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  1. If your system takes 2 seasons to learn, it's not very good and you are not a good coach. If you cannot adapt to the talent you have, you are not a good coach
  2. Beef O'Brady's

    There's a Beef O'Brady's commercial for burgers that has the Bull Shield in the background. Thought that was cool.
  3. What's the first play today?

    Just changed it up and look at how much better it went.
  4. What's the first play today?

    Averaging less than three yards per first down run up the middle. For the whole season
  5. What's the first play today?

    This. Always this. Listening to the game instead of watching. The guys on bulls unlimited are even saying every first down will be a run. Too predictable.
  6. CCS and Coaching Openings

    That was why they picked mcelwain in the first place
  7. Gilbert Needs To Go

    I'm quoting this because I agree 100% This team is capable of more and I've been able to see how frustrated the offense is every game in being held back. Let them cook.
  8. If this is the case, why would they be? Have been able to see their frustration all year.