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  1. My personal limit is 3, more than that is only good in the realignment thread IMO.
  2. But we're IN the article!!
  3. cue the next article down-playing USF's role, so that we're more like volunteer ambassadors than hosts.
  4. People hitting other people, obviously emotions are going to flare. But I agree with Brad, the stepping on/over and needless taunting stuff takes away from the game IMO. The guys that are most confident are the ones that smile & walk back to the huddle. Next play.
  5. Fair point. But I will stand by my statement that our starting RBs will not be breaking it out side as successfully as Mack did. Agree on the RBs, don't think we have anyone approaching MM's burst, that was his greatest advantage IMO. I'd swear he was at full speed in less than 5 yds. On the WRs, I like MVS & Bronson, but I really want to see McCants break out. That kid has outstanding speed for his size, and he'll run over CBs all day.
  6. Textbook tackles are boring. Big hits get oooo's & awwww's, so they must be better.
  7. I think we'll be fine, though I understand the concern. The "A" team was split up, hits are more careful (in general), and the playbook is definitely as basic as we'll see. Essentially the spring game is yard-ball with a bunch of ringers.
  8. Cool, thanks for posting the pics! I hope to see MVS go get it over CBs all season long...
  9. Can Stan coach them? That would be cool. I'm thinking Victor Rudd for one, those guys got pretty tight with the tourney run and all...
  10. I just found out if you hit the "+" button next to "quote" you can stack the quotes easily. You can actually just drag & highlight the entire section, then hover for a second and you'll get a "quote this" caption, so that you can nest quotes like we all used to do.
  11. Having not seen the whole game, these were my biggest takeaways but looking forward to hearing more from those that made it. Biggest win: no big injuries Biggest loss: OL sounded like they had a hard time keeping the QB safe. Biggest relief: Defense is hungry.
  12. Whyyyyyyy..te?
  13. can't make it this year, but looking forward to seeing some of it online.