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  1. Rodney Adams

    I hope the Giants take a look at him. They are desperate for a good WR. Plus Nigel Harris is there.
  2. DJ thread for Houston

    The famous NASA quote has officially changed to "Johnson, we have a problem."
  3. AP Poll Ranking - Week 9

    The good thing is that our remaining games will help strengthen our SOS. Meanwhile, UCF are playing cupcakes til they play us... There should be no chance that they outrank us as long we win.
  4. 2007 vs 2017

    I'm not convinced that USF 2017 can beat USF 2016...
  5. 2007 vs 2017

    If USF can beat UCF this year 48-12 or something like that, I would say 2017 could beat 2007.
  6. Meanwhile in Oregon

    I dunno guys... I'm not saying I'm an Oregon fan, but I do wish them well and hope they succeed. I enjoy watching their games and the broadcasters talk a bit about USF. I mean, the best offense and defensive coaches in USF history are together under one team. I can appreciate that.
  7. Week 8 Games of Interest

    I still believe we have a chance to make the final four, but we need to get to #8 in the polls by the time we play a ranked #10 UCF and a #15 Memphis for the championship.
  8. Emilio!

    If I remember correctly, he hit 100% of his field goals last year before going down... He only missed one this year due to a blocked kick.... Could this kid be the most consistent kick in Bull's history?
  9. DJ Thread for Cincy week

    DJ will turn heads and have defender spinning. After the game, Cincy will have no choice but to renames themselves to the Catbears.
  10. Thoughts on SDSU

    IMO, If both USF and SDSU run the table, we'll outrank them. Sure, they had a good early SOS, but their conference is weaker than the AAC. Sure, we had a weak early SOS, but as the years progress the level of competition will significantly improve. We could be facing up to 2/3 ranked teams leading to the championship. Memphis, SMU, UCF and potentially Navy are all top 40 schools when the year is all said and done. Can't say that about SDSU's conference.
  11. Fun & Useless Facts

    That #2 point is certainly tweet-worthy.
  12. First 4 Games' Report Card

    After reading this.... I feel a lot better about the season now. I think we're over-worried at fans. Overall, I'll accept the small regression on offense with the significant improvement in defense. I'm still very pleased with the Bulls, CCS and staff.
  13. Legend has is it that the character from Temple Runner is actually running from D'Earnest Johnson.
  14. AAC Power Poll - Week One

    I would disagree. USF is still ranked, and I saw that there are 4 aac teams that are "RV" status, meaning they are getting top 25 votes.