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  1. Our season tickets are in 112 but I was able to buy 4 more seats for the Stony Brook game in 113. They are right in the middle of that section. If the seats are marked as unavailable because USF is holding them in reserve, it seems a bit of a random scheme.
  2. Schedule & TV broadcasts/Streaming

    Ahhh... haven't looked at Hulu in years. Good to see CBSSN is on it.
  3. Schedule & TV broadcasts/Streaming

    I believe this may be an option as CBSN is listed as being included...
  4. Steven Bench arrested
  5. Must be more to the story...

    I'm not sure any of this matters anymore. The program was a mess when he arrived. Now it is better. Everyone got what they needed during his time here. Go Bulls!
  6. Spread the Word !

    It must be working. Seeing lots of USF gear at the Lightning game tonight.
  7. TJ why don't you keep running it up the middle as we are so obviously good at that.
  8. Coach Strong press release

    Couldn't get close enough to ask the important question... his thoughts on Publix subs!
  9. Coach Strong press release

    It seemed more joking about the offenses rep for speed. Course that evolved it the Gatorade vs water joke but everyone was laughing so not sure it was an insight into potential policy.
  10. Coach Strong press release

    Just glad we've moved on from recruiting questions.
  11. Coach Strong press release

    Ok JK easy buddy.
  12. Coach Strong press release

    Ok, press questions started and wondering how many Bulls Pen members here waiting for Tampa Bay Times reporters to ask their questions. Could be fun to watch.
  13. Coach Strong press release

    I'll try to do my best