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  1. You get to pick one

    So far, none of you have dictator material in you! --As a dictator, you have to take out the lesser competition! I'd take out UCF football and smile that special smile when I see other Bulls, "Yes, I did it for us. Your tires are protected and your paint will not be damaged. Enjoy it!"
  2. JPP and all Athletes

    Can you give four reasons why?
  3. You get to pick one

    OCS P5 invitation and acceptance . National Title Game (for football). Men's basketball is ranked all season and is the #1 seed in the West as the Tourney starts. Baseball makes it to the CWS with only 3 losses all season -heavily favored to win it all. PLUS, Women's bball wins big @ UConn. Jim Leavitt is invited back to USF and gets a statue at a ceremony. After years of failure and lawsuits, UCF decides to shut down its football program.
  4. Horn sign \m/ article on ESPN

    Truth be told, I've never been keen on the sign. I came from the world where we didn't have any and so I felt weird doing it. I don't hate seeing it, but beyond that -"Eh, whatever, man." Why? Texas has been doing it wayyy before us and before they started paying for our coaches...
  5. Best team ever

    Okay, no matter what happens with the season, this IS THE BEST TEAM in my mind. Why? They came to USF when we were in the dumps. And they could have transferred out when things got rough. Nope. They stuck it out. Now, they will be ranked and will be playing for national recognition. This senior class, including the guys who just went pro, are the best group in my mind.
  6. This new staff really surprised me with how fast they were able to fill the roster back up -with legit players and not walk-ons. So, I'll let them surprise me some more next season.
  7. USF Lands JUCO DT Dereck Boles

    I wonder if USF tutoring was offered. And if so, did he decline?
  8. Super Early Bowl Projections

    Say, do you think Coach Strong and his staff have a lot of influence on the team's attention and ranking (national press and other coaches' opinions) thus far? I wonder if we would be ranked going into next season if USF had hired an unknown coach (like Arch Stanton).
  9. Kingston interviewing in SC

  10. Bandwagoners

    Our soft schedule can be overcome with our offense scoring a lot of points, which will make for entertaining football. We need to play good defense, though. The Heisman talk will make it fun. Bandwagoners want to feel good and to be entertained, so we need to win by big margins at home.
  11. Best team ever

    Yes, of course, this was our best team ever.
  12. Bandwagoners

    Do you think they will come back this next football season? We had a lot of them back when we started out and then around 2007. I want them because they fill seats. And then some of them will stick and become real Bulls.
  13. Jajuan Cherry - ATH - Okeechobee (2018)

    I wonder if he's related to the other Cherry?
  14. This is tremendous! We've come along way. https://web.archive.org/web/19990221002943/http://www.gousfbulls.com:80/fbo/fbc/