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  1. Has there ever been a highlight reel with an intermission?
  2. Coached up the big uglys! A big piece of QF success!
  3. I think 3 min might get us through the first couple of games,
  4. I still remember talking to Taggart at the Bulls Rally a few years ago about the QB battle and he just smiled and said... Flowers is special, really special. I know there are mixed emotions about Taggart leaving but he obviously saw something in QF that turned out to be pretty spot on, because the kid is special, really special.
  5. Bowl game watch party

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to throw the ideas to my buddy so we can decide where to watch the Bulls kick some ass.
  6. Bowl game watch party

    Okay, so me and the wife can't make it to Birmingham for more reasons than I can list so we're buying tickets to donate. I got the email from the alumni association about watch parties but was wondering if there are any others in the Hillsborough or Pasco area that anyone is going to? I'm looking for other options besides LRS on Boy Scout or Red Star Rock Bar.
  7. Charlie Strong

    I LOLed.
  8. Charlie Strong

    Don't you mean to say that Superman flys DJ-style?
  9. National Weary Willie Day

    It's pretty dreary out too so I guess it's a Dreary Weary Willie Day.
  10. Might have a decision today?

    You guys need to wrap it up. It's starting to get blown out of proportion. Can we just talk about Strong hopefully stopping the bleeding on defense? He needs to light a firecracker under someone's ass!
  11. Player Reactions to CWT Leaving

    He coached a team once... they won the NCAA National Championship and the Super Bowl simultaneously.
  12. Wille Taggart to coach Oregon

    I'm with you... the thought of continuing to show up every weekend to sit in a half empty stadium to watch us develop coaches for the "next level" is making USF football seem a lot less appealing. Especially when everyone wants to pretend that we are all on the same level in FBS but yet there is still a "next level" for good coaches. This sucks...
  13. Next coach?

    I feel the same way...
  14. Next coach?

    This honestly has the beginnings of me losing interest in USF Football. I love USF and I love my Bulls but I guess I have to accept reality and reality sucks. I don't know why we pretend that there are 128 schools all competing for the same thing when it's obvious they are not. If the best we can ever be is a stepping stone for good coaches and having a maybe chance every now and then at a "big" bowl game that ultimately doesn't matter any more than the St. Pete bowl does... well, that reality sucks. I will still keep buying my season tickets and will still keep coming to the games and supporting USF, but I may be a lot less excited about it now. Sitting in a half empty stadium watching us develop good coaches for the "next level" is where we're at now. Go Bulls.