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  1. San Diego State

    I honestly don't think USF had much control over its own destiny to begin with. All they can do is win, but their fate isn't really up to them.
  2. Let's go AAC!

    Were it not for the conference's potential benefit, I'd be completely happy with UCiF's two cancellations. But both opponents were strong competition for them, so they really missed a couple of "golden" opportunities to make their case in the conference and on the national scene. Cue the "if's"... [edit] - anyone else think the GT cancellation was a little lame?
  3. #12 #14 and #18

    I don't see us going much higher, it was only Illinois but it was a good-looking win that we needed.
  4. You're in for a life of disappointment if you feel like "just your opinion" followed by a "just do it..." order is going to be followed by a "yes, ma'am". And PS, what's the question mark? Are you USF or not?
  5. 20 games .... 30 plus points

    Lol, right, but we've seen some decline with RA & MM leaving. This definitely will be a hard class to lose in skill positions and on the line.
  6. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

    We're improving, and I'm seeing the guys loosen up a little more. If they continue to clean up stuff and actually have fun doing it, we will finally get a CC.
  7. Chris Barr=Delonte Welch

    There's something about being smacked in the chops that gets your mind focused better than a counselor could ever do. He's just got to have something to snap him out of this--he got here for a reason.
  8. How The Pollsters Voted

    Not playing the makeup high-probability-win game kills the ranking game for us and any glimmer of Heisman for QF. The silver lining to that cloud is now maybe we can just completely focus on winning the stupid conference and let the rest of the chips fall.
  9. Marlon Mack

    Great blocking there, no one stands a chance against MM if he has that big a hole.
  10. Hurricane Irma

    All except for the part where someone vandalized that dashboard, hot car dude.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    I gotta ask...what's your ride? I wanna guess stang, but just not enough for me to be sure. Looks tight...hope it's untouched by Irma. Oh, and you guys too...
  12. We Really Need UCiF to Lose Tomorrow Night

    Not that I really care, but you're saying Memphis drug their entire team, cheerleaders, etc. down to Orlando Thursday night and flew right back because when they landed they decided that they did not want to play the game anymore? That just does not make sense. Don't know that's what he's saying. This just could have been a botch by the UCiF staff, it's possible they were so focused on the game that they forgot about the state's "emergency" and how that would look if they ran a game in the midst of it.
  13. That's awesome, good to see her talent finally getting more respect.
  14. We Really Need UCiF to Lose Tomorrow Night

    Bah, it's gonna be like a cat 1 by the time it hits us in ORL sometime Sunday night, they coulda pulled it off in time tonight. Wimps. (jk, guys, no one have an aneurysm--be safe!)
  15. USF at UConn Cancelled