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  1. Another 9th inning comback and Bulls win 3-2!
  2. Down 0-2 in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and Chetfield just tied it up with a homerun to right!
  3. I think I got my hopes up too high with the Shaun King tweets and was expecting one or two of the 4* players to commit to us. Overall, not a bad class considering what we started the day with.
  4. Dingle, Thomas, and Culpepper
  5. Got all three CC boys!
  6. Yup. And it says he originally signed with UCF... http://247sports.com/Player/Jason-Pierre-Paul-28289?PlayerInstitution=47236
  7. I'm kind of dumbfounded about why Strong would retain only one person from a great offense! I would have at least liked to see Weist and Kinnan stay. I hope Strong is not throwing last year's offensive success out the window. On the bright side, Gilbert is from the Briles tree and should still be fun to watch..
  8. I personally would rather play at Ray Jay if we could only afford something like what UCF has...But, if we have the $100+ million to do it right I am all for it!
  9. And is confirmed on the UCF website. Stadium Facts Facts & Figures Architect: 360 (Kansas City, MO) Construction Manager: Wharton-Smith, Inc. (Sanford, FL) Stadium Seating Contractor: Dant Clayton (Louisville, KY) Seating Capacity: 44,206 Premium seating: Roth Tower Stadium Club – 872 seats Roth Tower Luxury suites - 24 Carl Black & Gold Cabana – 984 seats ADA Seating: Capable of providing over 450 wheelchair-accessible seats. Cost: ~$55 Million
  10. According to Wikipedia the bounce house cost $55 million....So the consultant group was just a little off... $55 million[5] ($65.3 million in 2017 dollars[8])
  11. Most of the Seniors and some of the Juniors would have been Strong's recruits.
  12. That's some good hype music in her highlight video... Sounds like something from Napoleon Dynamite.