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  1. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 27/100 My Time 154 seconds  
  2. Ray Jay

    Jim - are you sure, I read Illinois offer to host the game this week, but I never read that they were willing to switch out the next game in the series. I read their offer as lets play 2 years in a row in Illinois. I could be wrong, but this is a very important distinction.
  3. USF vs FSU 2017

    Anyone who lost a home game may be desperate to make it up. Big money for those schools tied to each home game.
  4. USF vs FSU 2017

    Just remember, there are a bunch of teams we can try to match open dates with. Ark State, Miami, FSU, UF. There has to be more, maybe some schools canceled last week because of Harvey. The nice thing is that we lost a road game, so maybe we go to Tally in exchange for a home game down the road. Help our SOS this year and give us a great home game in a future year.
  5. Six Years Since We Lost A Great USF Bull

    It is important that stories like this keep getting told so new Bulls know who we are and where we came from.
  6. UCF Student Sections

    I was there last night. Their students were out in force. (heck the one behind me starting puking 5-10 times, and it splattered up on me ... fun times) Their crowd wasn't bad, but it was all students. If they didn't get the students out the place would have been empty.
  7. Bulls Ticketing Question for those in the know.

    Sorry for getting to this so late. Here is what you have to remember. Season tickets are the lifeblood of the program. So, first, you have to save plenty of good seats to keep selling season tickets. August is the busiest month of the year for sales, so there will be a last moment bump, there always is. Second, you also want to be careful what you do with the seats around your biggest donors. If a Bulls Club donor is giving $100,000 a year, they probably don't want a drunk 22 year old (not that there is anything wrong with be 22 or drinking) sitting next to them with seats they bought on ticketmaster. If a game isn't going to sell out, why risk it and open up those best seats and possibly alienate a big money donor. The big money seats are never sold as season tickets on ticketmaster, those come from dealing with people. Also, you have to hold lots of seats for non-season ticket things - players families, athletic staff and their families, cheerleaders and sun dolls family, all the extra game day people (like the anthem singer and the clock operator's mother). Often those are pulled from better areas. Some sponsor deals would call for X number of tickets to a certain game. So there are lots of used tickets that aren't sold as season tickets. I didn't even mention the visiting team fans. Also, any seat that was sold as a single game ticket can't be sold as a season ticket. So once a group or a single game seat is sold for any game, it comes off the season ticket map. Finally, (remember, I am now over 5 years removed from my time in Athletics) but we also had a debate about the value of those great seats, should we sell them at a higher price (like $200 a ticket). I said yes, others said no. I understand both sides of the discussion, but I don't know the current group's thoughts on this. So, that map looks right to me.
  8. Supporting USF

    We all have ways we support USF, as we close in on a new academic year/athletic season, I want to challenge all of us to find new ways to support USF and do it in addition to the ways we already support USF. For most on this board the most obvious ways to support are: Season Tickets and Bulls Club Donations that are tied to the seats we buy. We should all look to find new ways to support USF, based on what we can afford to give (and sometimes, that is just time, which is totally ok). Here are a few ways that maybe you didn't think of: Give to the Bulls Club in addition to what is required for your seats. Buy an extra season ticket to take a friend to each game. Attend a USF event (like a play) Get a USF license plate (the Official State of Florida one) Go to more USF sporting events (lots of good teams to support) Mentor a USF student Shop at a sponsor of USF and tell the owner that is why you are there. Give to your college at USF (like the College of Business for me) Buy an extra piece of official USF gear Ask media outlets for more USF coverage Go to a sports bar and ask them to turn on the USF game Hire a USF grad Become a member/lifetime member of the Alumni Association Tour the campus Support USF coverage on fans sites like this one. Go to a road/bowl game. Display your USF diploma (I'd love others to add other suggestions in the comments). Now - I do have a specific plug. I work under the larger umbrella of Student Affairs and Student Success. A big part of our focus is retaining and graduating USF students. We have made great strides in those areas, but we need to keep improving. This is the front lines on the battle for preeminence and eventually AAU membership. Consider throwing $10-$20 towards this important USF fund: https://usffdn.usf.edu/herdfunder/261/ But don't do it instead of something else you were doing to support USF, do it in addition to what you already do for USF.
  9. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    And ... for the last week he has been playing for the New York Knicks in the NBA Summer League in Orlando. So maybe back to the D-League next year for him?
  10. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    Shame, I would have loved to see Chucky Atkins on that team. I know he is older than the rest of the roster, but I bet he could still hold his own out there.
  11. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    He wasn't there last night. Don't know why. Triple B might know why, I didn't hear.
  12. New PA announcer at Bulls Football?

    It has varied over the years. Sometimes staff and sometimes non. FYI - there are 2 PA for football .... one internal for the press box and one the crowd hears. The Press box PA is simply announcing to working media stats. Like Marlon Mack rush for 58 yards. or UCF quarterback sacked by Auggie Mauser, who records a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery and touchdown bringing the score to USF 82 UCF 0. But in a monotone voice, no emotion, no matter how bad UCF is humiliating themselves.
  13. New PA announcer at Bulls Football?

    Yes and No. The previous football PA (Nate) stepped away at the end of last football season. I have seen him at some basketball games as a fan (and at least once as in game host). But, that ad I think is more for filling all the all the slots (volleyball, M Soccer, W Soccer, Baseball, Softball) .... the reason I say that is football is less likely to be filled by an ad like that. Side note - Jason (who does MBB PA and some WBB PA) was the football PA for many years and would be great if he got back into that, but I have no idea if he was interested or if USF was interested, just a plug that we have a great PA guy already.
  14. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    I don't think you need to be aggressive, but at the very least, take 2-3 road trips to Power 5 bottom feeders to set up future home games. This schedule in bad by itself, but it doesn't seem to offer us any future home games of note either.
  15. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    This isn't a knock on the new staff, but, this year will represent the least appealing home schedule in my 24 years around USF. No UConn, which is the best draw in our league. Not one non-conference home game against a team anyone will care about. What also concerns me, no road games where we take our lumps to set up home games for next year that fans will care about. (IU isn't coming to the Sun Dome) I know this year is a complete rebuild, but it would have been nice to give fans some P5 type schools. My one highlight is Charlotte (I still want to call them UNCC) ... because Mark Price is their head coach, so I hope I can get an autograph or 2.