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  1. Orlando Sentinel College Football "Ranks"

    Yet every major media outlet has us ranked in the top 25...
  2. Schools.com Ranking

    Schools.com ranked us #2 in Florida! http://www.schools.com/online-colleges/florida
  3. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    -5 with 3 left to play. Looks like he'll make the cut barring a meltdown. Cut will be -1.
  4. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    Finished today at 2 under par. Nice showing for the future bull!
  5. Billy Mohl Intro - Fans Invited

    Is his name pronounced like:
  6. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    Even par thru 2.
  7. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    It would be very fitting of USF's luck if Niemann does very well at the US Open then decides to go pro and never makes it to campus...
  8. USF Love in Virginia Beach

    Just got a "Go Bulls!" down here in the Cayman Islands.
  9. This is pathetic...even for ucf

    What's with the do?!
  10. Men's Golf

    I don't think the WAGR recognized the tournament that Niemann just won as he is still number 2 in the rankings and is not listed as a week 18 winner...
  11. USF took the high road and didn't stoop the Judge Taylor's level of pettiness. She tried to get her moment in the viral spotlight at the expense of USF and now she is the one looking like an idiot.
  12. It's time that SHE learns about consequences this time! Completely unwarranted attack!
  13. USF press conference 2:30 today

    I heard through and friend of a friend that indeed it is!
  14. USF press conference 2:30 today

    Pornhub Arena?