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  1. Thank you bullsbucsfan426!
  2. Thank you Mr Sheriff, sir!
  3. ESPN Insider has a story about South Florida as a CFP sleeper in 2017. I do not have an insider account, but if anyone does and would be willing to summarize its contents, I'm sure we'd all be interested. Bill
  4. This is awesome! GO BULLS!! (go ducks!)
  5. Golf Channel guy just called us UCF, moments after announcing that South Florida will be paired with Georgia tomorrow. That crap has got to stop. South Florida is NOT UCF!
  6. I'm sick and tired of it too. I don't post much and prefer to lurk, maybe catch up on some news about USF sports or whatever. I'm as upset as anyone else about the results of the last 4 or 5 years of USF football. But, the constant CWT bashing is ridiculous. Give it a rest please.
  7. Saw this today on espn, thought it was interesting. Didn't see this story on TBP, if it's already been posted, mods please remove. Bill By Myron Medcalf | Originally Published: October 3, 2014 Opening doors for Hispanic coaches Frank Martin, Orlando Antigua hope more will follow in their footsteps Everyone just calls him Frank. But whenever he signs autographs or receipts, "Francisco" is Frank Martin's signature, a lifelong link to a heritage that South Carolina's coach will always highlight. Martin is one of two Hispanic-American head coaches of major Division I programs; South Florida's Orlando Antigua is the other. Martin is also the bricklayer of a burgeoning movement that's brewing within college basketball's coaching ranks. "I think Orlando and I have an opportunity of opening some doors," Martin said. "I hope I can keep doing my job in a way where 20 years from now they're not interviewing two Hispanic coaches, they're interviewing a group of Hispanic coaches." ...
  8. Not to be sarcastic, but this goes without saying.
  9. ... however, the man has a point. Agreed. However, not like Al's methods worked that well anywhere he was. True. But at least SOMEONE said it. Just happened to be him. We're all thinking it. The kid seems to be somewhat overrated and mistake prone.
  10. ... however, the man has a point.
  11. USF pretty sloppy so far... too many mistakes