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  1. HAHA no worries! I'm very excited for the Bulls and I'm sure you are too so a small typo is permitted! If we were sitting in last, I might be less likely to forgive as easily. However, life is good at the top.
  2. looks like a 10 stroke lead to me..but anyway, GO BULLS!
  3. Ended the season ranked, we're there. Program rebuilt. Now let's grow it.
  4. Great, do we really actually stink?
  5. No one else thought there was something fishy going on when Heath signed John Egbunu but also took Drew Davis? Weren't these guys like living together with Drew's dad or something...I remember there was something weird about their situation back then. It's almost like we want John so bad, so we will take your son, Drew, as well...even if he'll hardly ever play, he'll get an education.
  6. John Egbunu was getting good mentions during the Florida game regarding the missing down low presence due to his season ending knee injury.
  7. Looks like we should cut every program except men's basketball, the only profitable team we have.
  8. I remember that! I was still living in Tampa at the time. I set auto-voter software up on the website and voted all day long lol
  9. All of us are busted now after Vanderbilt choked at the end and blew their chance.
  10. We have 14 in the tournament group now! Everyone who hasn't joined yet, should!
  11. You can edit brackets up until tip off on Thursday
  12. Come on guys and girls, we had a good number of participants last tournament join in (I think over 25). Join!
  13. Get in on the excitement of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Invite friends and family to join your group, fill out up to 25 brackets, and earn bragging rights by winning it all! Compete for a chance to win the grand prize package worth $19,950!Join TheBullsPen Group by using the link and password below: TheBullsPenPassword: Rocky56
  14. At 27 years old and 177 lbs, I find it is extremely difficult for me to put on even 3 lbs by eating a lot and weightlifting 5 days a week. It must be pretty grueling and expensive to put on 10 lbs.
  15. My thoughts exactly.. "ready" is an overstatement.