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  1. What's with the do?!
  2. I don't think the WAGR recognized the tournament that Niemann just won as he is still number 2 in the rankings and is not listed as a week 18 winner...
  3. USF took the high road and didn't stoop the Judge Taylor's level of pettiness. She tried to get her moment in the viral spotlight at the expense of USF and now she is the one looking like an idiot.
  4. It's time that SHE learns about consequences this time! Completely unwarranted attack!
  5. I don't know how much time he'll have for football and basketball with his writing career in full swing.
  6. I heard through and friend of a friend that indeed it is!
  7. Pornhub Arena?
  8. This is our guy.
  9. That is the wrong guy.
  10. My hopes for next season have officially gone up!
  11. 4-star recruit out of high school. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/169827/jeff-farrar
  12. I'm a little paranoid the offense has taken a major step back. I saw it the way the reporter did who called it "vanilla".
  13. This guy has an awesome porn name!