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  1. Really? Wow. The NCAA is citing the 13th? I find that extremely hard to believe they're that stupid. OK, I read the motion, nowhere in it does it cite Vanskike directly, but it does cite bunch of cases that cited Vanskike. The optics of this is unbelievable for an organization that "employs" so many young black men. I think this might be a bridge too far, and Vanskike, rather than helping their case, will be the camel's straw. Might be the death knell tolling...
  2. So one more win, and we've averaged 25 wins/year over 4 years? Seems higher than the actuals. Either way, 20+ or 25+, still it's a very good average!
  3. 4 consecutive NCAA's? FIRE CJH NOW!!!!!!!! 98 current victories. Is that over 4 years or 5? Can't believe Maria's leaving us. What a force she has been. LOVE watching her intensity.
  4. Artwork

    In the eye of the beholder True dat. But where this particular piece of art SHOULD be?
  5. If we have been paying them, we should damm sure demand our money back...
  6. I like the W's too, but I don't want to watch boring defensive struggles. Way too ADHD for that Yes, I'd rather win 2-0 than lose 35-34 But I'd rather win 35-34 than win 2-0
  7. Excellence would be 4 figures ... Be afraid. Be very afraid. With Q gone, CCS will turn into the football version of Stan Heath. We will win or lose with 6-3 scores
  8. 🐍 Snake to Bucs

    So much for him helping us recruit LB's We're as thin now as I've ever seen. Hopefully some of the current players really step up this year.
  9. Ice Bulls - In the playoffs!

    Sharkpizzle! Oh well. Congrats IceBulls on a strong season. Good luck next year!
  10. 38 years

    true dat but i at least have good reasons to waste my time here i enjoy the back and forth banter, i love and support my alma mater, and (at least one or two) of the members like and respect me. can't ask for a lot more out of life than that, imvho. i'm a happy man.
  11. 38 years

    I'm having a hard time thinking up a single reason why you waste your time here on TBP...
  12. I really didn't think I needed to but apparently I do. I have edited my statement for those that weren't paying attention to the conversation leading up to my post ... There ya go again, lettin' yer sarcasm getcha in trubble...
  13. 38 years

    I sit in Section 103, Row A seat 22, be sure to stop by and say hello tomorrow. I totally endorse this. All of us in the TBP should meetup more often in the real world.
  14. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    The #1 reason to run up the score.