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  1. USF/UCF Common Opp

    Do we have a lot of alumni going to Florida Central's forums/websites to talk smack? Just curious.. There are a lot of their alumni on here.
  2. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Turnovers Red zone TDs
  3. until next weeks game..
  4. CCS hates it here

    What about Manny Diaz from UM?
  5. UCF is going to beat us down

    Not a breaking-news guy, but hearing a lot of heavy breathing on Nebraska coaching front: Scott Frost to NU for 7 years, $35 mil is "close."
  6. Nichols injury

    Great to hear! Can't be without Nichols next week
  7. UCF is going to beat us down

    Q needs 25 plus rushing attempts next Friday... Ride the heck out of him this game. Also misdirection will work well against FL Central. I suspect FL Central will try to load the box and make Q throw the ball.
  8. UCF is going to beat us down

    It was like a morgue out there last night. At least the Central FL game will be a rowdy environment which might actually help..
  9. Nichols injury

    Sucks that it happened so late in the game! take care of business and he would of never been in there at that point.
  10. This weeks rankings

    Presently Clemson is a better brand. Sad but that is what they go by..
  11. GAMEDAY!

    Great job by USF of making opening night an event!
  12. CCS and Coaching Openings

    UF Bowl! Winner of the UCiF vs USF game sends their head coach to UF the next day.
  13. Five 3 loss teams.

    3 weeks to go, an eternity, things can change from week to week. Injuries can still happen before Black Friday. Calmate Bulls!
  14. P6

    Great point! Just look at Western Michigan last year.. We probably had a better overall team by the end of the season. This season hopefully we can beat UCF/Memphis and get in the conversation.
  15. Happy?

    This.. Its going to take some upsets against big programs and some New Year Bowl wins before we are back to even. Uconn, Cincinnati and USF were the only schools left behind, its tough for all of us. Imagine what would happen to UCiFs attendance and following if they were left behind in the next round of realignment? Say East Carolina, Tulsa and UCiF remained in the AAC while every other AAC school went to the P5 conferences. AAC would then have to bring in FIU, FAU, Appalachian State, etc, their attendance would plummet. This is whats going on with us right now. Sigh..