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  1. LOL, no I translated the time into EST for you "back-easterners"
  2. We've had ONE consensus All American in our history - George Selvie in 07 - and we were pretty proud of him at the time. But maybe you were the one back then saying that a CAA award wasn't important, perhaps? (IMO, QF is light years ahead of Selvie in terms of contributing to their teams' successes, but that's a different convo entirely.) So even by your own logic, unless you have a lot more examples of awards that "aren't even close to" QF's award, your logic has failed
  3. That's what my calendar shows too. Did they move the game for TV?
  4. If you're going to make this kind of statement, back it up with a link
  5. Colin gets CJF to reminisce a little about the journey from 4 wins to 300 wins. Around the 2 minute mark.
  6. Like Laia, I'm looking forward to 350!! GO BULLS!!!
  7. Proud to be a homer, cause at least I know I'm ... A BULL!!!!!!
  8. They offered the job to DJ and he said it wasn't challenging enough
  9. Seriously? Cancelling the game would be dumb
  10. Oh hellz ya, they are! Revenge would be a great way to end the season and springboard into the post-season. If I had to choose, though, personally I'd rather lose again in the dome and then win in the CCG to take the title! But winning either one would be SAWEEEEET!!!
  11. It doesn't, really. Lose less than expected and you still rise. We only have five more shots at quality wins this year Temple x2, and at home for Louisville, Tulane and then UConn at home to end the season. We'll be favored in all our remaining games except Temple away (maybe) and UConn (definitely) UCF, Memphis, Houston and Tulsa will drag our RPI don even if we blow them out. We hold serve, win ALL the ones we're supposed to, and take one of @Temple or UConn, we'll finish the season in the top 10, with maybe a 3 seed.
  12. This is irrelevant, see my earlier post This is relevant, and is a legitimate concern. We should be doing better than this. Had you said this first, I wouldn't have facepalmed you.
  13. If only we could trade SBSU for SDSU. I wouldn't even mind losing the home game and playing out here twice!
  14. Every year we gotta deal with this The primary driver of the #20 to #128 ranking for recruiting classes is NUMBER OF PLAYERS When you re-rank the teams based on average stars - which none of the online services do - it doesn't change #1 to #20 much, but our class will look much better We have a low ranking because we have a SMALL class, not because we have a Kragthorpe-Holtz'd class And no, Willie did not give up on recruiting because he was leaving - he continued to recruit just as heavily as ever. That said, stealing his recruits for OU does sting a bit