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  1. Illinois vs. SJSU & Stony Brook

    I'm glad we won but I'm wondering on the scale of oven-fresh softness, how does Illinois stack up against SJSU and Stony Brook? Yes, we are better now; we've turned the corner on the plays being called. But I'm wondering if a team like Illinois can block our punting, what sort of team we have right now? I wouldn't say that we are anywhere near where things were when we won against South Carolina. Who would win these matchups? Illinois vs. SJSU Illinois vs. Stony Brook
  2. A Hero Passed Away
  3. Chris Barr=Delonte Welch

    This thread is bull********. Why single out a player?
  4. Game Ball

    I would give it to Coach Gilbert -for finally understanding USF football.
  5. Playcalling

    USF football was built on Florida athletes and Florida speed. This game showed that the current OC knows that. The last two games, no. So, I'm glad we are back to playing USF football. Lots to fix and improve. But at least there's something to build around now (the offense and team we knew was all always there).
  6. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

  7. USF- UConn 15th Edition

  8. Strong jabs back as fans attack USF's offense

    Yeah, I understand where he's coming from. He's used to huge crowds. But we are also used to playing awesome offensive football. Plus, he lost that other job.
  9. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    I suggest people go watch some 2016 Texas games on youtube.
  10. My stomach is in knots!

    This was supposed to be a relaxed year! --Before the season started I had us cruising to 5-0 before any stress came our way. This is not right. How am I going to survive this whole season? Now, I'm absolutely worried about us laying a big egg @ UConn.
  11. Coach Strong & Coach Gilbert will do one of these two

    One would think he qualifies to coach the O-line guys. Coaching Experience Year Position Institution 2017 Offensive line/run game coordinator University of South Florida 2016 Offensive line/run game coordinator University of Texas 2015 Co-offensive coordinator/offensive line University of Tulsa 2014 Co-offensive coordinator/offensive line Bowling Green State University 2013 Offensive line Eastern Illinois University 2012 Offensive coordinator Coffeyville Community College 2007-11 Offensive line/tight ends Butler Community College 2006 Graduate assistant University of Houston 2005 Assistant strength coach University of Houston
  12. USF- UConn 15th Edition

    Lucky for us it's not going to be played in the snow this year. Man, I would love nothing more than have us blow them out in a huge victory. But the records indicate otherwise. Yike!