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  1. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    leading 40-25 at the half over undefeated Butler
  2. And there goes the ranking and the fan base
  3. Why can't we pull out drives like that consistently? There is no secret playbook, there is just conservative playcalling and gutsy playcalling. Time to stick to being gutsy, this team has the talent to execute, give them the plays to run.
  4. Coach Strong and OCS

    I think we do have tradition. The tradition of not having an OCS but continuing to whine and moan about it 🙄
  5. He's a professional athlete now, I don't think he's going to be flashing any college hand signals...
  6. If You Are a Betting Man

    Agree with this. The status of the team right now does not make this a "trap" in my opinion. I think the attitude is that we aren't playing well enough to get cocky and CC/ QF know this. We will continue playing hard and trying to improve as we continue through the season. I just don't think we have that "cocky, falling for the trap game" vibe about us.
  7. Race to the 4 spots in the College Playoffs

    Mama is correct. We needed standout wins vs P5 teams this season and didn't have them on the schedule. Wins vs Wisconsin and Michigan St this year we would be 6-0 and ranked in the top 6 right out the remainder of the schedule and due to attrition of teams 1-5, we would finish Top 4 and in the playoffs. Won't happen this season because of that.
  8. Women's Basketball Picked 2nd

    It would be a big positive for CJF to have a win vs UCONN under his belt when he talks to recruits. To say the Bulls can go up against and beat the best team in the country every year is a bigger selling point than saying they will get to lose to UCONN each season (I'm sure he doesn't say this lol). His goal needs to be plucking as many of the top stars away from their almost automatic decision to go to one of the top 5 women's basketball programs. USF needs to be one of those top programs and it starts with being the team that upsets UCONN.
  9. Women's Basketball Picked 2nd

    Forever 2nd place or worse in a conference with UCONN
  10. If You Are a Betting Man

    I just said to someone after seeing that line....i'd bet the house on this one, we'll win by 3 TDs AT LEAST
  11. Week 8 Games of Interest

    No. But it's enough to secure us the best non-CFP bowl available.
  12. Week 8 Games of Interest

    Forget they are UCF for a second. Consider that we have a matchup in our last game of the season against a ranked team. If you beat an unranked team, who cares, doesn't help our ranking much. If you beat a #25, eh doesn't matter all that much either since we are ranked much higher than #25 at that point. If you beat #1-10, you potentially jump through the rankings due to the perception voters will have that we can beat a Top 10 team. We want our last opponent to be ranked as close to #1 as possible. Until our game against them, it doesn't matter if they are ranked higher than us, it doesn't mean anything until we play on the field. We are ranked close enough to them that a win against a team who is ranked higher, makes us look much better than a win versus a team that isn't. Understand? We want to take down Goliath in the last game, gaining the national attention heading into the CCG vs another potentially ranked team from the AAC. We don't want to finish our crappy schedule with a win vs yet another crappy team.
  13. 43,708

    Play well, respect the fans, and WIN the big games = keys to building success.