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  1. QB next year - who's your guy.

    I honestly think we will see both Kean and Chris O at some point next year. To me, Kean has a similar skill set to Buchelle. Athletic for the position, accurate but not the strongest arm. Chris O has the potential to be a star. We just need to see him throw with accuracy on a consistent basis. I will say this, that's QB room has a ton of talent. One of those guys will be able to get the job done. Whether it's the guy who starts the opener or gets a shot later in the year. Someone in that room will give us above avg production at the position.
  2. P6

    I agree with this premise as long as we aren't using those as hard #s. If TCU was in the MWC with the exact same roster, OU would be ranked lower. UCF didn't deserve to be in the final 4 this season, but they did deserve more recognition and hype throughout the year.
  3. P6

    I hate UCF as much as the next guy, but I respect their hustle.
  4. Predicting the starters next year

    You're right, I meant Mayes. McGee will absolutely get time in sub packages, but I don't see Sawtelle being beaten out in our base 3-3-5 set. McGee should go back to safety for base and slide into the box in dime with Naytron at safety
  5. Predicting the starters next year

    QB - Kean RB- Cronkrite WR - X Salomon Y McCants Z Bronson TE- Wilcox OL (left to right) Hall/Polk/Galati/Atterbury/Norman DL Reaves / Pinkney / Bronson / Brown LB - Nico & KJ SS - McGee FS - Jaymon CB - Mazzi / Hoggins / Hampton Plenty of playmakers and depth to have a successful season. I really don't see a huge drop off which is the sign of the health of the program
  6. We have played quite a bit of press on the perimeter today. Pretty much playing off in zone and press in man situation
  7. This defense is tackling like it's 2016
  8. Gene Chizik complementing Gilbert is hilarious. That's why you got ran out of Auburn and a real offensive mind took your job
  9. Things needed for Gilberts offense to be successful against teams with similar talent: five, 5 star offensive lineman. Derrick Henry Aaron Rodgers
  10. Get all the way down the field by spreading it out and then you go back to power football. Id love to see the statistics on our efficiency out of each formation. The 4 wide, 1RB formation should be our base set.
  11. Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    It's not an inferiority complex if you don't think he's that great of a coach. Especially as a rental. Take a look at Neal Brown @ Troy. That's a guy we could build around for a few years and not have to look over our shoulder each and every season. Watch his interview after they lost to South Alabama. He's straight forward, takes all the blame and accepts responsibility. That's the guy I want if/when strong leaves.
  12. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Jason Candle would be a good hire but I still prefer Neal Brown. Would rather have either than CCS honestly
  13. Do we really not know our bowl?

    If this is what successful looks like, I don't want Charlie for another day