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  1. Uncle Karl was right It sucks for the G5
  2. P6

    That's why I advocate for an 8-team playoff - reserving 5 spots for P5 champs; 1 for G5 champ (highest ranked); and 2 At-Large... This would diminish the "strength of schedule" bias somewhat.
  3. The games against UCF when we were Big East, and they were CUSA.. were still great! And the stadiums still filled up!
  4. CFP trophy vs BCS trophy

    CFP > BCS... Just because it actually requires effort to make the championship game... It's just like Obamacare... Better than what was before it; but still trash.
  5. We are dealing with it... But this is NOT sustainable... The disparity will continue to increase; unless a fundamental change happens... Playoff structure change; media deals change; and USF admin gets more fans to the games and we have better buy in... We are already winning in football - and I'm hoping for a turnaround in basketball...
  6. P6

    I've been saying it for years - No G5 team will ever make the CFP. The AAC is no where near P5, and that is because of money! The best compromise that we (G5) can do right away is lobby for a 8-team playoff. 5 spots for P5 champs (that way all conference commissioners would buy in, except the SEC maybe); change the 1 NY6 for the G5 to a guaranteed spot; and 2 At-large/Wild Card spots. Seeding is according to CFP rank. This way, the G5 can directly compete and no excuses can be made about P5 teams 'not trying'. Also, the G5 spot may be ranked higher, because would you really want to knock out the No. 1 seed because of bias?
  7. I don't get your point... Who said anything about NOT having a rivalry? Also, FSU and UF are not in the same conference. I wouldn't mind USF being in the P5; but still playing UCF (in the G5) every year; However, my biggest fear is for it to be vice versa.
  8. We need to stop the whole package deal garbage... We will only see ourselves on the outside looking in. We need to make USF a strong stand-alone product (like we were before). I still feel that our administration is doing a terrible job with attendance and city/fan support (especially compared to UCF).
  9. The independents can join conferences if they find it unfair. Isn't Notre Dame a quasi member of the ACC? They can just fully join - for all I care.
  10. Oh, the elusive championship
  11. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    This thread is an overreaction. However, this season was a failure! An absolute failure.
  12. The Big 12 is foolish not to take USF&UCF. If Oklahoma has one slip up; Big12 misses the CFP again. You know they want Alabama back in the mix; and they are finding every excuse to keep Ohio State around.
  13. No separate division for the G5. That would regulate the G5 to a pseudo FCS. What needs to happen is the G5 to force solidarity with the P5 - a more level playoff scenario: Solution 1 (compromise): 8 team playoff: 5 P5 Conf Champs, 1 G5 Conf Champ (highest ranked), and 2 wild card spots Solution 2 (unity): 10 team playoff: All FBS Conf Champs would be set into a post-season. Seeding according to rank. To get to Solution 2, we need to at least make it to solution 1.