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  1. Dagger. Hate this news like I hate hearing "turn your head and cough".
  2. Makes sense. He doesn't have the handicap of being a prima donna, he's a hard worker
  3. Happy for the kid, hope he sticks in the league. He'll always be one of my favorite players with his talent, attitude, and sheer will to win. Go get em, RA.
  4. DJ

    Ding, ding! Creds to them for fixing that, the kanigits would have ran the similarity with pride (...and with "look what we did" giggles).
  5. I'll be happy if they finish a much better team than they start. Then I'll have hope.
  6. Very cool. Just glad no one yelled out "Go Dons!!" in Cali. We're movin up...
  7. such a proud grad...good one, 2000
  8. Hopes up, hopes down. That was quick, too bad--I'm pretty sure we could use a 4*.
  9. Kid's a baller, he'll make us proud.
  10. Very cool to have this shot, GO BULLS!!
  11. Dust settled. Now, if we meet up with the Rattlers and lose...
  12. Nothing about this poor imitation is surprising...
  13. I agree the plan does seem to be a lot better & more strategic. Hope that translates to the floor.
  14. Clearly feeling she has the power to accuse & say whatever the heck she wants, I doubt anything short of vague statements is forthcoming for the public ear. Something like... "I regret the impression my statements left upon many of the upstanding individuals we have in our great region, and look forward to clearing up any misunderstandings going forward. Thank you."
  15. Has given me a path to prosperity and a tremendously rewarding career in aeronautics that I only would have dreamed about in high school. Although it's taken a chunk of my discretionary income over the years, my USF degree has opened far more financial doors than it's closed.