCF stadium: The Frying Pan The Wok The RustBucket ??? Great moments in UCF history: ??? All TIme Record USF v UCF: USF media guide: What UCF coaches are known for: Statues Cheating Ignoring players health Actual campus location: Oveido Mousetown Memories of 0-11 seasons: Illustrated History:
  16. Welcome to's 2017 USF Football Prediction Contest Game 11 South Florida Bulls vs. UCF Knights November 24, 2017 3:30 PM SPECTRUM STADIUM (ORLANDO, FLA.) Congrats to our Game 10 winner, @George_Bullnard_Shaw!! The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the winner for the week's USF football game - as well as make some tie-breaking prognostications. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans worldwide. First...the rules: 1) You must be a registered member of this message board. 2) You must completely answer the contest questions. 3) Post must be submitted prior to published game start time. 4) There can be no modifications to your post after the published game start time. 5) Your prediction must be part of this original thread. For additional contest rules, please read the small print below. And now, the contest: For the Bulls game against the Knights on Friday, November 24, please select the following: 1) The winning team 2) The final score 3) Bulls leading rusher 4) Bulls leading receiver 5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over) Please try to keep in the above format so that it will be easier to manage. Sample response would be: 1) South Florida 2) 80-3 3) D'Ernest Johnson 4) Marques Valdes-Scantling 5) 450 After posting your entry, please feel free make your case for your picks, or predict other aspects of the game. It will make the thread much more entertaining if everyone gives their reasons for their picks, and make predictions on other aspects like special teams, rushing, or what to expect from Quinton Flowers. Important: The winner will be decided with the first and second prediction items. I am looking for the person that comes closest to the actual score, not simply the margin of victory. If more than one person is correct, or equally close, we'll go to item three. Closest wins. If still tied, we go to item four - if still tied, item 5. After that, whoever gives the best reasoning, and pre-game analysis wins.* This week's prize: NCAA Color Inner Wall Straw Tumbler From Boetler Brands: Holds Up 22 Ounces Decorated with Team Colors and Team Logo Double-Wall Insulation BPA-Free Product Officially Licensed Retails on Amazon from $16.50: USF: UCF: Yes, at great risk to my integrity and administrative position on The Bulls Pen I have included a UCF prize for those of our registered UCF fans (i.e. the classy @footnfan1) should they participate and their selection wins. Good Luck (Bulls)! Previous Winners: Game 1 - @2BULLZ Game 2 - @Flowers4Heisman Game 3 - @mellobull Game 4 - @T-Man Game 5 - @Azmodi Game 6 - @T-Man Game 7 - @BullyPulpit Game 8 - @raginbull76 Game 9 - @bullsfan27 Game 10: @George_Bullnard_Shaw Prize information: All prizes are in stock at home office in sunny Chandler, Arizona. It gets very hectic at the home office during the season. Hence, your prize may not ship until after the season. *Small Print - As with previous years' contests, Bulliever is the final judge on all entries. He will select the winner based on secret, pre-established criteria. All decisions are final.
  17. Some great work by our site photographer, @Old Baldy. Take a look at these sample and follow here for more.
  18. Nebraska

    Is Frost trying to seal the deal before his stock goes down with the L to USF
  19. Can't believe how dissatisfied I am
  20. Seniors Lead Bulls to 27-20 Win Over Tulsa TAMPA, NOV. 16, 2017 – Seniors led No. 23 USF to a 27-20 win over Tulsa Thursday, as the Bulls' veterans stood out in all three phases of the game in the regular season home finale at Raymond James Stadium.Senior linebacker Auggie Sanchez (St. Petersburg) became the program's all-time leading tackler with 378 career stops after matching his career high with 14 tackles. Sanchez also tied his career high with three of USF's season-high 13 tackles for loss.Senior defensive tackle Deadrin Senat (Immokalee, Fla.) set a new career high with 13 tackles while USF (9-1, 6-1) improved to 5-1 at home this season. Senat has averaged eight tackles in the past six games to help put USF in a position to compete for a conference championship game trip next week in Orlando.Senior quarterback Quinton Flowers (Miami) posted his 14th-career 100-yard rushing game, finishing with 119 yards on 17 carries (7.0 ypc). Flowers also threw touchdown passes to Tyre McCants (Niceville, Fla.) and Darnell Salomon (Miami) during USF's 21-point first quarter.Senior Emilio Nadelman (Miami) set a new USF season record with 20 made field goals after going 2-for-2 with kicks from 41 and 48 yards out. Nadelman moved up to third on USF's season scoring list with 103 points.Explosive USF racked up 339 yards of offense (222 rushing) in the first half with five 20-plus yard plays on the way to a 24-17 halftime lead.Tulsa (2-9, 1-6) took a 7-0 lead on its first series of the game before USF took control with three straight touchdown drives, including two scoring passes from Flowers.McCants started the scoring spree with a tip-toe act down the sideline near the end of a 25-yard touchdown catch on USF's second drive of the game. Tice put the Bulls ahead with a career-long 54-yard touchdown run before Salomon hauled in a 35-yard scoring catch with 2:04 remaining in the first quarter.Clutch special teams plays helped USF extend its lead to 27-17 almost midway through the third quarter. Seven plays after senior Devon Jones-Stewart's blocked punt, Nadelman set the new USF season record with his 20th made field goal from 48 yards out.Tulsa cut the USF lead to 27-20 with 4:19 remaining before the Bulls' defense stepped up late to seal the victory. Tulsa got down to the USF 30 on its final drive, but pressure forced an incompletion on fourth-and-9 with 27 seconds left.QuotableHead coach Charlie Strong on the Bulls continuing success under a new coaching staff this season:"Usually when you take over a program where they won 11 games, a lot of times there's going to be a lot of resentment. There's going to be some guys who think they're better than what they are and they don't want to listen to you. But this group never did. The reason why they didn't was because of the two leaders. With Auggie and with Q, they bought into it... This group never made it about themselves. The only thing this group did is they went to work each and every game."Strong on the importance of next week's game at UCF:"Our guys understand what's at stake. We've just got to continue to play well and we just need to put together a complete game, which we haven't done."Key Stats279 – The total rushing yards for USF, which averaged 6.2 yards per carry.229 – The amount of yards of offense USF totaled in the first quarter on the way to a 21-7 lead.13 – USF finished with a season-high 13 tackles for loss, including three by senior Auggie Sanchez.3 – USF's defense allowed only three points in the second half to help the Bulls hold on for the victory.Notables LB Auggie Sanchez set the new USF career tackles record with 378. Sanchez needed four tackles coming in to break Kawika Mitchell's previous record (367 tackles, 1999-2002) and tied his career high with 14 stops. K Emilio Nadelman set a new USF season record with 20 made field goals after connecting from 41 and 48 yards out. USF improved to 5-1 at home this season. Over the past two seasons, USF is 11-2 at Raymond James Stadium. Charlie Strong was a winner in his 100th career game as a head coach. Prior to kickoff, the program recognized 23 seniors: RB D'Ernest Johnson, CB Deatrick Nichols, RB Darius Tice, QB Quinton Flowers, DT Deadrin Senat, WR Marquez Valdes-Scanting, WR Temi Alaka, S Tajee Fullwood, S Devin Abraham, LB Devon Jones-Stewart, K Emilio Nadelman, LB Auggie Sanchez, P Jonathan Hernandez, TE Spencer Adkinson, TE KJ Miles, DT Bruce Hector, OL Glen Bethel, LG Jeremi Hall, C Cameron Ruff, TE Ryan Hintze, WR Trevor Steinke, WR Ryeshene Bronson and DE Mike Love. Up NextUSF finishes up the regular season with an important War on I-4 clash at UCF on Friday, Nov. 24 that will decide which team wins The American's East Division.Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. and the game will be broadcast nationally on ABC from Spectrum Stadium in Orlando.