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  1. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    Should have gone full bore and just wear the Rocky costume
  2. Cherry was supposed to be transferring, wasn't he? What happened there?
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Apparently Kiffin has been following a bunch of Ole Miss stuff on twitter recently.
  4. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    frieze, frost... natural progression
  5. It would be something for QF to go off this year and find himself in a position to win at least one of these awards. What a way to capitalize your legacy at your school than with something like that Walter Camp trophy in the case.
  6. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    I got to thinking about it, Ole Miss is a situation for a young up-and-comer who's looking to prove themselves devoid of whatever controversy exists. I don't think any coach with a pedigree would jump onto this ship. there's plenty of opportunities by the end of the season. One team between TAMU, ND, and Tennessee is going to be looking for a coach by the end of the year. You could argue all of those situations are a lot more preferable.
  7. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Strong is getting paid a lot of money to sit here at USF. I can't recall at the top of my head, but I want to say he's got a pretty large severance to pay if he leaves us in the first couple of years. Its entirely disadvantageous to leave us, simply from a financial stand point. But we can look elsewhere. This is Ole Miss we're talking about. The one with the surprising overall #1 recruiting class a few years ago, among other very questionable recruiting results and practices. If there's any team that's due for a kick in the pants, its Ole Miss.
  8. I mean if they'd do those, no reason to believe they wouldn't make a blue helmet. I actually kinda think going off the wall and doing a blue and red bulls jersey would be pretty rad. Just me maybe. The Minutemen Jersey.
  9. blue and gold, but we couldn't play Tulsa! haha
  10. Those helmets are clean A F. I just don't know what the rest of our jersey would look like. Couldn't be green and gold, surely. The Wounded Warrior uniform was gorgeous.
  11. Long live Elkino Watson.
  12. Its definitely JuJu. Senior night against SMU, also my final game as a student. There's literally all of 10 people in the student section (and that didn't change much despite this being 45 minutes before kickoff). JuJu and a couple other players came up and shook all of our hands, thanked us for coming out to see them. We all knew the season hadn't been what we hoped for. So we thanked them back. Great guy.
  13. You get to pick one

    In this world of fantasy, one of the reasons I would rather go to the CFP would be that it would imply that we can get there and get it done without being a P5 school. The committee electing to allow an AAC team into the CFP makes being P5 less important. And with Aresco talking about Power-Six and all that, what better way to make that a reality by showcasing a National Title as the crown jewel? USF would instantly be talked about for expansion. I wouldn't doubt it for a second.
  14. Stony Brook

    'Twas my first ever USF game.
  15. You get to pick one

    I take the title game. That means we've not only made it into the playoff, but we won our first game. No matter what rank we are, it spells good things for the program. Ranked 2-3? That means something good happened to not make us #4. Plus that means we beat the other team. If we scraped in at #4? That means we beat the #1 team in the country to get to the final. The CFP is not the Fiesta Bowl. Its much, much better. And a shot at winning it all means I can't help but speculate we'd also have a lot of attention moving forward for the other football-related possibilities. If at all else, winning a national title without being in a P5 makes being P5 less relevant.