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  1. I'll go a different route. We all know the talent on this roster. The thing that sticks out to me the most is the brotherhood mentality that has remained after losing xCWT, RA and MM.
  2. Ken Montgomery, DB 2018

    There is a lot of truth to this. However, Taggart never had the momentum behind him during his recruiting cycles that CCS does currently. We are positioned as the top G5 program in the country as well as being ranked preseason top 25. Combine that with the attention QF has sparked and having 3 players drafted in the off season. CCS is in a much better position than xCWT ever was. Not to mention the reputation and track record of xCWT during his tenure verse what CCS has accomplished. Point being, I don't think it is fair to either coach to compare the situations as if they were carbon copies. I'm not saying you will see an influx of 4 star prospects in this recruiting cycle, however if it were ever to happen this is our best shot to date.
  3. A lot of those were in non-traditional formations where the WR's were all bunched outside. I'm not saying he should never line up outside, but I think his potential is maximized in the slot.
  4. I think this is accurate. The interesting thing is WR. We are deep so there's multiple combinations that could work. I would rather have McCants in the slot personally and let Bronson/Dukes get the reps outside. Hopefully Bronson can develop even more this year to give us that speed threat to stretch the field. WR MVS/Salomon/Dingle WR Bronson/Dukes/Alaka Slot McCants/Antoine/Barr Its going to be interesting to see how they structure this defense. I know there's a lot of talk about the 3-3-5 being similar to the 4-2-5, but we don't have that traditional stand up end that can also drop in coverage. Maybe Vincent Jackson. I'd like to see them take a DL off the field and get Jaymon or Watts in there on passing downs.
  5. Return game

    He may have had fumbling issues however he's still a really good TE. He can block, make contested catches and while not a blazer, is pretty decent after the catch. Keep in mind, Kano is already generating some NFL buzz throughout the industry and Mitchell started over him. TE might be our most underrated position group. As far as returns go, I agree with everyone here. Barr, Antoine, McCants and Smart should all get a shot to prove themselves.
  6. 18-4

    Armstead will be back as will Sharga. They also have an impressive WR core. However, they will have a new QB. I'm sure they will play us tough, but Id imagine that game is circled on the schedule for quite a few of the returning starters.
  7. Game vs the Gators today

    Agreed. With the worst part being it wasn't due to physical limitations or just not being good enough. They just didn't make the mental adjustments
  8. Game vs the Gators today

    Agreed. With the worst part being it wasn't due to physical limitations or just not being good enough. They just didn't make the mental adjustments
  9. Game vs the Gators today

    While this is true, our Ace basically threw a bullpen today. He can go tomorrow or Monday
  10. Game vs the Gators today

    Bullpen game Vs Bethune Cookman. Trust your bats. Peter game 1 and Shane if we can win that one.
  11. Game vs the Gators today

    Yes, it was hit slow. That's why I said it's a do or die play. But I disagree that taking the sure out is the correct play when it comes at the cost of giving up another run in this situation.
  12. Game vs the Gators today

    You can get the out at 2nd with a good turn. It's whether or not it's going to be on target. That knock is exactly why you take the chance. Not a time to take the "sure out"
  13. Game vs the Gators today

    Only good thing about this innings, Byrnes has been sitting for a looongg time
  14. Game vs the Gators today

    You have to try and turn two there. Do or die you have to at least try it
  15. Game vs the Gators today

    Agreed. Very hittable. And then he breaks it off a bit more when he gets ahead