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  1. If you have the step up from the standard package (so the package that includes like channels in the 100's +), you probably have it that way. The same package with CBSSN, and The Splat.
  2. Last night, a buddy of mine was reading a mock draft that had him going in the 7th to someone. I think the Bucs.
  3. Lol though, he suggests "McKenzie Milton" to put on a show for UCF, throwing only 10 TDs to 7 picks last season.
  4. If anything, it opens the doors for potential opportunities with TBEP.
  5. new form of Cat-Bull-Fishing! IIRC Amichia had a stellar USF Pro Day, good numbers in like every category. I bet he's getting calls after those scouts liked what they saw.
  6. Their FPI includes our SOS and our class ranking. We all know about the SOS. ESPN's recruiting rankings only favor the top teams due to their flawed grading system anyway. But that puts our class at an extreme disadvantage. Truthfully, it wasn't a 'memorable' class though it ended on a high note, but that's one of those factors that brings the number down. We still get the nod on the 'eye test' by ending last season like we did and bringing in a consensus elite coach, keeping QF, etc. etc. So arbitrary rankings will give us more favorable spots.
  7. I think White's experience here could be explained in couple of reasons: 1) The system he was expected to use was too complicated and was too clunky, leading to mistakes by the entire offense. 2) Being in such a toxic environment for so long made it impossible for him to get out of the funk and regain confidence. -- White got a total change of scenery by going to WKU. Not saying that USF was a bad place for him, but going 2-10, 3-9 under his lead presents a lot of negative stigma. A larger monkey on the back. and if you're a quarterback without confidence in yourself and your team, you get essentially what White looked like for a large portion of his time at USF. He showed flashes of having the arm and the smarts, but (I believe) being so entrenched in the gunk surrounding those good times made it impossible to really rise from the ashes. Now he's at WKU throwing 5k yards and 40 TDs like its nothing. He was put into a position to succeed, and he's been able to become confident in himself and his throws, and it really shows.
  8. I'd say so, but maybe not as pressing. USF is a trendy G5 to talk about now with the 11 wins and QF being widely considered an elite QB. Strong provides an "elite" edge that makes us more worthy to talk about. He's a coach with some pedigree.
  9. Lol yeah no kiddin' The "overall grade" column has him at #35, with Kareem Hunt #1 and Cook at #2. Mack at #18. I assumed that was their "grade" though it would make sense to organize them in the order of their 'grade' or whatever
  10. But then they have Fournette at 35? Come on now.
  11. Better it was a close one. You want those victories, but I'd argue it's proof that we belong in the conversation.
  12. The good news is that if you have the MyDisney App, you can pick those up pretty much the day of.
  13. Its specifically on 30th just to the south of the Wawa at 30th/Fowler. Literally on the other side of the train tracks.
  14. Its been an hour, I hope and assume we kept such a big lead?
  15. I bet that was a play to behold!