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  1. The Wizard has serious competition

    I missed it too. Since it was in between plays I was looking at my phone checking the Lightning score.
  2. Nichols injury

    He was high fiving people in the crowd after the game so it doesn't seem that it was that serious.
  3. Victory!

    It wasn't pretty but I'm just happy we won another game on a Thursday and can now move on to next week. I remember a time when a Thursday game was a death sentence regardless of how lousy our opponent was or where the game was played.
  4. I don't normally like to push for our own OCS but I have to say we do really need one. Last night after the game a group of us were all in the south end zone waiting for Auggie and Quinton to thank them for all they did for the program but before they could get to us the cops all moved in to throw us out. Auggie and Q were clearly coming and wanted to thank all the fans that were there but we never got the chance. I can't help but think this would not have happened if we had our own place. It was senior night and all we probably needed was another 5 minutes but they didn't care.
  5. I've never seen so many kickoffs go out of bounds than us
  6. The attendance isn't good but people like to post pics of the sections where no one is so I took a pic of the sections where people are. This was taken halfway through the second.
  7. Flowers just showing off for senior night
  8. Senior Day Attendance

    I'll be there for sure. How could I miss the possible last chance to see all of these seniors at home?
  9. Most recent bowl projections

    I don't know why everyone predicts we'd play FIU or FAU in the Gasparilla Bowl. That game has always avoided putting 2 schools from Florida in it so they can get some travel packages and out of state fans. Though they do always try to get 1 school from Florida (USF once, FIU once, UCF 3 times) if available to help local ticket sales which could be us in the multiple loss scenario. Even though it would be a disappointing outcome for the season I would still be there to support and cheer on this senior class one last time. I'm just glad if we do wind up there it isn't on December 26 anymore.
  10. It gets tiring watching us give up garbage time tds
  11. Flowers has been real sharp and on it today.
  12. I know we do commit too many panalties but I can't blame some of our players when the refs continually make terrible calls like that against them.