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  1. Mike Stuben

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    To set the record correct factually. A couple mentioned Willie Taggart, he was hired by Doug Woolard. For personal opinion, I think this extension is a good thing for USF, not saying others are wrong, just where I stand.
  2. The name is the same but this has a different purpose from the earlier version. Earlier version was to create a USF "village" in the area surrounding campus, to create school spirit in business where USF students and staff shop the most. This version is an SG wanting to benefit students by encouraging local businesses to give a USF discount in exchange for SG promoting that fact. Both a good ideas, but they are not the same thing. (I work in SG now, and worked in Athletics during the last version where Bob Fiallo ran Bulls Country).
  3. Mike Stuben

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    I am 99% certain that running back was out cold well before his body hit the ground.
  4. Mike Stuben


    Thank you for asking. I was out traveling for the past week and been off the board. Sadly, no. Still no news. No idea what that means. Always hoping for the best.
  5. Mike Stuben

    Our 2018 Bowl Destiny is Set

    Should I buy my Miami Beach Bowl tickets now?
  6. Mike Stuben

    Even UAB is getting a stadium...

    Remember people, UAB's other option is a dump of a stadium in a very sketchy neighborhood, not a modern NFL stadium in a decent neighborhood. The need for a team to run away from Legion Field is part of this.
  7. Mike Stuben


    Triple B - thanks for asking. Sadly no. Last night I got this message from his mom and you can see my response. So, thank you to the moderators, Brad and all who have left this thread pinned to the top. To everyone who has shared this message, thank you. To everyone who reads this message, please keep sharing the message.
  8. Mike Stuben

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    That is an opinion, but it certainly might. When a past generation reporter got to exclusively cover the USF beat, they got to spend lots of time around USF. Also, many times sources want something in return, like coverage for what they care about. If we don't have the inches of space in the paper for USF coverage we once had, sources may be harder to come by.
  9. Mike Stuben

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    I also want to mention, Joey is a person, good chance he sees this. If you disagree with how he does his job, that is fine, you can express that. No need to ever personally attack someone, and it is cowardly to do so hiding behind a screen name. I don't know why we act like the internet gives us permission to treat people differently than we would treat them face to face.
  10. Mike Stuben

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    Guys, relax. Please understand the newspaper industry is changing drastically and our marketplace for that coverage is changing (1 daily paper vs. 2). He doesn't have the same resources that past generations of beat writers have had. He doesn't hate/dislike/slant coverage against USF. As a reporter we are going to like some of what he has to say and not other things, but he still has a job to report them. I got lots of respect for many of our writers over the years and there are some that I didn't want on the beat. Joey is in the group that I respect (along with Greg and Joey Johnson for the record).
  11. Mike Stuben

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

  12. Mike Stuben


    Today is day 18, not much new to share. Just always hoping for the best.
  13. Mike Stuben


    Still nothing. Today is day 14. I keep thinking today is the day we find him safe.
  14. Mike Stuben

    WBB AAC tourny

    I half agree with you. He isn't getting fired, but that doesn't mean we can assume he will always stay when better offers might be out there. We need to provide our winning programs resources so they can retain coaching talent and recruit the best players. The moment we assume that a coach won't leave for a better job we do ourselves a disservice.
  15. Mike Stuben

    Sisters who have won a National Championship

    Should I mention to NAS that my AAC coach of the year went 3-0 against his AAC coach of the year.