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  1. He should transfer to WKU to take over when Mike White gets drafted after sitting out a year.
  2. Football

    Taggart messed up our d line structure in my opinion, something i never understood from the get go was putting an undersized lb at DE and not recruiting the position adequately. I love the fact we are getting back to sanity and bringing the beef. Also why never attack? We are lucky to have Strong, but not sure transfers who were dismissed are the answer. Im glad one of them realizes how rare these second chances are.
  3. Make parking free for this one. Bus the students in. Give em stuff to get on the bus. I really dont want this to be embarrasing turnout.
  4. We got ourselves a team just keep em coming Gregory!
  5. He looks like a legit prospect. Plays small for his size isnt overweight great foundation of skills for Coach to build on. What a great addition.
  6. Flowers could make money in the CFL. That huge field he would be unstoppable.
  7. I can understand hate for gators and Knights, but Fsu and miami allowing us to play them was pretty classy knowing we were a program on the rise in the state. They could have easily just ignored us like the Gators do now. I will respect no matter the school.
  8. Aside from pass protection dalvin cook is an amazing back mack is really good. Both are hard working but Cook has better tape against better competition.
  9. Fsu o line isnt better than ours. They are hold city over there. Kofi amichia is one of the most athletic og in the draft and will be a sleeper pick.
  10. He looked like our best tackler out there when he was healthy.
  11. At 6'1'' 205 hes pretty large for a CB. Not playing in the SEC. Just needs to hit offseason conditioning hard. If he bulks up too much he'll be a LBer.
  12. His personal struggle has made him a true leader with ice in his veins. We are lucky to have him.
  13. I think Im going to miss the downfield receiver blocking the GCO featured. This offense should give more progressions for Flowers to make which would highlight his growth or it could blow up in the OCs face. I love Flowers directing traffic as our guys plowing guys over to get in the endzone. It was like football art.
  14. Its nice to have a conversation about our heisman candidates throwing motion in the offseason. Times have changed in the last 2 years by golly.
  15. Im finally ready for some havoc from the defense. Mr gonzales looks big and healthy