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  1. 38 years

    The invite really applies to anyone. I'm pretty open on here. Post with my real name. I know many of the posters, but a long way from everyone. For those who know my history, I spent a long time getting to know many of our most passionate fans. I certainly value and appreciate all those relationships with Bulls fans over the years.
  2. 38 years

    I sit in Section 103, Row A seat 22, be sure to stop by and say hello tomorrow.
  3. It is so disappointing to only have 23 wins with a potential of 5 more games before selection day. Fire everyone! On a serious note, I believe the record for wins in a season is 27. Very reasonable to hope to have 26 wins going into the Tournament. Houston played with lots of heart, but not much discipline. 2 T's, and we ended the first half on a 17-0 run and they never called 1 timeout during that run. (opened the second half on a mini run too, when it hit 21-0 they called one). I would have loved to sit behind their bench to try to egg on their coach.
  4. 38 years

    Why don't we just hire Geno and be done with it. Then maybe Pat Riley and John Wooden to be his assistants (I know he is dead, don't care). While we are at it, we should add $150 million to the WBB budget each year. We should also move the school to wherever the best high school WBB is played to help us get recruits. Now, how do we get 20,000 fans a game, maybe mandatory attendance for all students. I wonder what this NAS thinks of the MBB program at USF? Any objective person would look at the USF WBB program today and realize we have it great and need to commit more resources to keeping our head coach.
  5. 38 years

    Don't leave out NAIA and maybe even JuCo.
  6. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Forgive me, I was speaking to USF only. Meaning that there is no rule that impacts USF's right to sell alcohol. I don't have knowledge of what rules may impact other schools. Thank you for pointing that out and I should have been more clear. (side note to SEC, we are prepared to stop selling beer pending your invite)
  7. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Each school can decide to sell alcohol or not. There is no NCAA or Conference rule. Some campuses are dry, meaning that the school will not allow it, even if Athletics wants to. USF started with football, then expanded to all other ticketed sports. Back when we were getting our first lease with the TSA, there were two different rent totals, one with alcohol and one without. We chose the lower rent and allowed alcohol to be sold.
  8. 38 years

    I'm only arguing because I am enjoying the platform the troll is giving me to tell everyone how good we have it right now with WBB.
  9. 38 years

    Take a look at the far right column of the link below. Now add in the missing data (as the link has out of date data) Allow me to fill in the missing years: 22-5 (will be going to the NCAA Tournament) 24-9 NCAA's 24-10 NCAA's When those are added in, CJF is 331-240 at USF. (Trudi Lacy is the second winningest coach at USF WBB with 88 wins and 131 losses) Now, remember the situation CJF inherited, his record at USF taking away his first 3 years is: 306-183 http://gousfbulls.com/sports/2013/1/18/206011260.aspx
  10. 38 years

    This is so tiring, we just won game 22 on the season, and we may have up to 6 more games before selection day. Reasonable to think we will be at 25 or 26 wins on selection day. If this doesn't make you happy, then leave.
  11. I know it gets boring winning 20 games for our 6th consecutive year or pretty much making the postseason every year. If only we could go back to the good old days and have a few 6 win seasons. Move back to the Corral and play in front of tens of fans every night. (I've been to pretty much every home game for the last 25 years, anyone who complains about this program doesn't know/understand USF WBB history)
  12. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    Give her credit for her game against Notre Dame this year, she almost single handedly beat a top 5 team.
  13. USF Finally sells $99 Season Tickets for football

    Triple - funny you should mention it, I've been saying that since the start. Year with 7 game $100 Next year with 6 games, good news, we didn't raise the price, still $100. Following year with 7 games, good news we didn't raise the price, still $16.67 per game, or $116.67 for the season. Now, I get the need to raise prices, inflation. I always thought it was funny how it was presented. And, yes, I am guilty of spreading the company line back in the day. This isn't new. I have no problem with the prices, they are fair, but they did raise the prices, because we pay the same and now get 1 less game.
  14. USF Finally sells $99 Season Tickets for football

    I did double posts back to back and the board automatically combined them, in the format you see. I mean, I'm just that good.