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  1. Legend has is it that the character from Temple Runner is actually running from D'Earnest Johnson.
  2. AAC Power Poll - Week One

    I would disagree. USF is still ranked, and I saw that there are 4 aac teams that are "RV" status, meaning they are getting top 25 votes.
  3. If I remember correctly, wasn't our first play an 80 yard td from Marcus Shaw? Good streak for him.
  4. This play calling is pathetic

    Bring in Sutton.
  5. Game Ball

    I thought Hampton made some great plays himself.
  6. Hulu to Carry CBS Sports Network

    Yes, I live in LA and this is what I'm using to watch every game... and rewatch it later =)
  7. Coaches Poll

    The fact that the AAC has 5 teams in the top 40 can bode well for USF. Win out and hope that they all have great OOC records, and we can be candidates to NCAA championship game.
  8. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    What I like about his interview is that he had the same mentality since high school. Bigger named high school programs (Miami Central and Northwestern) wanted QF to transfer to their school, but he stayed at Miami Jackson and took them to places they've never seen before. He had bigger offers, but he wanted to leave a legacy. That's special! And he'll be leaving USF as the best QB in the school's history. Kudos to that.
  9. Does anyone know if Victor Rudd got invited to this team?
  10. Darnell Solomon?
  11. The click-bait is real on this one. If it were a virus, I would have gotten it for sure!
  12. Deatrick Nichols gettin' some love

    Quinton Flowers and Deadrin Senat are both projected 4th rounders... D'Ernest wasn't mentioned, but it's probably because everybody already knows he is worthy of high 1st round pick. The article is probably avoiding stating the obvious.
  13. He's projected as a 2nd rounder and the highest rated AAC prospect. Good for him!