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  1. Week 7 Games of Interest

    Looking forward to today! Go Bulls!
  2. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    What a great start!
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Instead of being negative about it, I love the ideas. I don't live in the area otherwise I would definitely help out... Not sure if trying to be funny or sarcastic (or both)...
  4. Comparing ucf & USF

    Interesting article -- no surprise, though...
  5. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    The toughest opponent...ourselves (but I feel weird even thinking that because it gives me bad vibes)...
  6. Looking for two or three tickets to the Friday night game against Illinois. Going to bring my 9-year-old son (and the Mrs. if A/C is involved). Looking to treat ourselves. Does anyone have any good seats economically priced?
  7. Dreams that Died Today

    There is no playbook, remember?
  8. Can we officially change the D'Earnest thread to a Tice or Tyre thread?