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  1. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    I hope they run a stop and go on the first drive. UCF is well coached. Their corners will be looking for that 5-8 yard stop route and the quick hitch patterns we have run all year. They will be aggressive on D early. Burn them a few times with double moves, fake screens and they will back off and try to not let us get behind them. That's when we can methodically drive the ball. I have a bad vision of one of those stops getting picked and then trying to run a double move to keep them honest. I truly hope Gilbert is smarter than that
  2. AAC Games 11/18

    Nightmare scenario for the AAC. Temple beats UCF SMU beats Memphis USF wins the conference. Boise could get the bid in that scenario
  3. Why the hell was he on the field with a jersey on last night then?
  4. Injuries

    Any updates on Nichols or Fullwood after the game? Nichols is a guy we can't afford to lose for next week.
  5. Possible New SoFlo Uni

    Not if it's predetermined otherwise.
  6. Bowl ticket reservations

    I just received an email from a sales rep with the peach bowl saying all sales are final and there is no reservation process. Is this something that's done through USF? edit: I see now that this is through the Usf system.
  7. Five 3 loss teams.

    My response wasn't regarding the CFP or any rankings, simply about gaining recognition and respect.
  8. Five 3 loss teams.

    If you win the conference and then win the peach bowl, it sure as hell will
  9. Our next head football coach should be

    No matter who the next staff consists of, I'd really like to see King get a shot at OC. He's been around the program and involved in each recruiting class. He knows these gets better than probably anyone in the program. I wouldn't be upset if he was the HC at some point
  10. QF threw well today

    You're crazy. We have to save some of those plays for 2018
  11. Our Defense vs. Our Offense

    I watched our D a lot last year trying to figure out why they were so bad. The main thing I noticed from the TV view was we were running "bus stop" where the DE were told not to get up field. Generally, this is used against running QBs so the DEs don't create lanes for the QB to scramble. Now that we seem to have turn our DEs lose, you can see that our lack of pressure last year wasn't due to lack of talent, just awful awful scheme.
  12. Targeting on Vincent Jackson

    Not only was it a push, Sherrifs was starting to turn and run in the direction of VJ. Being that he was about to run a route, it shouldn't have even been roughing the passer nonetheless targeting
  13. Sawtelle lol. You have to know that's a screen. No one is letting you through that free
  14. Just now? Welcome to the group. There's beer in the fridge. You'll need one
  15. Yup, aka play to your competition