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  1. To rebuild this program, there are two key areas of recruiting: Florida and non-US recruiting. With the latter, we need pure shooters, especially a 3-point expert. Whenever we've gone away from the inability to have points from the outside, we've done terribly (so, yes, for most of our program's history!). I do like how our new coach is thinking. He's brought in two young assistant coaches who focus on Florida athletes. Now, we need someone who will oversea (pun intended) the other areas.
  2. This is exactly what need: Bulls caring about the program and putting forth the effort to turn this thing around (Wagers & Dollar). I'm betting money that this is going to work out great!
  3. We are heading to a point where there will be more coaches and staff than combined players. If making the NCAA Tourney is "success," this is probably the exact opposite. Oh, wait, there might be some kind of NCAA sanction... JOY!!!
  4. That's easy! USF is bigger than any one person. And if people are loyal, then they should always stick around.
  5. Man, I was not a happy camper about that at all... For me, Selvie going to Uconn was as bad as Keith Brumgaugh's announcement that crashed this site. Priceless memories! --NOT BTW, yeah, that's our Wagers. Too many clues to say otherwise. I'm glad we have a Green-N-Gold Coach. This is what it takes to overcome that dang curse!
  6. Wow! One of our own is now a USF coach! Suddenly, the whole thing has changed for me. Consider me 100% on board!
  7. We've been doing that; we've voided a bunch of victories. Hopefully, that's enough...
  8. Let's get real here. The NIT is like in a conference tournament at best. Sure, we can lie to ourselves and glorify it... So, when does this thing happen? 2017-2018 2018-2019 Only if we let our bag man hand out free cookies to recruits. 2019-2020 15% 2020-2021 *If things go extremely well, this may be our first real shot. *Disclaimer: if the NCAA hands down some kind of sanction before next season, forget it!
  9. I just watched the introduction video (gousfbulls.com), here are my impressions. (1) I like him. He sounds like a solid personality. (2) He's going to need help: He's got to bring in some young assistants. And everybody has to work hard at recruiting. (3) I do like how he sees USF, talking about our positives. And he sounded sincere when saying it. (4) He sort of reminds me of Seth Greenberg when he was hired -as in someone who will work hard and try to recruit like crazy. (5) 6 years and 1-mill per year: TOO LONG AND TOO MUCH! What was wrong with 3-years, and $500K per? What if it's year 4 and we barely break .500? ---------------- Stan couldn't get enough talent. BUT the man didn't have facilities. He had just gotten them, and then he brought in some young talent in a rebuilding year. AND then he had just taken the team to the Dance. WTF? Has USF ever shown any loyalty? Throw all that money at Antigua and what did we get? ----Fans suffer while the decision makers keep on pulling in big paychecks. (How many fingers am I holding up?!) Let's hope this hire pans out. When does that sailboat take off and keep on going?????
  10. Dobras and Altron Jackon were there (per Joey Knight), so that's good enough for me. And they will never stop being Bulls!
  11. It started right after we lost to Ohio on March 18th. Stan Heath
  12. Okay, I've talked myself into it; I'm on board with the new coach. (1) Harlan had a ton of time to look for candidates. I mean way too much time. One would assume that he wasn't sitting on his duff. And I'm sure he made a lot of calls before making this offer. (2) Our men's bball program is on the ground floor (there are no basements in Florida!). And we might get some kind of NCAA penalty. Orlando,Well, it's serious enough that the new coach has an asterisk in his contract about getting a 7th-year if it goes down that road. Anyway, we need somebody who has experience with this kind of rebuilding. (3) Experience is the key to our need. To this end, the new coach has a lot of it. And he did rebuild G-Tech after their problems, as Gary pointed out in his article. (4) All hires are a gamble and a roll of the dice. I think Harlan and the lady with the sailboat went with the safe bet, with something like this in mind, "If he gets us to the NIT in a few years, that's big progress." (5) As for the spending, I was chuckling at how much we are paying. Regarding how much, I still wonder if USF has gotten out of the habit of throwing away money. Anyway, at least it with men's bball, the program can afford it. To sleep better, I'll pretend that we had to spend more money to get the new football staff, and not pay that much for a men's bball coach who was fired 2 years ago... The dumpster fire is now out. Now, let's see if we can get back on track. Next year!
  13. Very misleading topic title!
  14. Regarding football: It's all about P5 money.