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  1. I see you got downranked but it is true. After taxes, insurance, agent fees etc a couple million is not enough to set a family up for life. I might have 1 million in my retirement fund come retirement time and I realize that will barely be enough. I'm frankly scared it won't be nearly enough. A million just isn't what it used to be. There's also a reason why rookie camp has intense life skills and money management seminars. You can eat the $1.6M up fast in cars and homes. But it will be enough for a nice soft landing when he has to retire from the NFL and give him time to find something else. It isn't family dynasty money.
  2. After COA the "sins" of former coaches seem pretty benign.
  3. Amateurish and sad.
  4. Nobody wants to play us. Nothing to gain and everything to lose.
  5. You aren't off base, thus I am saying Bettman has no blame for the decisions, he's just the face and the water carrier for the owners. The blame rests with the owners.
  6. Right. The meeting is useless unless she makes a public retraction.
  7. Basketball is already a debased form of hockey and the players are fundamentally unsound now to a large extent. I don't understand the popularity either.
  8. He was totally benign in that regards. The real cancer was Lawton the crook who would socialize with the players and Koules the clueless owner. That circus had a ton of problems but Melrose was probably one of the lesser problems.
  9. Much as I think Bettman is a clueless little troll the owners have kept him commissioner for ~20 years now. He is clearly giving the owners what they want. Bettman makes what I think are terrible decisions(a hard-headed insistence that the Coyotes are a viable franchise) but since he hasn't been fired I've come to believe he's just the puppet for the decisions the owners want. I remember the coverage on ESPN/ESPN2 and the great nightly recap show they had. Now throughout most of the year lists NHL under "Other sports". They are vindictive and will destroy a sport if they can to ruin a competitor.
  10. I just said this here at USF today. We need a law school so we can get the representatives that have a terminal degree from USF. Of course the legislature would fight that as well.
  11. Too bad it took a lecture from a respected judge to provoke this Strong discipline.
  12. Lots of schools worse than USF attendance wise. We just have the local cheerleaders mentioning our real attendance which is about average/above average for where we are in age of program and conference.
  13. Exactly, and the legislature is so corrupt and gerrymandered they even ignore the constitutional amendments to quit gerrymandering. You literally can't vote the representatives out. They've carved out permanent seats.
  14. The charity business!!
  15. Those schools are hurting for donors and cash!