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  1. How long does it usually take to hear back after you apply?
  2. I understand the long review on the targeting call. Want to make sure. Surprised though we are up by this much
  3. Looks like it's gonna be 16 against 11
  4. Extremely weak sauce from my vantage point. Dude tripped over his own feet.
  5. How in the Holy **** di you get a time out from an obvious false start?
  6. Come find us brother
  7. Any one is welcome to join us. We are btwenn the first two trees.
  8. I haven't seen the war flamingo but our group rolled up when they opened up and already quite a few people.
  9. I spent some time wondering if I wanted to post this, but why not. I was given my layoff notice Thursday, with an off payroll date of 12/31/15. Currently looking around and have applied at a few places so far. Anybody know of any companies looking for IT support work or Training positions in the Tampa area? I have about 15 years of tech support type experience and 10 years of IT training experience. If anyone knows of anyone hiring let me know please.
  10. I will be there, as always. Trying to get as many as possible from my soon to be former workplace as well. One more W, I don't care how ugly, just WIN!
  11. So how many times do we have to score before the refs stop calling us for crap?
  12. Bull Daly can confirm. We're having a good time. The guys looked focused for the team walk.
  13. Been in lot 6 since 2:30! Switched to Tylenol only this morning. I wasn't about to miss this!
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone. I went home yesterday, aND have been taking it easy for the most part, moving around as needed. I'm hoping by Friday to not need the pain meds except to sleep, so that will help. But if I'm in doubt. I have a ride lined up. At my current rate of recovery, I WILL be there.