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  1. I disagree. SEO is my area of expertise, and I think once google decides that you are an "unsafe" site, it's very difficult to go back from that. Robot texts are overrated. Locked up is the only way to guarantee that it stays off the radar. Plus, many indexing robots don't obey any rules.
  2. Agreed. My hope rests in the fact that Seth was able to recruit when we didn't have facilities. And Stan started to bring in some talent before he was cut loose -after we had facilities. (1) This isn't the USF bball of old (with bare-bone facilities). (2) We aren't so cheap anymore. I mean we paid Seth 400K... (3) BUT the old problems remain (the things you said in your post). You also forgot being cursed... Also, I think Antigua was just a really, really bad hire. "Let's just run wild like Kentucky but without Kentucky's talent." Stan was smart; he slowed things down to keep from getting slaughtered.
  3. We've got to find hungry coach who knows how to get it done. Pluck somebody from a small school. Let him use us as a steppingstone; I don't care. We have to have a rebuild that works. No more 3 years of rebuilding and then we are back to square one again.
  4. Are you going to get Steve to represent you in that brain injury lawsuit against Leavitt and USF when you played? You know that I'll be by your bedside when things get worse. Keep your spirit up, Bro!
  5. I've known a lot of lizards, and you are the FIRST one who I LIKE. Now, if you really want to be RESPECTED, change your handle and put Bull first!
  6. That's a dude. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  7. Oh, it's okay to put a guy in the white house who talked about grabbing women's private parts on national TV. But dingle berry humor is too much... How absurd!
  8. My dream is to sign a receiver named Berry. 2 minutes to go. We have the ball on the 50-yard line. Coach calls THE play. "Guys, we're going Dirty. Dingle, Berry, get in there!"
  9. EJ Berry Positions: DT, NG http://www.hudl.com/profile/5559425/ej-berry Mason Berry Positions: FS, SS http://www.hudl.com/profile/6111616/mason-berry
  10. The days of the soft and sometimes just plain-helpless defense are over. I don't know how we'll do as a team and as an offense, but I know the defense will be vastly improved.
  11. I've been checking consistently to see if there's any news and nothing so far. He's got a strong resume, so I think he will land somewhere. It's still early in the hiring-season for football. Good things happen to good people. He will land on his feet!
  12. You know that things are not going to stay quiet until summer. This is USF Athletics, after all. So, what big news do you think we'll hear next? Good? Bad? I'm kinda scared. Think about it. Oregon picked up OUR bad voodoo with those two major national headline hits (thanks, ducks!)...
  13. That was the biggest lesson for never counting your chickens till they hatch. And it officially marks the end of the football season -all football.