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  1. The commits that we have go way back to the last coaching staff. http://southflorida.247sports.com/Season/2017-Football/Commits https://usf.rivals.com/commitments/football/2017 Any guesses as to how close these names will come to who we end up signing this year? I've always used lists in past years to predict who we sign. But this year is so problematic, or so it seems...
  2. Gotcha. They have him on the players' roster, not the staff! http://www.gousfbulls.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=7700&SPID=2981&SPSID=37330 Matt Mattox '" Position: Assistant Coach -... Year: Unk Home
  3. I really like this strategy of bringing prospects in for a visit. Flip! Flip! Flip!
  4. Say, who's handling the O-line coaching duties?
  5. If he goes to Oregon, good luck to him getting back home on holidays. That's a long haul.
  6. We need to up the game! ---Scratch bush gardens and replace it with a visit to Mon's!
  7. Cool! Thanks, 206BULL.
  8. I think on the defensive side of the ball. He's a tough, though player.
  9. John Allen??? I don't care what anybody says about him. And I don't care what he did for USF. I just don't like him for being anti-athletics at USF.
  10. Was he on our radar prior to the coaching change?
  11. In terms of the record, the bowl win and trophy, the end-of-season rankings, and the too-early rankings, 2016 is a better year. One would have to also include the hiring of a Texas-financed coaching staff. Had the change been to Joe-I'm-getting-$5-to coach USF, I think we would all be crying and bellyaching right now (some coach no one's heard of and who we can afford on the cheap). 2007 was a more special year because of how young we were at the time (we are old now!), and because getting to #2 and winning those big games (Auburn and WVU) really got us some national recognition. The bandwagoners loaded up and put on a USF T-shirt for the fun. All of that really helped USF Athletics and USF football. Years later, we'll look back and say that both 2007 and 2016 were pivotal years for our football program. #18 USF upsets #5 WVU ---What did Brad say?
  12. I know the new staff doesn't have much time, in addition to losing former commits. So, maybe this recruiting year doesn't count. But do you think this staff is going to do as well or better than the previous few years? Any vibes so far?
  13. I really like Weist. I'm constantly looking to see where he lands. He's such a good guy, and he helped us to win the bowl game. Classy Coach.