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  1. So essentially we are coming back from a death penalty next year. That should end well!
  2. Correct, this was probably their Pro-Day?
  3. Football

    Is this the kid that committed and then erased his tweet later the same day?
  4. Football

    Natron is the last maybe left.. He announces at 6pm tonight.
  5. New coach, new depth chart.. Only locks might be: On O: Flowers, DJ, McCants, Ruff, Hall On D: Nichols, Sanchez and Senat
  6. Football

    Happy NSD everyone! Any official Bulls yet?
  7. A ready to go JUCO DE would be nice!
  8. Thanks guys! 20 new signees would be pretty good this late in the game.
  9. Can we sign 16-18 this class?
  10. I would have been pissed if the 3 recruits would of signed with UCiF.. WRs are plentiful in FL. Not a big loss IMO. Also I would not be surprised to hear that Strong did not pursue these kids hard for whatever reason. Maybe he was not interested..
  11. Baxter is averaging 4pts a game with UNLV.... He would of fit in nicely here.
  12. Nothing like Homecoming Basketball games at the Sundome!
  13. Awesome football name!! Keep em coming!