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  1. Tulane is not in the Garden District, it is more uptown. In the attached map it is in the Audubon neighborhood. The St Charles street car will take you between Tulane and to the edge of the French Quarter (through the Garden District and other goodies). The Canal street car will take you between Mid-City and along the edge of the French Quarter.
  2. As a New Orleanian, the French Quarter is my least favorite area of the city. Stay in Mid-City, Garden District, or somewhere else in Uptown near Tulane. A St. Charles or Canal streetcar will bring you into the Quarter without a problem. Renting a car is an absolute waste of money and effort (parking and whatnot) if you are (1) flying in, (2) staying in the city, and (3) not a baby about some walking. I live in the Warehouse district and got rid of my car a while back. I'm able to get around everywhere by foot, Uber, and street car/bus. $5.95 is the minimum Uber fare (I doubt Lyft is much different) Street car and buses are $1.25 per trip, or $3 for a one-day jazzy pass.
  3. How's the watch party situation in NOLA? Never heard of one here. But out of curiosity I googled it and voila! Although I do wish it was more in town..
  4. I live in NOLA. The only conversation that comes up about USF is from a tourist shocked to see a fellow bull, but sports aren't ever mentioned. I don't even think LS-Pew fans know about USF's existence.
  5. But, darn... those amenities!
  6. That is because they couldn't really "build up" one side of the stadium. Long story short: mean ole, rich homeowners located beside the stadium didn't appreciate a stadium in their backyard. But yeah, I hope they solve the camera angle problem
  7. It is a recent update on the "chromecast" app, they added a "Cast Screen" button.
  8. Do you mean chromecast? You only need a hdmi port, so you can stream whatever is on your chrome browser to your TV. You can also stream from your phone/tablet with apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Watch ESPN, HBO Go. You can also duplicate your entire phone onto the TV (if android phone).
  9. Straight robbery is how we do in Louisiana.
  10. I'm surprised no one made a backhanded comment about the size of it.
  11. You all make being a fan sound so complicated. You either personally care or you don't.
  12. I don't know your price range or anything, but this was a pretty decent place. (Disclaimer: things may have changed in the past few years since I moved to NOLA)
  13. Some of you internet-lawyer's understanding of contract law is atrocious. Stop it.
  14. Today we learned that students do what they want... Oh, and you can support your school in ways other than attending sporting events.
  15. This is exactly why Texas A&M is annoyingly protective of their trademark. If they don't protect the mark (even against petty uses like "12th Bull"), then it can become generic ("a football term") and no longer a valid trademark. Here is some simple reading on Genericide.