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  1. I want one of those gigs where you get lifetime retirement compensation for failure.
  2. They cannot hurt us more than we've hurt ourselves. Unless they make us play extra games.
  3. What if he shot xCOA? I think the consensus is even non-fans know what a disaster it is and there are realistic expectations for him. Run a clean program, show improvement in various aspects of the program.
  4. I know some of their student informatinon system guys, their enrollment is getting to be comparable with the other big schools and they are planning for increased enrollment. They could well be the next breakout school academically and athletically.
  5. COA and his brother should never get another job in the industry again. They were that bad.
  6. He means more to me than Aaron Lynch.
  7. It's actually ok. Our team members have a history of missing their departures!
  8. Did we have the ubiquitous search firm handling that? If so it's all on them.
  9. He should never work again in college basketball his tenure was so destructive.
  10. That'll bring the revenues in.
  11. This thread should be pages and pages of stuff like this!
  12. The problem with xCOA was pretty much everything!
  13. He's pining for the boards.
  14. I don't think you could have more effectively destroyed the program if you set out to do so. Every bad coach we had in any sport now looks like a world beater in comparison.