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  1. CCS hates it here

    You have much more faith in Charlie Strong then I do. Same issues everyone mentioned that I attempted to write off as just a bad fit at Texas..same things happen to our team. Its not just a bad fit at Texas anymore. I don't think he wins more then 3 if stayed there. Talent carried him here, not because he coached it well, because these kids choose not to let it a down season happen.
  2. UCF is going to beat us down

    Ummm. You must be at a music Festival and you need to pass over what you're smoking because it has to be good.
  3. This best thing that can happen for this team...Charlie and company head to gainesville. These guys suck.
  4. **** I wish CWT stayed around so I win money on betting against you. The GCO is a concept based on speed across the board and a mobile QB. Pretty sure we have that.
  5. we are horrible at finishing games

    you're funny. Last years team would mop the floor with these cats.
  6. we are horrible at finishing games

    You mean like we were this year? I'd agree its this staffs MO. This team just ain't what it should've been. Sad, our games aren't even exciting anymore. Boring product to watch especially non home games.
  7. There's a lot of fun left!

    We wouldn't beat either of those teams right now...so lets not go crazy.
  8. If Taggart had stayed, would we be 8-0?

    We'd be 12-0 at seasons end. Bad split for both teams. When you have something going you stick with it. Understand chasing the money though. This team can't score because the coaching staff has no clue now to use the talent it has. Like I said before what would happen when athlete to athlete the other guys match up. We saw before our eyes what happens.
  9. "I was right" - Charlie Strong

    Charlie strong should stay a DC
  10. On to Houston

    Difference is we shouldn't have. Difference is our opponent wasn't even in the same realm as the opponent for Houston. But hey keep those Green and Golds on!
  11. When is he going to hold himself accountable. One game you can put it on the players. We're seven games in now....I'm not saying I'm not happy with the teams season so far. We're 7-0, I think that's what some don't get with my comments. Just my blunt opinion and I think we're smoke and mirrors currently. We have get to play two quarters of complete sound football yet in any game. Still sitting back waiting, but the players don't run this team.
  12. He's the coach and hasn't fixed his special teams issues either. Or his teams route construction that gets maybe one guy open sometimes. Or his teams slow starts game after game. Or his teams penalty problem But hey no ones paying attention. Just win baby! lmfao #truth
  13. On to Houston

    You mean like how were up big and then almost lost against Tulane?
  14. He has an excuse for just about everything that happens. Funny thing is, the excuse always deflects the blame away from him. We'll see if this continues.
  15. Houston Fans Have Given Up

    You should. The truth sets people free. At least that's what those 50% history books stated.