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  1. P5 Flag behund the Bulls Flag.

    You’re welcome. I like the P6 idea. Create our own narrative about who we are and not wait for others to do it for us. Say something repeatedly and it becomes true eventually.
  2. P5 Flag behund the Bulls Flag.

    Sorry video clipping tools on iPhone are a bit lacking but here you go.
  3. Two more for Saturday

    We filled our 6 seats and had to buy two more. I get a lot of interest from my friends that have no ties to USF and really have no problems filling the seats.
  4. Attendance is an embarrassment

    How does that deal with Tampa Bay Entertainment Properties factor into all of this?
  5. Victim of Expectations

    I believe the offensive miscues and vanilla play calling have people concerned that we will get exposed when playing tougher competition. We really haven't played anyone who was much of a threat yet.
  6. Attendance is an embarrassment

    I wonder if the attendance issues are the lingering effects of USF's management mistakes since CJL's departure? I think we lost more momentum than we realize during Holtz's years and with the first few until the team took off under Taggart. A lot of students went through the USF system during that period. I believe it is going to take more time than we care to admit to make up that lost ground.
  7. Our season tickets are in 112 but I was able to buy 4 more seats for the Stony Brook game in 113. They are right in the middle of that section. If the seats are marked as unavailable because USF is holding them in reserve, it seems a bit of a random scheme.
  8. Schedule & TV broadcasts/Streaming

    Ahhh... haven't looked at Hulu in years. Good to see CBSSN is on it.
  9. Schedule & TV broadcasts/Streaming

    I believe this may be an option as CBSN is listed as being included...
  10. Steven Bench arrested
  11. Must be more to the story...

    I'm not sure any of this matters anymore. The program was a mess when he arrived. Now it is better. Everyone got what they needed during his time here. Go Bulls!
  12. Spread the Word !

    It must be working. Seeing lots of USF gear at the Lightning game tonight.
  13. TJ why don't you keep running it up the middle as we are so obviously good at that.