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  1. Incredible: Jose Fernandez

    I'm on the record over and over on this subject. Just go to the Sun Dome and look up at the post season banners on the North side of the dome ceiling. Then pull out a media guide and realize how bad this program was before Jose was here. As far as I am concerned, Jose and Ken Eriksen have earned lifetime contracts.
  2. CCS hates it here

    A big part of that is ignorance. 9 wins is the second best total in team history and we have 2-3 games to go. I know we all want more and better, but we shouldn't forget what we have.
  3. CCS hates it here

    Guys, lets remember, there are lots of good options: 1. Coach Strong leaves for a better job - that means we had a successful year and we get a $2 million departing gift to pay the next head coach. (by the way, if both the USF and UCF job open up this year, there is a very real chance Lane Kiffin gets one of them) 2. Coach Strong stays, 24 seniors, we rebuild into the team he wants to coach. He is a good coach, it is just he is trying to make Willie's players play his style of game. If Charlie is here long term, I have no doubt he will have success. I am fine with either one of these.
  4. Cracks are forming...

    Can you be more clear, which UCF players and coaches are on crack?
  5. Secret Scrimmage MBB

    you forgot the word "men's" as we are very good at women's basketball.
  6. Dear Ticket department......

    Thank you, and no apology is due to me. People inside will see this (and seen by the fact that an Athletic department staffer is posting in this thread). I have no issue with disagreement or sharing ideas/suggestions. Here is what I can tell you from my 16 years on the inside. Most people who work in college athletics work an insane number of hours, whenever I am at a game and someone asks me if I plan to come back, my wife jumps in and says how great it is now where I have time away from work. I can also tell you that most of those talented people who work in college athletics could earn more money for less hours in other jobs, but are there because they love it. Yes, there are about 10 highly paid positions at USF Athletics, and I think we have some good people there, but there are so many people there who earn so much less, work so many more hours. I'm not standing on a soap box and trying to tell you what to think, but I know that for us posters we need to remember that there are real people working in those positions. I don't know if we know each other away from this site, I appreaciate your reaction, and I consider this matter closed. If you know me, feel free to say hello at an athletic event.
  7. Dear Ticket department......

    This is an attack on people, not USF.
  8. Dear Ticket department......

    This is an attack on people, not the school.
  9. Dear Ticket department......

    I just want to go on record right here in this thread that people who insult other people on an internet message board simply because they don't bow down to their ideas need to reevaluate their lives. When you insult the ticket office, or marketing or some other department, that isn't a thing you are insulting, those are people, real people. I sure hope that the poster who made all those attacks approached the school and shared their ideas and got feedback before coming here to launch an attack. I would like the moderators to read this thread carefully and considering banning offending parties. If I came on here and called out a board member with similiar insults, I would expect to be banned. Why is it different when the attacker doesn't name a person but instead lists a position. You don't have to agree with USF, feel free to voice disagreement, but hiding behind an internet handle to attack people is wrong.
  10. USF Athletics & Under Armour

    I'm worried, our UA deal was done when we were a Big East school. I hope the money doesn't dry up. (and I don't care, just get the best deal for USF, whoever it is)
  11. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 27/100 My Time 154 seconds  
  12. Ray Jay

    Jim - are you sure, I read Illinois offer to host the game this week, but I never read that they were willing to switch out the next game in the series. I read their offer as lets play 2 years in a row in Illinois. I could be wrong, but this is a very important distinction.
  13. USF vs FSU 2017

    Anyone who lost a home game may be desperate to make it up. Big money for those schools tied to each home game.
  14. USF vs FSU 2017

    Just remember, there are a bunch of teams we can try to match open dates with. Ark State, Miami, FSU, UF. There has to be more, maybe some schools canceled last week because of Harvey. The nice thing is that we lost a road game, so maybe we go to Tally in exchange for a home game down the road. Help our SOS this year and give us a great home game in a future year.
  15. Six Years Since We Lost A Great USF Bull

    It is important that stories like this keep getting told so new Bulls know who we are and where we came from.