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  1. Anyone announcing the day after the last game of the year had their mind made up. Murry vs. no Murry is not a factor in my mind. (by the way, I still think Murry is the right choice .... while I like Gregory, keeping Murry in my mind is just as good and at probably half the cost)
  2. I think all the ivy league school would tie with 0. (remember, D1 is 300+ schools, not split like football)
  3. For the sake of clarity. The part where I said "Jose knew she wouldn't play much at USF" was my opinion and not a quote from coach.
  4. First, I love the graduate and transfer rule. Remember Grant Gregory, he got to be the starter at KState for his last year thanks to that rule. Laura had a redshirt year at USF and graduated on time, so she had her degree and a year left to play. I am pretty sure it was all positive and mutual. She wanted to play and Jose knew she wouldn't play much at USF. She went from starter to 3rd string at USF, through no fault of her own, we just got more talented at the position. If you want proof that it was on good terms, USF honored her contributions to the program on senior day last year, even though she had a year left to play.
  5. Yes and no. If she was here I bet she would have averaged less than 2 minutes a game, but Laia plays close to 40 minutes a game now, so those 2 minutes would help give Laia a little rest.
  6. Ralph Willard was a candidate for the USF job at least once, if not twice in the last 20 years. I think when we hired McCollum.
  7. Gumby's went out of business, came back 15 years later, then went out of business again. Back in 1997 I was working on my MBA, there was a large number of French exchange students in the MBA program. We were working on a group project. Every time we would do this, we would work for 1 hour, then drink for 3 hours. One night we ordered delivery from Gumby's and the driver looked just like Yannick Noah (Joakim's dad and a legendary tennis star loved by the french, apparently). So, the French students made such a big deal about him, he decided to abandon his job and stay and drink with us. He ended up bringing in about 5 pizzas we didn't order, since he decided he wasn't going to make the rest of the deliveries. I never saw him again, but I assume he was fired that night.
  8. Interesting side note, Lorenzo Romar was a Doug Woolard hire at St, Louis.
  9. Old Dominion isn't rural, that is a pretty good metropolitian area. There aren't many good choices out there. Maybe Northern Illinois, but they would be isolated.
  10. The appeal of UMass would be a travel partner for UConn. I don't think the league would take them without UConn being in the league. Think more about schools in or near the footprint: Old Dominion, Charlotte, Marshall, Rice, Southern Miss all come to mind. Army for football only, then 10 all sport members would be perfect, but I bet Army says no.
  11. I am not disagreeing. At the end of the day more running backs are better than less.
  12. If my memory is correct, Tice was the starter and Mack was his backup, but Tice got hurt and Mack got the carries in his first game as a freshman and never looked back. link http://www.tbo.com/sports/colleges/usf-bulls/usfs-mack-looks-to-build-quietly-on-stellar-freshman-season-20150802/1/
  13. 2 things: 1. They drew 4500 for UConn ... our UConn home game hasn't happened yet. 2. WBB attendance is easy to manipulate, if they wanted to (and I have no idea if they did this) ... if their men play Miami at home (or any big draw), they could call it a double header and use one attendance figure for both games, so even though 150 people were actually at the women's game, if it was a doubleheader, they could claim 7500 that were there for the men's game.
  14. Ned, I get that. We have two players out for the year. The freshman guard is needed just because we need bodies at guard. But we have been winning all year without Laura, not having Laia at full strength means lots of potential issues for tonight. I was just speaking to what made tonight unique compared to recent games.
  15. For those who don't know we were down a player and a half. Jazz Bond was out and Laia Flores was only able to play limited minutes. Side note, we should be really good next year, while losing Pujol will hurt, everyone else gets a year better.