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  1. Im finally ready for some havoc from the defense. Mr gonzales looks big and healthy
  2. 3 bullet holes hope he heals 100% and nobody else tries to retaliate. might be hard for jiminez to prove self defense unless there are witnesses that support him. Also jiminez is known to the police while childs arrest record is clean.
  3. The op has a point. This should be a top 10 team however we are lacking o line and de talent to be a top 4 team imho so it aint going to matter. We are really close though a few transfers and we could be there.
  4. Dj a much better north south back than stretching horizontally. Could be coaches want to run a more physical practice in spring to see what linemen are gonna be starters. See who on defense is gonna adhere to gap control and who isnt. we couldnt stop even the worst running team from exposing us last year.
  5. Need o linemen in the worst way. I know fsu hasnt had the best track record with o line lately but we need bodies bad.
  6. From what i watched in interviews today is biggest takeaway is that we are going to run a single safety instead of two. Dixon is someone who the staff wants on the field as a playmaker so they are gonna move him around. More aggressive defense.
  7. Revenge is a great motivator.
  8. Hassan Reddick did well in the combine was a force at Temple. We werent prepared for their intensity.
  9. Lube up our smallest lineman and push him thru the a gap. Prob solved!
  10. Having an offense this good makes you want things. We may be 4 or so recruits away from being contenders. I know we wouldn't have landed them with Taggart but Strong is a D line coach at his core. Wanted a couple elite big men to push for starting jobs. We did OK and will have a shot to win AAC.
  11. I don't agree with the article. we did OK but by and large the rich got richer. we will need an elite defensive line to make a run at a national title and We just didn't come close to elite.
  12. We gon be a skrong team still. Maybe a little less flashy without Mack and Adams but all that means is its going to take more than one or two plays to score.
  13. Kegler has impressive video highlights. Looks real strong.
  14. Like his speed a lot. Versatile
  15. Roberts is key for this recruiting class.