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  1. The answer is yes, but those hand painted corn hole boards are a good contender for the lower upfront fee. One thing I left off, artwork for each design must be submitted for approval. Meaning that if you see it in a store, USF and/or CLC approved that specific design (or a vendor made something in violation). I know USF has a person who reviews, and CLC adds their suggestion. I don't know if the USF person gets every design or if CLC can approve some simple uses (like the logo on a hat).
  2. It doesn't have anything to do with Under Armour.... CLC and USF work together to set up fees to make USF items for resale. It works something like this. Company X wants to make USF widgets. Company X must pay an upfront fee to get the right (let's say $1000 - I think that is about right) then offer USF a royalty on each item (lets say 6% of the wholesale costs). So, to get the right, you have to plan to make a lot to make it worthwhile. USF will at times grant a limited rights for a set product or short duration where the up front fee is reduced (lets say $50 instead of $1000) ... the royalty never changes. But this only happens if USF really wants to see the product hit the market, not just because someone asks. Ironically, this is something I dealt with when I worked in Athletics (I ran the merchandise at games for a couple years) and something I deal with now, working with the Student Government funded sports clubs. My dollars and royalty percentage might be off, but the concept I am pretty confident.
  3. These partnerships are often close to 50-50, so if we are guaranteed $2.9 million, they are probably confident they can sell our rights for about 6 million each year, pay us our part and make profit. Here is the good: Vinik is a winner, his group will know the market, they can take the sponsors they have and add USF packages to their lightning packages (and it may open the door for the Lightning to get sponsors from companies that are traditional USF supporters). That guarantee is very good. The fact that it went up is a great sign when compared to the last deal which was signed when we were in the Big East. Here is the negative: IMG is the industry leader. They can reach out to a corporate headquarter and sell a sponsorship for 90 schools at once. They have a nationwide media network (radio, production qualities, as of right now we don't have a radio network because all those contracts were with IMG. Overall, I think this was a good move for USF.
  4. Just a quick point of reference, it was either 1996 or 1997 when USF first sold off these right, (Creative Sports, then ESPN Regional TV/ESPN+, ISP, IMG now this group) .... selling these rights is nothing new, just going with a new company to take over for IMG.
  5. MBB

    What is interesting to me is that at the end of the last game of this year if you told me there would me a mass exodus of players. After watching all year (I think I missed one home game) .... if someone said name a few players who won't be back, the first 3 names I would have said I think are still on the roster. If someone said name a few players who would likely stay at USF I would have named 3 players, and now they are all gone. I guess this shows I have no idea. Wishing Mike (and anyone who gave effort on behalf of USF and chose to leave, as long as they left the right way) the best in his future endeavors.
  6. You guys are reading this the opposite of me. I see this as, Bucs don't want USF in their nice new locker room, so we get the leftover space. (not that I blame them) ... but if my tax dollars are building the new Bucs locker room, I want my tax dollars to spend just as much renovating the new USF locker room to be just as nice (and it should be larger, since we have twice as many players as the Bucs.)
  7. Pittsburgh (side note, it is pronounced du-cane, but I always mispronounce it like it is spelled, because it is much more fun to say to all my Pittsburgh friends)
  8. Lets also be honest here, Rod is currently out of work. I don't know if he needs to work (he did make good $$ as a player), but if he needs to work, then it is hard to turn down an offer like this.
  9. 100% ... take a 1-2 HS kids this year, plus 2-3 juco's and as many senior transfers as are willing to come here.
  10. You are making an assumption, that there are conflicting versions from each party. Maybe, both sides told the same story. This was a pretty quick investigation before arrest. (this is not based on knowledge, just me thinking out loud)
  11. First, hello, pretty sure I know who you are, it's been a while. For all the years on that horrible field, and all that winning, including a trip to the college World Series, as far as I am concerned Ken is in a small group of coaches that is pretty close to the lifetime contract. If I ever look at the standings and see softball is struggling, I never get worried, I know good times are ahead. (Jose and George would have been there too, if he had stayed) Ken's teams also excel in the classroom, and if you spend years in staff meetings with him, you would know that what his team does off the field is very important to him. By the way, our softball facility is good, but it's not like it is worlds ahead of the competition (it was great when it opened, but now lots of other schools have caught up). If you looked at the facilities of the top 50 in RPI, I bet we are somewhere middle of the pack.
  12. I certainly could be wrong. I just thought I remembered years ago the board's wagers said he wasn't Scott Wagers, but picked the name as a tribute to a friend. .... but really I could be imaging that.
  13. If I remember my board correctly, the wagers who posts on here is not the same as the coach we just hired. I could be wrong, hopefully our wagers will come on here and let us know if I am right or wrong.
  14. Allow me to say Ken is awesome and good for USF. Softball parents can be crazy. Often upset because someone close to them didn't get an offer. We have 13 on the roster from Florida from my quick count. This program is consistently good.
  15. Wait a moment ... not so fast ..... What Tulane lacks in athletic competitiveness they make up for in city "charms" ...... I've been waiting 21 years for a football roadie to New Orleans, don't take that from me. (and we need a rivalry series with UNLV too)