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  1. Huge difference, ain't it? The latter is almost like ESPN3 or something worse.
  2. I drive around a lot and I get the one horn-Bull sign thrown at me all the time.
  3. I must have my animals mixed up. Thanks.
  4. I must admit this hire has me eating a lot of crow so far. I was pretty down when I learned that we threw that much money and that length of a contract down on a retread coach who was fired so recently. But his press conference reminded me of Seth when he got hired, somebody with lots of energy. BUT --give me a million reasons and I'll get pumped up like you wouldn't believe. And then he brought on some excellent assistants, including Wagers, who's been an avid Bulls fan for years with some interesting insights about USF bball. Chad Dollar, who doesn't remember him from the Dobras days? Can't go wrong there. They replenished the roster like gangbusters --ain't ever seen anything like it! USF men's bball recruiting? Sounds like "jumbo shrimp," just doesn't fit somehow... I'm too far beaten down by the history of the men's bball program (+ fresh wounds by the antigua brothers) to dare say that I feel "hope" or anything remotely close. But this new staff has my attention. That's something!
  5. Okay, I don't follow the NFL closely. Serious question. Where are the Colts now? I know they moved away from Indy, but I've no clue where they went.
  6. This picture was left off the tweet.
  7. No, thanks. We don't want players from teams ranked lower than us. Tell them thanks for the Strong money, though.
  8. It's summertime and the football season is eons away from the fans' perspective, but USF heads need to think about how to leverage the upcoming season. Let's look at what happened to Western Michigan. (1) They were one of the outside teams (non-p5) that received all kinds of press last season as their ranking rose. (2) They went to a good bowl and put up a decent effort -and had a good turnout with fan numbers. (3) They lost their head coach to a p5 with a bag of money. (4) They will be forgotten this upcoming season once they lose a game. "Who dat?" USF is going to have the opportunity to be last year's Western Michigan. Q: How are we going to leverage all the press into ticket sales and whatever else (maybe a p5 invite in the future)? Q: How will USF work with the AAC to leverage the press coverage? Q: How are we going to make the bowl turnout spectacular (to say that we belong in a p5)? Q: What is our contingency plan for when a p5 comes in and takes the head coach and everybody away? It's been since 2007 that USF football was ranked throughout the season. Well, it's going to happen again, unless we lay an egg. USF needs to leverage this opportunity!
  9. We have to stay ranked. (Lose a game and they most likely will drop us out of the polls.) If we are ranked at the end of the season, the bowl will be pretty good. ------------- If we blow other teams out left and right, and if teams ahead of us get upset (like in 2007), watch out! --We will get a lot of attention. Why? Some in the media still love our Coach.
  10. This is the updated image with ESPN becoming espn. ( “The Walking Dead’ highway scene from season two. CREDIT: AMC )
  11. I really like how this staff has recruited this past month (they've been on board for about a month, right?). I like the tiered approach. It seems like in the past, especially the last group, we'd just go after so and so players and when we whiffed on those guys, there was no back-up plan. So far, it seems like there's a plan-A and then plan-B, etc. Now, let's see how they coach and how the team plays together.
  12. Whatever bowl game we are headed to is going to come down to one thing: Our Defense.
  13. Well, we had more staff than players for a while there... I was expecting it to continue that way into August and September. And then maybe trying out walk-ons (or walkers!) from the general student population. Can we both agree that the dumpster fire is now O.U.T.? ---Amen. Thank you, baby Buddha!
  14. I just have to say that I'm totally impressed with how things have gone since the hiring. (1) Good assistants brought on right away. (2) The roster is replenished. It's been a whirlwind of action steps and necessary results. Pretty darn impressive. Let's see where we go from here. I don't dare use the word, "hopeful," but I really like how things have progressed so far.