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  1. Tulsa now a Thursday Game

    At least it follows a bye week
  2. 2 Courtside Tix for Sale - WBB vs. UConn

    FYI, the tickets have sold. BA is a good dude. He has always been a huge USF advocate, especially for the WBB team, including the last few seasons of giving away tickets to newcomers to try to grow the fanbase. He's also often hinted at developments in athletics before stories have broken, so he's got his finger on the pulse somewhere, and I miss reading his perspectives. I'm wondering if Brad can shed some light on the ban. It would be great if that decision can be revisited and BA can get his posting privileges back.
  3. 2 Courtside Tix for Sale - WBB vs. UConn

    I don't know all the details, and it doesn't seem that BA even knows what he said to earn a ban. But it's been months since he's posted here. Anyway, how about those tickets? Gotta pack the Dome tomorrow night!
  4. Bulls, 2 courtside tickets available for the WBB regular season finale against UConn, Monday 2/27 at 7PM at the Sun Dome. $100 for the pair. This offer comes from bausfkid, but since he can no longer post here, he asked me to pass it along. If you've never taken BA up on his usual ticket offer, his seats are fantastic. I sat in them once last year and it's a great experience. If you're interested, please send me a PM and I will get you the details. Go Bulls!
  5. WBB - Tickets

    BA, can you PM me and let me know what games are still available? Thanks.
  6. WBB - Tickets

    I just tried to send BA a PM about which tickets he still has available, but I got an error message saying that he can't receive messages. I don't think I've seen any posts from him in a little while either. Anyone know if he's still around?
  7. Very Classy and appreciated

    Did I offend you or something? I'm pointing out that in all likelihood that is not a real UCF fan, so any commendation for their class is probably not warranted based on that post, and that the rest of the posters on that board will soon be blasting him for expressing that sentiment. If you want to interpret that as me being a ****, that's fine I guess.
  8. Very Classy and appreciated

    Not sure who that guy is, but in a lot of the other threads he's started over there, he's been called out as a USF troll. Take that for what you will.
  9. Agreed. It's just really frustrating that a competitive sport has any politics to it at all. That the game itself takes a back seat to the money involved. Different rules for different teams depending on how much a network is willing to pay for their media rights. It's ludicrous.
  10. Sure, most of us have green-and-gold bias. But the system that's in place makes it all but impossible for a full half of the teams to ever get a shot at a national championship. That's crap. At the very least, there should be a clause that an undefeated G5 gets a seat.
  11. I like making conference championships a requisite for playoff entry, but there'd be way too much heartburn if there aren't at least a couple at-large spots. People would point to Ohio State this year or some hypothetical fluke where Bama goes 12-0 and loses the SEC champ game. You or I may place value on championships, but we're seeing this year that the powers-that-be don't necessarily agree. If it went to 6 with the 5 P5 champs, you could pretty much guarantee the 6th spot would not be held for a G5. I think you have to go to 8 to have a reasonable chance of getting a guaranteed slot for the G5. I really like the 8-team model, with 5 P5 champs, highest G5 champ, and 2 at-large. It makes winning a conference championship a priority, it gives the G5 access, and it allows for 2 great teams who maybe blew a game to still get in. Best of all, it (almost) guarantees that an undefeated season by any team will give them a shot.
  12. No, Charlie. Do not slow offense down!

    Absolutely. We've seen our offense snapping the ball consistently with <5 seconds on the play clock in previous years. It . . . wasn't pretty. Hopefully you're right and that's not Charlie's plan.
  13. No, Charlie. Do not slow offense down!

    I hear you, and of course if the deep ball is there, we take it. But if we can still be efficient on shorter plays, it would add a new element to our offense. If the choice is between scoring fast or not scoring at all, sure, go light speed. But if we can sustain drives too, all the better. Several times this year, opponents did that to us - converting third down after third down, and it was really frustrating and kept our O off the field.
  14. No, Charlie. Do not slow offense down!

    Slowing down the offense may mean working on the short-to-intermediate passing game, in order to move the chains and create longer sustained drives. As much fun as it is to have 1-play TD drives, it's not always optimal if the defense is gassed. If Mack or Flowers breaks one to the house, great, but if the D is struggling, it's probably not a great idea to be throwing long bombs that are going to put the D back on the field quickly, either by scoring or going 3-and-out. I'm hoping that's what he's referring to: situational play calling.