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  1. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    What I like about his interview is that he had the same mentality since high school. Bigger named high school programs (Miami Central and Northwestern) wanted QF to transfer to their school, but he stayed at Miami Jackson and took them to places they've never seen before. He had bigger offers, but he wanted to leave a legacy. That's special! And he'll be leaving USF as the best QB in the school's history. Kudos to that.
  2. Does anyone know if Victor Rudd got invited to this team?
  3. Darnell Solomon?
  4. The click-bait is real on this one. If it were a virus, I would have gotten it for sure!
  5. Deatrick Nichols gettin' some love

    Quinton Flowers and Deadrin Senat are both projected 4th rounders... D'Ernest wasn't mentioned, but it's probably because everybody already knows he is worthy of high 1st round pick. The article is probably avoiding stating the obvious.
  6. He's projected as a 2nd rounder and the highest rated AAC prospect. Good for him!
  7. DJ

    DJ is so fast, that even lightning came in second place.
  8. Another Name added to the List of Infamy

    1.) Judge Margaret Taylor
  9. My first job out of college was a court reporter, these soliloquies are common for judges... They like to send personal messages to people who have potential in society. I hope LJ learned from his mistake.... But what she said about CCS is out of line, I'm sure she will apologize to him in person once she learns about him and his character.
  10. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Well, I'm happy for Mack, but I took a look at next years and RB is weak next year. I think Mack could have gone top 5 RB next year... Maybe a rounds 1-2. On another note... QF is projected the #5 QB in next year's draft... I can see QF as a Russell Wilson type if his passing continues to develop this year. (Mike White is #7)
  11. USF football draft pick history

    Just realized the Bucs never drafted a Bull before... Unfortunate...
  12. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    I just looked at Colt's RB depth chart... I see Mack making an impact as a rookie.... Great place for him!
  13. I think in order for the G5 to make the best possible run at the playoffs, top G5 programs should leave an an open date with an understanding that the top 2 (highest ranked) teams will face each other opening day the next year. Example: USF vs. Western Michgan. 2017 - opening day. Then #3 G5 play against #4 G5, Then #5 G5 vs #6 G5, and so on. It's like mini G5 tournament.... USF WBB play in mini tournaments throughout the regular season, I want our football program to do the same. I think if we play WMU instead of Stony Brook, we could be playoff bound for sure.
  14. ESPN Insider story

    And 5 separate teams from the AAC hit the top 25 at some point last year... USF, Houston, Temple, Navy, and even SMU got one top 25 vote at some point in the season... Tulsa reached top 30. AAC is way stronger than all other G5.
  15. New Offense

    Remember when Skip Holtz wanted BJ to be more of a passer? Hmmmmmm