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  1. Playcalling

    NO its till vanilla, which is fine. The difference is, they changed the plays to resembles more set ups from last season. They seemed to figured out a offense designed around speed in Florida is pretty **** easy to run. Now once they unleash the offense look out, this is the play caller before he came to Texas.
  2. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    Um, I think they're still searching.
  3. Misery Index Week 1

    I know. Our Athletics department did who ever coaches this season favor. They set up away from home taking on a team with a new coach on the opposite coast. They built you in adversity in a situation set up for you to overcome it. I just don't get a home opener like that with a game under your belts. I thought getting down to SJSU would wake some one the *** up.....dreams are fancies I guess.
  4. Misery Index Week 1

    It should be shut down. (obviously joking before I get annihilated) Maybe the coaches take notice and not call a worse game then Taggart ever called as coach here. He had no talent, they have all the talent. Why are we tied with Stony Brook 17-17 in the fourth? Oregon put up 77 they have a new coaching staff and comparable talent to us at the moment....just saying. They didn't have excuses and a slow start. We had a game under out belts and still sucked.
  5. Welp watching that fight sounds good now. Hopefully the boys come back. Thank god for pip
  6. But Willie T still had much prove to many on here to be "good" Coach. lol. Hell we keep this up and can we have Skip back please? At least he know what his concept was.
  7. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    oh you mean with a 58 game home win streak and still couldn't get people to make the 30 minute drive. Interesting and that team is obviously located in Miami. I'd say they got a few more people then we do down there population wise then we do.
  8. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    All you have to do is look around the country. USF needs a stadium point blank, the Atmosphere at RAYJAY sucks. Look at what Colorado State is doing ticket wise with the new stadium opening this year out there. Its pretty simple but people can keep acting like the problem doesn't exist . But he, lets just keep playing with a top 25 team and a 3/4 empty stadium and **** near half empty student section. Its a shame when the Hot Band is only part of the stadium that looks full. But keep moving people, no problem here, nothing to see.
  9. Indoor practice facility?

    Spoiled as a Fins fan....now that is funny.
  10. You're wrong. Most would applaud here if they had an ongoing issue with that particular incident. Neither school does. She should have kept her mouth shut, but karma is a *****. She'll get what she has coming to her.
  11. Another one Bites The Dust

    The transfers is not what I was responding. Is that generalized statement that was made about what a "real man" is. What ever the hell a term even refers. Regarding transfers, no different then coaches moving around. Hell if they can show up for a season promise to coach someones kid their whole college career, then bolt as soon as a payday comes around...the athlete shouldn't be punished for lying adults.
  12. Another one Bites The Dust

    Lol ok sure.
  13. Wrong Call made in move to fire Heath

    No one is scoffing at anything, the facts are the facts.History book still has a big L in the column for that home NIT game. Go ask the coach at UCF what NIT games do for you. He actually won the **** thing twice and was still fired. The right decision was made to fire him. As I stated before and many times, what he did here coaching wise for ONE season was solid imo. Recruiting here under him was pretty good. I don't think many here would disagree with the talent we had lined up. The problem coaching and X's and O's. Five dismal seasons, one decent season, and one good season. That gets you fired I don't care where you're coaching, especially the last two seasons being as bad as they were. Its not rocket science, it's rather simple actually. I'm just happy those kids got to play for institutions where they understood the ball is supposed to go in the cylinder as much as possible. Passing around the perimeter with five seconds on the shot clock is how you get fired. People in the stands knew that, not sure why the coaching staff didn't.
  14. Wrong Call made in move to fire Heath

    Yep the season he had one of the best players in school history and lost a home NIT game. Yep he had to go.
  15. Wrong Call made in move to fire Heath

    No he shouldn't have. Two twenty win seasons, Five under fifteen win seasons, which do you think was coming next? Two under fifteen win seasons after making the NCAA tournament! Hell most don't even get two years with such putrid results.