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  1. Lack of Offensive Rhythm

    I'm not pleased about the efficency of the offense last night. It's worth mentioning that Charlie was mixing in depth at LB in the first quarter. As soon as I saw that, I immediately had a feeling we were going to play fairly conservative on offense. I understand we took some shots, but that offense looked much different than the one that showed up against Illinois.
  2. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    I understand the resume. I just believe the "experts" should and do realize that based off the eye test, we would roll them. And that's with us playing sloppy. Hopefully this is all nullified this weekend
  3. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    We would wax SDSU. Stanford is awful.

    Let.Him.Cook. Go Bulls!
  5. Some positive news about Friday night...

    God has smiled, but USF hath taken away. The shirts are green. Go figure.
  6. Wear White?

    Yes. And Illinois is scheduled to wear white. I will never understand these decisions
  7. D'Ernest Johnson Thread for Illinois

    DJ was supposed to run up the middle for little to no gain. Instead, he bounced it outside for a TD.
  8. PPF College Football Week 1 AAC Team of the Week

    Galati looked to be the weak link from my perspective
  9. I truly feel like he has no knowledge or care in the world to be associated with the offense. He basically turned the keys over to Sterlin and backs him up on his every move
  10. Majority between the tackles. Sure. Not exclusively. The Buck Sweeps are a perfect example
  11. I think its pretty clear you aren't educated on OL play so I'd stop here. Technique and scheme are very different. College OL are rough around the edges in technique because they play in spread offenses. This is very much still a spread offense. We aren't changing technique as much as we are gap assignment. When you have teams moving around the LOS and LBs walked up from gap to gap it's difficult to determine whose coming and whose not. Especially in a new offense or scheme, but not technique. The "power" runs simply mean guards are pulling vs zone blocking. I prefer zone blocking, but the issues we are having are still mental rather than schematic. When you have an OG and an OC doubling the NT and letting the only LB that can make a play run free, that's a execution error not a schematic error.
  12. I didn't say I preferred this scheme over the others. Let's not act like we were 100% zone last year either. We just knew what we were doing
  13. If it was the one to McCants it was bounced and he had blockers lined up. QF makes that throw 9 times out of 10.