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  1. Pre-Football Bulls: What was it like for you?

    At the time I was a new father at 21 so USF was a means to an end. I really didn’t care one way or the other. I had bigger priorities. Football is what brought me back.
  2. Burke should've been fired months ago

    While not a complete repeat of our experience with the staff here some things seem similar:
  3. Q will have go throw to beat UCF

    ...and Gilbert will need to call plays that work to this team’s strengths.
  4. The Wizard has serious competition

    Unfortunately the cops came and took her away. Hopefully nothing serious came out of it.
  5. While I admit our section got quite vocal towards Gilbert (he’s not good in case you didn’t hear) we did make it down to the wall after the game to let the players know how much we appreciate them.
  6. USF had this coming all season.

    Just got home from the game. While watching this slowly go down the tubes, I remembered something Charlie Strong said during his opening press conference. He said something to the effect of slowing the offense down. At first I thought it was to help the defense out. Maybe to give them a chance to catch their breath. Now I know that it was so Sterling Gilbert wouldn't get overwhelmed. This guy is not good at what he does. Looking at his resume I can't understand how he made it to Texas. I would be surprised if anyone was giving Charlie Strong a serious look too.
  7. A Win Is A Win

    Ugh sound logic strikes again. 😁 Great perspective though.
  8. Wasn’t that what Gilbert was brought in to help with?
  9. Anyone buying the sandbagging theory on Gilbert?
  10. Week 8 Games of Interest

    One thing I do like about them is that Frost has Milton playing in a system that plays to the O’s strengths.
  11. Week 8 Games of Interest

    Not that impressed with UCF. Seem a little pedestrian against stiffer competition.
  12. Week 8 Games of Interest

    Looks like he got gored by a goat
  13. Bulls first play from scrimmage

    Maybe the poll should have been “Who runs it up the middle?” 😁
  14. P5 Flag behund the Bulls Flag.

    You’re welcome. I like the P6 idea. Create our own narrative about who we are and not wait for others to do it for us. Say something repeatedly and it becomes true eventually.
  15. P5 Flag behund the Bulls Flag.

    Sorry video clipping tools on iPhone are a bit lacking but here you go.