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  1. For you OCS fans.

    Write off? Honestly that's all I can think, it can't be driving consumers to their cable business.
  2. Best team ever

    I totally agree with this. Loved when he tried to bury the opponents right up to the end of game and he could recruit but I don't think he was a good game manager or X's and O's guy.
  3. Welcome SJSU333

    Welcome, now give us intel on your team!!
  4. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    I bought some for friends because I could buy early. Was $250 a pop for the front rows, they elected to go back some for a mere $150 or so.
  5. Another arrest

    Some of the people with the highest salaries commit the biggest financial crimes as a matter of fact. It's just never enough money for some people.
  6. Another arrest

    It's like when my brothers got caught stealing a bag of cookies. If you're gonna commit a crime and risk getting caught you go big. This was not only illegal but a very poor RoI.
  7. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    This isn't an argument, it's a contradiction.
  8. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    They will.
  9. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    Suck it UF/FSU legislators!!!!
  10. Contract extended

    Didn't Namoli just donate for that?
  11. Facilities vs OCS

    Worst thing is on campus Subways don't accept Subway gift cards! Inconceivable!
  12. Facilities vs OCS

    The dirty little secret about athletics right there. It's nice to have but it isn't the economic engine those wanting facilities tout.
  13. Mitchell Wilcox, Top receiver in AAC

    His Achilles heel. He needs to learn when to stop making something from nothing. It cost him those 3-4 times. Unfortunately his mistakes like that were highly visible costly ones.
  14. Mark Kingston

    So it goes.