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  1. Ugh, they could use a better font so that the '6' doesn't look like a 'G'.
  2. I think one of the reason Strong's QB's last season didn't run for as many yards is because their yards per carry was terrible. Swoopes and Buechele had 151 carries between them, so its not like Texas didn't hand them the ball (Flowers ran 47 more carries, with 21 of those coming in our 13th game. So in 12 games he only had 26 more carries, or a little more than 2 per game). Swoopes had 54 carries for a paltry 3.2 YPC. Buechele was even worse, 71 carries for 1.6 YPC. So neither were really reliable, that's 2.4 YPC! You hand Flowers the ball on a running play, on average he gets you 2nd and short or third and short. Hand the other two the ball, now you're in 2nd or 3rd and long, suddenly you have to pass the ball 7+ yards on third down or whatever. And speaking of third down. Texas' overall 3DC% was 36.08%. It was 40%+ in the first couple of months of play, but by November they were only converting 3rd Down 26.47%. USF'S last year? 44.21%. In October, we had a 50.65 3PC%. So much more effective on 3rd down. I say all of this to say, some of the replies so far have had Flowers throwing more and running less. I actually think he gets back up into the 14-1500's in total rushing yards. I would expect his workload to compare to last year's, but he'll have a lot more success than Texas had with their QBs.
  3. Davis was the offense for us. Main reason we even had 3 wins that one year.
  4. is like not updating what's going on lol
  5. bunt into a dp?
  6. I mean we got another inning but no outs one on 1st is a good starting point
  7. Games like this show we can play with the big boys.
  8. you'll take the double play!
  9. A victory gives us about a day's rest to get ready to probably face them again tomorrow night. I like the idea of chasing this win.
  10. was trying to listen to the game in my car while on my break here.. I could hear the announcers pretty OK, but they had some sort of variety salsa/horchata/jazz station playing music behind them. Twas, unique.
  11. Houston's giving Baylor a taste of their own medicine. 16-3 after 7. A terrible joke, I'll see myself out.
  12. 5-0 now in the 7th.
  13. I always get confused by some of the rules with losing in college baseball.. Its still double elimination right?
  14. Well this game blew up in our faces. Better hope they play better in regionals or they'll be back home in a jiffy.
  15. you'd think they'd pull him after letting in that base hit.