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  1. Although...game 1 is always a mixed bag of jitters, forgetfulness, and limited plays on offense. Add to that being away, on the west coast, and playing an [okay] team we're not familiar with, and the San Jose game worries me plenty. Hopefully my jitters go away in the first 5 mins...
  2. IMO blocking is one of those things that can be taught, so if that's the only real drawback on MM (from a scoring perspective), he stacks up really well against the competition...and that's quite the field of competition. I'll always wonder how he would have fared with another year, but no way I question his personal decision, he can definitely make it if they give him a shot.
  3. As long as all of this builds to summer and translates to smooth execution in San Jose on 8/26. It's an intangible feeling to me, but somehow I feel CCS will give them a better sense of confidence than exCWT did to start. Really like the guy's demeanor for a coach.
  4. Having Shaun King in addition to Gilbert is a great bit of bait for would-be QB stars. Not to mention Strong, who helped mentor Bridgewater.
  5. Well at least we made it to the second round of something! Go Rocky!! +1
  6. I feel like a kid with a giant wrapped present under the xmas tree. Is it really a mega-gift or will it be a box-within-a-box-within-a-box... One thing's for sure, it's great to look forward to the year after having just lost a successful coach. It could have gone so much differently.
  7. He should never work again in college basketball his tenure was so destructive. Unless he finds a LaTech-type place to go and apply lessons learned.
  8. Hopefully she realizes that we're where we are, MBB wise, because she probably made a mistake 3 years ago and refrains from micromanaging on the Athletics side in the future. Yeah, she was probably short of breath, waiting for the inevitable question on CSH's departure, where his players are today, and how much we paid him to leave. lol jk--Judy's somewhat out of her element with sports, though she's a great fan. Just stay a fan, Judy...
  9. I've been saying for a while that since we've seen the least of Oladokun in the game, he's clearly the best choice going forward. [] I am hopeful for the kid, though, I like how we used him to call in the plays. He seemed to pick it up pretty quickly--hopefully that translates to the field. But I'm with 206, the best QB should be #2 behind Q.
  10. Gotta hit the shots...bottom line. 8 points in a quarter spells disaster.
  11. 5 missed shots to begin the second half is not a good start, come on Bulls
  12. Awesome, great to hear that BB, thanks.
  13. keep raining three's all day, but I prefer to win with some gritty in-the-paint action. Go girls!
  14. It is a little wild to see guys like LeDay, Egbunu, Heath, and (last year) AC getting more love with their P5 programs. Stan had some talent, it just didn't always come together.
  15. Gregory may very well end up being a step for the program, if he can get recruits. I'd love to see the program begin to grow again and get back to competing in our conference. Wonder how it would have looked at this point with CSH...hmmm...