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  1. Notice anything?

    Thanks for finding the link.
  2. Who's Next?

    It was.
  3. ECU Game on right now. Not big on re-living a season, but it is cool. Next year, I plan on syncing up the Bulls unlimited to the TV broadcast. As I've said, listening to Jim Louk and Co has been much better than ESPN.
  4. Tweet of the Year

    Great find!

    Stop watching ESPN. There are plenty of better ways to get better USF coverage. Bulls Unlimited has been great. Don't like their inflammatory articles (tbt)? Don't click the link. Don't like their indifference (ESPN)? Don't watch. Sure, Bulls Unlimited and The daily stampede, et al. may be a bunch if homers, but at least they get the name right and know more about the teams they cover.
  6. Not just Gilbert. Still crazy we're so pissed with a 9 win (at this point) season.
  7. Bulls Unlimited

    I enjoy listening to Bulls Unlimited much more than watching ESPN and listening to whoever they put out there. Great service. Hope it continues.
  8. Adidas is official

    Will they sell mock turtlenecks? Never could find an Under Armor One.
  9. Perfect article about the P5 Cartel

    All about the money....
  10. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Completely classless move be ESPN. At least he answered it with dignity.
  11. Frost to Nebraska

    ESPN has no class. "The winner goes to the Peach bowl to play with the 'big boys, '" like the conference vis a bunch of kids. Asking Frost about Nebraska in the fray of the celebration. He handled it with class.
  12. ESPN Drones: G5 Should Create G5 Playoff

    This. Jim Louk on Bulls Unlimited is better than than the announcers we normally get.
  13. USF switching to Adidas?

    I don't know if true, but remember hearing in '05-06 Nike did not make USF's green, which is why they were "lighter." Maybe we go back to the black