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    • Brad

      Still fine tuning things   08/19/2017

      It's still Fall Camp around here...until about Wednesday. As you may have noticed, there are some changes to the members info box next to their post (thread view).  There is also change in the mobile version. Likewise the Main Menu has changed.  Some items are being better organized. Still have some work to do to get this ready for Game Day. Thanks for your patience as things get moved around , you see a small error, or we have to bring the site down briefly.


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  1. Donor Recognition

    Just another way to say thank you to the board's donors

  2. Sunday Sign On

    For the length of the season, this a drawing for those that login on Sundays following a game earlier that week.  This will begin Sunday, August 6 as we prepare for the season.  Get good habits burned in now!

    While online, I encourage you to look around, post and comment.  And, be sure to navigate to the raffles page and click the button to participate in the giveaway.