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  1. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Winning in a boring fashion. I expect that. The only accidental excitement will be the 4th quarter threats the other teams put up. Ugh, that's exactly what I'm afraid of. I'll go ahead & submit for a Zoloft prescription now...
  2. CCS and Coaching Openings

    I might tend to agree with your assessment, but it sounds like a snooze-fest season. I hope it won't be.
  3. DJ thread for UCF

    At least DJ will be less tired this week, since he only has to jog to Orlando for this game. Should be good for the jog back with the trophy.
  4. aacccg

    My vision only sees to Friday, but then again I've been myopic for 30 years GO BULLS!!!
  5. This is what I wanted...

    I'm hoping it will be Q that finishes his regular season with those rushing numbers, and at least 2x that in passing yards. This is his moment.
  6. Go To Meme Thread for USF vs UCF

    Stomp, Stomp, Clap. Stomp, Stomp, CRAAAASHHHHHHH!
  7. I guarantee a USF victory over rusted ucf!

    Yeah, Killins/Milton will create problems (but nowhere near QF/MM did last year). I'm hoping Q is unleashed to run all over them
  8. To expect this offense to just pick up and roll with the same numbers as last year is ludicrous. From a scoring perspective, we're actually performing better than I thought we would. Doesn't mean I haven't had my share of little tantrums with the predictability, but overall I really don't think we have much to complain about for a first-year system. Now...next year when we lose some more critical talent, maybe the system will be good enough and known enough to help offset.
  9. DJ thread for Tulsa

    hurricane, hurricanes, whatever. DJ practices in worse weather than Tulsa can generate, so he's gonna be a Cat 4 problem for their D!
  10. Possible New SoFlo Uni

    idc who we debut them with, just do it, they look great. Still have to say I kinda like the original green soflo better though. That matte helmet rocked.
  11. Happy?

    Expectations were definitely high...on the team and on the coaching staff. I think they've done a pretty great job considering it's year 1. I mean, CSH did okay with his first year having good talent, CWT did horribly with his first year having mediocre talent, so I think fans should have leveled their expectations with the CSH first year--ranking would have been much higher IMO. Could we have done better? Yeah I think so, but sitting 8-1 is pretty stinkin awesome. If we win on Black Friday, the ratings will radically change.
  12. we are horrible at finishing games

    They're not a bad team, but just like other teams we were in command of the game towards the end--we were out-playing them and it was ours to lose, then we did. So I don't feel any better knowing they're decent.
  13. Team, Seniors, Coach, Success

    I'm just happy for the seniors, they're one of the big reasons this thing turned around back in the CWT days. They deserve a CC, hope they can pull it off.
  14. Our next head football coach should be

    I really am happy not to think about this for the moment, hope it stays that way. Just NO to Lane, though, do not want that sideshow drama here...
  15. Bye Week Dream

    Wait, are you saying that your dream is to use our bye-week for these games, cause I don't think that will float, bro.