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  1. No, the proposed scholarship reduction was last year, ie- USF preemptively held back a scholarship as a form of self punishment. Now - the NCAA can add whatever it wants to the USF self imposed penalties.
  2. He did bring Solomon here. If my memory is correct he hired Solomon's JUCO coach and that closed the deal.
  3. Robert was a good man, who did some good things here. Including signing Dominique Jones.
  4. You understand that it only takes one of the teams to have 13 regular season games, which is San Jose in this case. The title game doesn't count..... even though I do expect up to be playing in it.
  5. We had to agree to the date change, by the way. San Jose didn't force that on us.
  6. FYI - The NCAA set up a rule years ago to allow teams to play an extra regular season game if they played a road game in Hawaii. The rule helped Hawaii schedule home games, because it struggled to get teams to make the long trip. The NCAA also set up a rule allowing teams who play 13 regular season games to play a week earlier. I am pretty sure San Jose is playing at Hawaii, took advantage of the opportunity to play an extra game, and is using it's 13 game regular season schedule to allow the game to be played in week 0.
  7. USF Administration of the day, let the rumor live about Bowers being the source of USF not getting in. I remember a story from back then of a CUSA AD meeting where the league (remember Mike Slive was commissioner back then) where Slive said we need to build more rivalries in football, and going around the room and asking AD's who they wanted to establish rivalries with, USF identified Southern Miss, because at the time they were the tops in the league. So, letting our fans think of Southern Miss as the villain was good for business. UAB from a football perspective was never a school we wanted to tie a rivalry to.
  8. By the way, if I were to make a list of people Bulls fans should "hate", I certainly wouldn't include any Bulls on that list. No former student athletes, no former coaches and no former administrators. Here are some name that might be on my list: Bianci Rich Rod George O'Leary Nick Saban That crappy politician whose name is slipping my mind who made USF Lakeland in a stand alone school, wasting millions in tax payer dollars just to build a monument to himself.
  9. Not exactly. Jeff Bowers made a jerk comment about the league expanding and adding us, saying the league should be looking for quality not quantity. It started (or fueled a rivalry). In reality, Jeff had no say, it was a President decision, not a head football coach decision. UAB was the school fighting out entry into CUSA in 2001. The reason was simple, they had recently moved up to I-A football, and CUSA made them wait to get in, so they fought hard to make sure we didn't get a better deal than they did. The league felt bad, so they helped us with scheduling by setting up 3 games against CUSA teams in 2001 and 4 in 2002 (and we won all 4 in 2002).
  10. I know it doesn't work this way, but I always laugh when I get something "air" mailed to me from USF. I live right about 1 mile from the campus, so I wonder where exactly did the plane take off from and land to get me this package.
  11. This is sort of the opposite. We may be paying (or giving up a part of the revenue). For anyone wondering, while day to day operation is part of this, the real meat of this deal is USF may not have been happy with the number of paying (non-USF) events to come to the dome, and by changing management companies the hope to book more events (concerts). While the dome might get some new upkeep and features, this likely won't change the product we get at basketball games (for example, the outgoing company Global Spectrum didn't pick the PA announcer or in game promotions, they just managed the ushers, security and booked events) This is all about bringing in more revenue from non-USF events at the Dome.
  12. Laid Off - The job you used to do it being eliminated. Fired - We want someone else to do the job you used to do. It does make a difference, speaking as someone who has been laid off before. In theory, you can't control being laid off, where as fired could have been avoided. Being laid off allowed me to leave on good terms, and kept the door open for a return. It also allows me to honestly talk about the job I was laid off from to potential employers without putting myself in a bad position.
  13. History has cycles .... you are only looking at recent past. Tulane used to be in the SEC. Army used to be a football powerhouse. The old South West Conference has Rice, Houston and SMU and was certainly a power conference not too many years ago (Texas, Texas A&M were with Rice and SMU)
  14. Not sure I agree with that. Every school wants to make sure that their logo is protected and that they receive royalties off of it. I don't think it is fair to sit back here and make a blanket statement that implies that USF is doing something wrong "unlike a hundred other universities" CLC who looks out for USF's best interest is the industry leader, they treat USF just like they treat their hundred-plus other division 1 clients. The people making these decisions are very smart and have to balance between getting USF products into the marketplace and maximizing revenue and protecting the brand. Without a lot more information, it isn't fair to say USF is doing it wrong because of the lack of do-hickeys at a flea market. Respectfully, I think a lot of times people post with emotion and know a percentage of the facts but never consider what they don't know and how it might impact reality.
  15. The answer is yes, but those hand painted corn hole boards are a good contender for the lower upfront fee. One thing I left off, artwork for each design must be submitted for approval. Meaning that if you see it in a store, USF and/or CLC approved that specific design (or a vendor made something in violation). I know USF has a person who reviews, and CLC adds their suggestion. I don't know if the USF person gets every design or if CLC can approve some simple uses (like the logo on a hat).