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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Well said
  2. Some positive news about Friday night...

    I wish they'd do it every single game with certain restrictions if we ever actually sell out. It generates fans, fills in seats that would otherwise be unsold, and can be a great way to reach recruits and coaches in the area.
  3. Know the foe: Illinois

    You're probably right, maybe it's just the aging me thinking. Still a little concerned about distractions but hopefully I'm wrong.
  4. Know the foe: Illinois

    I do. I know that I completely sacrificed a normally strict training routine/diet this week because of the hurricane. I'm afraid the players may have a combination of exhaustion and conditioning as well.
  5. Ranking Prediction

    I really think we played safe offenses against worse athletes to keep our offensive turnovers down. If we win the turnover battle against worse competition we should win the game. Wouldn't be surprised to see us do something similar against UCONN with hopefully a bit more success running and better special teams. Then we open up the playbook a bit more for Illinois. I don't think voters would follow things that way but no losses is all that matters.
  6. Coach Strong & Coach Gilbert will do one of these two

    Now that I've had some time to rest on it I think that the play calling was different for these first 2 games than it will be the rest of the season. The coaching staff probably wanted to run basic plays for 3 reasons. 1) Our team has more talented players. Basic plays and running down the middle SHOULD have worked better than it did. 2) Limit turnovers. Turnovers would be the only reason that we lost these games. We did succeed at this. 3) Keep play calling basic since the season is early and the coaching staff is new. I expect to see riskier and more complex play calling now that the competition level is increasing and we've had some games under our belts.
  7. ESPN: 2017 bold predictions

    That's a bold prediction?
  8. Jitters

    Not nervous because I know that Q will carry us if he has to. He's the real deal.
  9. The over/under for SJSU points is 24.5. No way do I think they score 25 on our improved defense but that Vegas line surprises me. Hoping our defense proves them wrong. They do have the most experienced oline in D1 but I still don't think they have the talent to score multiple tds on us.
  10. USF ready for San Jose State

    We've upgraded from the bus.
  11. SJSU +20.5 Points

    The line is -22 now. Glad I got in at -20.
  12. Predict how high USF will go in the polls this season

    For what its worth... USF is tied for 23rd best odds in Vegas with Oregon for winning the National Championship. Just the fact that we're even considered that high considering our schedule gives some hope that we could be ranked high.
  13. Football ticket/seating help

    Unless the policy changed, children under 3 get in free to Bulls games. I went to a Bucs game and was shocked that I needed a ticket for my 1 year old but luckily guest services hooked us up with a free pass for her.
  14. Predict how high USF will go in the polls this season

    I'll go with 6 after going undefeated.
  15. Say Something Positive About The Upcoming Season

    According to Vegas odds, only Alabama has a better win total than us at 10.5 and Washington is the only other team with an over/under of 10.