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  1. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    Done. Good ol boy Legislature.
  2. He should change his twitter handle to TBTimes_Knights.
  3. Depends on how much improvement the defense makes
  4. For the young kids . . .

    We have one about a "major bank from spain, with significant US presence" inquiring about our "potential borrowing needs." $3 Million to $100 million in debt capital. Maybe we could use it for the OCS?
  5. For the young kids . . .

    Believe it or not, fax is still considered one of the most secure ways to send Data.
  6. Article From SI About Coach Strong

    Excellent article!
  7. Tampa Bay Times

    We all were spoiled by Greg. Just the massive amount of content he provided was exceptional. Usually, he was always fair and professional enough to do a great job covering. He was also a member here. The difference now is that there is decent coverage, but it's scattered, and not Collin and TDS do a great job. Agree that we don't want them at the TBT. They are right where they need to be IMHO. It was bad enough when they went to 247 for a year.
  8. Tampa Bay Times

    Nice dig by Harlan!
  9. So bummed about the game tomorrow

    I see the Blues from my office during practice. I moved "back home" to Pensacola after graduating in 2008. Was not thrilled at the time, but wow, has it changed. Global Grill is awesome on Palafox, lots of other gear places to eat, decent night lif too.
  10. Surprising

    We have a board member who is a Gamecock and USF alum.
  11. Kayvan Webster

    Thanks. Game on in the background so I didn't catch it all. Was there a flag? Looked like helmet to helmet.