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  1. USF has officially removed the letters C,O & A from campus.
  2. It's even better when you win it by beating UCF!
  3. Wish it would rain here.
  4. All but a handful of bowls are probably revenue negative for the hosts. Kudos to Miami Beach for cutting their losses.
  5. The Gabor Outstanding Staff Awards.
  6. I can just see him doing his free throws for the free car he does at halftimes once a month.
  7. 8 conference games right? So even if we have a 90% chance to win each one my math says .9^8=.43. ESPN gave us a 55% chance of beating UCF so let's do .9^7 * .55= .26. Though I actually think we do go undefeated it is a tough thing even for a dominant team.
  8. P5 teams by preference don't want to play USF. Look at them buying out the USF home game and more and more by conference rules won't be playing us as they cut down OOC games. They are serious about building the wall to ensconce the others as a permanent minor league.
  9. I like to think that our conference can defeat the weak sisters of the P5 but the conference bowl results continue to be marginal. There are definitely weaker teams who have lucked into the big boy conference but I'm afraid not as many as I'd like to believe.
  10. Judy actually does hit the rec center every day. She was talking about it during the staff awards a few years ago.
  11. That's more than the payroll of the Rays under his ownership!
  12. MBB

    New coach is cleaning the Augean stables. A complete fresh slate is probably for the best.
  13. That is our identity man. We're the opportunist conference with each team looking for the egress.
  14. It's ok they'll make bags out of slashed tires, just takes a while to fashion them.
  15. Glazers just chop-blocked the OCS.