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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment
  2. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    Go Cougs! (go learn how to tackle) Shades of USF 2016
  3. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    You can't be old. Only young folks would argue on the internet...
  4. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    It has always been my aspiration, to be loved by a booger.
  5. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    I will never give up hope!
  6. Tulsa Game Needs to be Moved

    Easy fix. Hire a bunch of illegals to fill up the stadium. $10/ each should do it...
  7. I wouldn't mind if we changed them to Red and Black...
  8. Best schedule scenario to get the NY6 bowl

    Right? (learning some Cali slang, it means "I agree", they're weird out here, lol)
  9. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    Go tell him, then, and see how he reacts...
  10. Week 4 Games to Watch

    Watching the toothybirds, two things come to mind. LJ is MUCH better than QF this year. Is it talent or scheme? UL fans show up, even for a "lesser" team like Kent State