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  1. http://247sports.com/player/gerald-jackson-89758
  2. I get it, yes behind the scenes he very well could be working on trying to schedule bigger programs. But not scheduling any team of value since 2014 makes me question his tactics.
  3. Where did I ever say that Harlan is not working to get better OOC games? I am only criticizing the quality of OOC games that he has gotten thus far. After killing it in his first year with series against BYU, GT, and Texas he has then only signed up future games against teams like Central Michigan, FAU, NIU, San Jose State, and UMass. Yes, I understand you can't schedule every game with teams of that type of quality all the time, but you have to have some sort of balance. Personally, I don't see the benefit in scheduling these teams when they zero benefit to us. If we are only going to schedule other G5 teams, at least have them against some quality.
  4. I know that we have some decent programs on our current future schedules, but just saw that UConn locked up an away game at Clemson and will get 1.2 mill out of it as well. If you are Harlan when do you start reaching out to big named P5 schools for something similar?
  5. SB Nation has USF playing Clemson in the Peach Bowl as the G5 at large. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/6/22/15841088/bowl-projections-2017-college-football-playoff-predictions
  6. Let the offseason fun begin!
  7. Regardless of who good the pitcher is, our bats did not show up. We can't rely on having Duke carry this team. When the 2-7 hitters go for a combined 3 for 31 and 11 K's you will not win ball games.
  8. Ball game UF wins 5-1
  9. Bulls down to their final out with Stunkel on third
  10. We've stranded 2+ 4 times tonight. 2 of those times were from Borders striking out.
  11. Stunkel gets a leadoff single