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  1. It's easy to like any of the new guys that have great stuff to say about USF & QF (I definitely love the positive press), but I wonder how much we'd like them if, say, they were writing about the 2013-14 team. Press is fickle, and we'll see what they do if we have a tough game with one of the weaker opponents.
  2. The IQ is through the roof though. Auggie is the classic lunchpale player; always comes to work and always plays hard. Exactly, and as much junk as he takes, he still is at or near the top for tackles every game. IMO for every missed play from Auggie, he covers in spades with knowing where to be and in leading the squad. I'd hate to see what would have become of our D last year without him.
  3. Joey Knight about to go on 620 now

    That would be par if true.
  4. I don't agree with the part about hm not being able to break it open. Maybe, maybe, Mack is .10 faster than DJ. On a field, in a game, in pads, that's nothing. Also, DJ has shown plenty of ability to break things open on special teams and receiving the last few years. Not to mention, DJ was the starter until an injury forced xCWT to make the switch. Both MM & QF have burst that I've never seen in DJ. Fast, maybe similar once they get open but finding holes and shooting through them is what I feel DJ doesn't do as well. But then I never saw MM consistently bowl guys over (a couple of highlights come to mind though) like DJ can. We'll see how it all shakes out.
  5. Exciting!

    Are we there yet? Are we? How about now? (sigh...)
  6. I don't worry about Q. He's about the business of lifting up his team, so he'll win beyond football. This year may well define him as a USF legend.
  7. DJ's not wired to be a replacement for MM, so that's not happening. His game is versatility, steadiness, & power--he won't break it open, but he'll do everything to get yards & win games. I do hope one of our younger RBs will fill the need for elusiveness & burst, we need more than QF to fill those shoes. I think it's entirely possible we'll take a step back on O, but I don't think it will stay that way all season. I fully expect us to get better and stronger every game.
  8. Does anyone else really stand a chance in this one?
  9. Not that easy a choice. IMO if JJ would have been 100% for that last season, I think the choice would be undisputed.
  10. Biggest positive - potential.
  11. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    There's no real smoke. Ole Miss admin has not said a word about a coaching search outside of promoting their interim; this is all just bloggers and some sports writers pontificating because it's the offseason. Strong has fall camp to worry about. There's a lot of smoke here, smokescreen that is. I guarantee Miss is searching aggressively while they put up the peace, love, and interim propaganda.
  12. TBT GAME Tonight

    Looking forward to this, go get em Bulls!
  13. Joey Knight and the AAC Media

    I stand corrected...but I'm still standing.
  14. I wish Josh all the success in the world to take over this number, but it's hard to beat the original.
  15. Joey Knight and the AAC Media

    Wow, Strong hasn't won a single game in the AAC and he's already getting second place props? Respect. Hope QF can keep on that roll this year, can not WAIT to see him in action again!