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  1. I think in order for the G5 to make the best possible run at the playoffs, top G5 programs should leave an an open date with an understanding that the top 2 (highest ranked) teams will face each other opening day the next year. Example: USF vs. Western Michgan. 2017 - opening day. Then #3 G5 play against #4 G5, Then #5 G5 vs #6 G5, and so on. It's like mini G5 tournament.... USF WBB play in mini tournaments throughout the regular season, I want our football program to do the same. I think if we play WMU instead of Stony Brook, we could be playoff bound for sure.
  2. And 5 separate teams from the AAC hit the top 25 at some point last year... USF, Houston, Temple, Navy, and even SMU got one top 25 vote at some point in the season... Tulsa reached top 30. AAC is way stronger than all other G5.
  3. Remember when Skip Holtz wanted BJ to be more of a passer? Hmmmmmm
  4. Journalist protect other journalist. Keep that in mind when reading this.... This may be a bit unfair for CWT. He deserves better.
  5. I'm pretty sure we can finish the season in the top 30 with a RPI of about 30-40. Does that mean we're a shoe-in for the big dance? I mean, out of 64 teams, being a top 30 should get you qualified no?
  6. This team would have made it to the NCAA if Antigua could have fielded this team: Note: All these players were USF players to a certain extent at some point during COA's tenure... PG - Roddy Peters 5* - backup - Andre Feliz SG - Jahmal McMurray 3* - backup- Geno Thorpe, Troy Holston SF - Luis Monetero 4/5*. Backup - Tulio De Silva 4* PF - Troy Baxter 4*, Bo Zeigler C - Luis Santos 4* - backup - Ruben Guerrero There was no question that Antigua was a great recruiter, even better than Willie Taggart!! I wish we could have been more patient, cause I think Antigua could have been the Fernandez of MBB. He just had a string of bad luck.... And the man never caught a break...
  7. CBS project Mack as the 6th best back. 3rd round.
  8. Football

    Could be a USF trifecta? Andre Fernandez ‏@AndreMHsports 8m8 minutes ago More .@CarolCity_FB Naytron Culpepper, Donelle Thomas and Kevaughn Dingle going to wait until noon to announce on the CBSSports Live broadcast
  9. Ran out of spots? We only have 13 commits and a couple transfers out, how do we not have spots avaialbe? Unless we're not taking anymore WR and Hogan is projected to be a WR. Either way, doesn't look good to take away a kid's scholarship....
  10. I really hope that he stays. I think he is Rodney Adams 2.0. We don't have another Rodney Adams in this roster. I saw his tape, and I'm more excited for Daewood then I am of Darnell Soloman...
  11. 1. Marlon Gonzalez - The top 2015 recruit. I'm sure he's eager to go out there and perform to his potential. 2. Andre Polk 3. Craig Watts 4, Daewood Davis - He has the speed to be Adam's replacement. 5. D'Ernest Johnson - Texas produced a monster RB. I can see Maddux using Johnson a lot this year. With Shaun King as RB coach, perhaps DJ will get a few more tosses this year.
  12. If P5 is really afraid, we need to schedule strong G5 teams. I want WMU, WKU, San Diego State or any other like-minded teams that need a strong OOC win in order to contend in the playoffs.
  13. 4. TBP's Vega
  14. lol, we missed you man. The LA watch parties haven't been the same without you.
  15. Wellllllllllllllllllll It isall the way in Pasadena... (thinking emoji) 100% percent I'll be there!!