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  1. 18 BoB's against 70 K's? That's crazy talk!
  2. Still hoping for #1 seed in the USF Regional...
  3. It's well deserved. They are the model fast food company in almost every facet of the business. Most of all, the food is outstanding Don't get the appeal. Texas has Whataburger, Cali has In-n-Out Burger, always with lines. Food's mediocre ate best
  4. Classy move by the batter. Warms the cockles of my frozen little heart to see such sportsmanship
  5. We're committed to greatness. It won't be money that makes coach leave. Besides, according to RPI, ACC is #3 and the American is a very close #4 Quality of competition is no reason to leave the AAC
  6. Can't say for sure, but you have to believe Harlan will match any ACC offer.
  7. technically it is...... Only 9PM out here...