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  1. Facilities vs OCS

    Spot on
  2. Great to add Wichita State for basketball
  3. Taggart for sure! He did it WKU, also Oregon saw the potential
  4. USF Athletics: Revenues / Expenses

    I guess this is why USF didn't mind the big investment on a promising MBB HC... I am surprised at the lack of revenue for Football; I hope 2017-18 season revenue will be strong
  5. Mens Basketball Departure

    For Sure... Almost NO Florida recruits... basketball is supposed to be quicker to turnaround that football...
  6. WBB Needs

    *Syracuse... *cough
  7. WBB Needs

    That is usually how women's sports are... UCONN is on like a 103 game WIN STREAK
  8. WBB Needs

    UCONN got featured on that new HBO Sports documentary! Guess which team HBO shows (at the end) that got slaughtered by UCONN
  9. Congratulations to MBB

    Glad for the W
  10. our class getting some ESPN love

    We got a 4 star wideout? I'm excited
  11. I just read this... I'm glad that USF will be part of Tampa's new center
  12. We are an ideal program... all the right tools are here... Someone just needs to put it together
  13. OCS!!!

    I don't even care about an OCS anymore; more than anything -- we need to get into the P5
  14. CWT and the brand

    CWT did the job he was hired to do... Now, we have CCS w/ a great contract -- let's just win that conference championship (and get NY6)