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  1. We got a 4 star wideout? I'm excited
  2. I just read this... I'm glad that USF will be part of Tampa's new center
  3. We are an ideal program... all the right tools are here... Someone just needs to put it together
  4. I don't even care about an OCS anymore; more than anything -- we need to get into the P5
  5. CWT did the job he was hired to do... Now, we have CCS w/ a great contract -- let's just win that conference championship (and get NY6)
  6. You didn't hear? The feasibility study is nearing a conclusion!
  7. An example of how tough our IN conference schedule really is... compared to "top P5 teams"
  8. Exactly. We may have a HARDER schedule, but not in the eyes of the P5. AAC is small time, like the rest of the G5 (from their view) Example: Houston 2016-2017
  9. Zero chance for USF? No.. ZERO chance for the G5 There is ZERO margin of error - and good luck getting a good schedule (AAC teams to risky for the top P5 teams)
  10. CFP chooses teams that travel well Ohio State fans travel better than Penn State fans...
  11. 2016 is the BEST USF team of ALL Time.
  12. That's why, in an 8-team (5/2/1) the entire G5 should lobby for one auto bid, since the P5 (even the Big 12) gets an auto bid, with 2 at large. We give the P5 more autonomy and we get thrown a bone. That's how this has always worked.