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  1. Fair assessment completely agree with this. I think Butehorn is going to work out to be a pretty good hire. Was hoping he'd stay around to get another crack at a basketball hire.
  2. Probably soft verbals that haven't been announced.
  3. Yay time for another loss!!! Oh goodie
  4. This. In no better financial positioning then before he got here.
  5. I don't agree. What taggart said was warranted the undercutting was not. But hey money over lives. Got it!!
  6. You have no clue what it was about do you? The same way trolls continue to post. I was one of few on here supporting him from the start. So lets not even begin to go there. 2-10 Ducks sounds good to me!
  7. USF has also never played a bowl worth a **** either. But hey we can compare apples to oranges all day if you want to.
  8. Everyone should take whoever you pray to that this guy does not run any program we have. If so, may who ever you pray to find the snake and remove it.
  9. No cares about CWT anymore. The fact the man is going around dissing the program now tells you all you need know about him. I was one that supported him from the beginning. 2-10 and 4-8 still staying on board. Now I actually want him to fail at Oregon, it has nothing to do with leaving. Needs to keep that mouth shut and stop trumping on twitter. Crossing my fingers for a Oregon 2-10 season. Let's see who has the crappy job then.
  10. Your wife is correct. I'll pass, I don't like walking around a place where I need a portable air cleaner to breathe. Let's not even get on the smell.
  11. This. I agree with GA, we should all be grateful for what he did here. But I won't bat an eye if he fails at Oregon. He would've brought on himself.
  12. I try. You can take my bluntness lol. In all seriousness, good season. But that game leaves a hollow feeling for me to close it out. Its almost uneasiness
  13. No one. Just stating facts. We shouldn't have even been 11-2 with out schedule. Lets hope Charlie can fix the defense, cause it's something stank! Just looked at South Carolina's schedule. We could of went 11-2 or 10-3 with that. Loss to Clemson and A&M. Though we can hang A&M. Hell we outscore almost anyone. Just need two stops that we rarely got.
  14. You obviously didn't read anything wrote. They owed the entire fan base that stop for playing patty cake while trying to tackle.
  15. That doesn't matter an 11-2 USF team just needed extra team to beat a 6-6 team. A 6-6 team that moved the ball at will, expect for self inflicted mistakes. Who would've thought and 11-2 season could end with a such a dud. Gotta get better.