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  1. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    And ... for the last week he has been playing for the New York Knicks in the NBA Summer League in Orlando. So maybe back to the D-League next year for him?
  2. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    Shame, I would have loved to see Chucky Atkins on that team. I know he is older than the rest of the roster, but I bet he could still hold his own out there.
  3. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    He wasn't there last night. Don't know why. Triple B might know why, I didn't hear.
  4. New PA announcer at Bulls Football?

    It has varied over the years. Sometimes staff and sometimes non. FYI - there are 2 PA for football .... one internal for the press box and one the crowd hears. The Press box PA is simply announcing to working media stats. Like Marlon Mack rush for 58 yards. or UCF quarterback sacked by Auggie Mauser, who records a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery and touchdown bringing the score to USF 82 UCF 0. But in a monotone voice, no emotion, no matter how bad UCF is humiliating themselves.
  5. New PA announcer at Bulls Football?

    Yes and No. The previous football PA (Nate) stepped away at the end of last football season. I have seen him at some basketball games as a fan (and at least once as in game host). But, that ad I think is more for filling all the all the slots (volleyball, M Soccer, W Soccer, Baseball, Softball) .... the reason I say that is football is less likely to be filled by an ad like that. Side note - Jason (who does MBB PA and some WBB PA) was the football PA for many years and would be great if he got back into that, but I have no idea if he was interested or if USF was interested, just a plug that we have a great PA guy already.
  6. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    I don't think you need to be aggressive, but at the very least, take 2-3 road trips to Power 5 bottom feeders to set up future home games. This schedule in bad by itself, but it doesn't seem to offer us any future home games of note either.
  7. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    This isn't a knock on the new staff, but, this year will represent the least appealing home schedule in my 24 years around USF. No UConn, which is the best draw in our league. Not one non-conference home game against a team anyone will care about. What also concerns me, no road games where we take our lumps to set up home games for next year that fans will care about. (IU isn't coming to the Sun Dome) I know this year is a complete rebuild, but it would have been nice to give fans some P5 type schools. My one highlight is Charlotte (I still want to call them UNCC) ... because Mark Price is their head coach, so I hope I can get an autograph or 2.
  8. The New GoUSFBulls.com

    FYI - the lime green is actually "Apple" ..... see here.... http://www.usf.edu/ucm/marketing/colors.aspx
  9. Bulls to Play in 2017 Hoosier Tip-Off Classic

    You can see the pecking order, everyone plays 4 games: IU - 4 home games USF - 3 home games EMU - 2 home games Arkansas State - 1 home game Howard - Life on the road is great. That MTE where it only counts as 1 game against the total you are allowed to play is news to me. I thought that only applied outside of the 48 states (which is why so many mini tournaments in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto RIco, etc. )
  10. Bulls to Play in 2017 Hoosier Tip-Off Classic

    This is a relatively new invention. Having games in multiple cities makes teams signing up more appealing. If all the games were at IU, getting 4 teams to come in would be tough, who wants to play 4 road games with no return games. By setting it up like this, IU gets 4 home games they never have to return. Other schools get a mix of home and road games plus the game at IU.
  11. Jim Louk with a pic of the OGs

    For more fun, click on the tweet above, and look at in on Jim's twitter feed and see his background pic is the sold out stadium from the first ever game (note, this can change whenever Jim chooses to, so look now).
  12. There is a certain wisdom that comes with age. Forget about the speakers .... I'd have paid $10 to listen to Scott Frost tell me how great UCF is, if it came with a meal from Ulele (I went back for a second plate after the speakers were done, so I only paid $5 a plate )
  13. Future OOC Football Schedule

    Sorry, was working from memory, and knew one of the two canceled. Sadly, I fear Wisconsin may follow Michigan State, because both games had the same weak buy out, from a business stand point, it is worth the cash to buy out of the Tampa trip. (of course there are other factors .... recruiting and doing the right thing)
  14. Future OOC Football Schedule

    Here is the model: I-AA Home I-A Power 5 Home as part of a 1 for 1 I-A Power 5 Road as part of a 1 for 1 Wildcard game (maybe a 1 for 1 I-A Group 5 game, Maybe a 2 for 1 series like Texas, maybe a 2 for 1 series where we get 2 home games like Liberty) The first and last slot on my list are easy to fill, the trick is filling the middle two and not getting schools like Wisconsin to cancel the return game.
  15. This is a great time to point out that of our previous 3 head coaches, the best dealing with fans/donors/media was Skip Holtz. So don't anyone worry about that being necessary to win games.