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  1. Correct. Eddie C. Moore Sports Complex 2780 Drew Street Clearwater, FL 33759 Not only did we smash a P5 team, we run-ruled them. Booyah!
  2. I think you're right.
  3. I vaguely remember something about Pitino pushing a coach for USF. Was that when we got Stan or when we got Masiello/Antigua?
  4. Hawaii, huh? The rest of us will be coming to visit YOU, then.
  5. We're a very compassionate team. We like to help others...
  6. Easy. Head down 30th Street to Master's Pizza! (they still open? it's been nearly 30 years since I ate there...) Edit: guess not. Oh well...
  7. Gotta win the rubber match. Let's go Bulls!
  8. There's a new code alright, but if told it to you, I'd have to ... Well, you know.
  9. Well, you have a standing invite to visit if you ever get out there to the left coast!
  10. Can Jose just coach BOTH teams and we pay him triple?
  11. Ah, those were the days. My mind's still as sharp as it always was, though. You look familiar, do I know you?
  12. Well then, we may have met at the Sundome. There's a 90% chance I was ushering that game (although I assume you're referring to Jan 28 of '84) Now we're talking! THAT's showing your fanhood! Hi, my name's NEB, what's yours? Dinner tonight? LOL UNCC maybe?
  13. No, but you can have a cookie! LOL PM Sent
  14. And beating UCF! Seriously though, any team that beat Dayton, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh in the same year, HAD to have had some talent. But the best would have been beating Jax, ODU and USA - all on the road. Those were tough games against big rivals back then.