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  1. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    Todd fitch and skip holtz 13-0 against south carolina. Sec east still garbage
  2. I have seen offensive and defensive pass interference penalties from UCF. Milton will throw a pick each game at least. They arent that far behind us though and they are probably still rusty. I feel good as long as Flowers is healthy.
  3. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    Milton throwing scary passes just like during FIU. Ucfs defense looks good but MD is on third string QB. So likely hasnt had as many reps.
  4. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    UCF qb is going to be a turnover machine I think. Looks that way so far.
  5. USF football program ranks 5th in State

    Thank you Antiques Road Show Indiana edition. I found out I am not rich and we are gonna keep it in the family.
  6. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Ccooler weather will bring out the casual fans. But yea enough talking about it. Build the ocs just so we can have green seats I say.
  7. Anybody a wee bit concerned about Flowers?

    No he is fine. Threw at least 3tds that either rcvr fell or was too drunk to catch. He didnt see the field as well tonight but the rcvrs gotta step up more. Hopefully Antoine will be back
  8. That defense though ....

    And probably rush defense. I think we were top ten before tonight.
  9. ESPN gives USF 43% chance to beat UCF?

    I think these percentages havent been updated.
  10. Another puzzling first half

    We need more Deangelo Antoine. But we will have to make do
  11. That defense though ....

    Defense is good I love it very much
  12. That defense though ....

    Remember all those Willie Taggart tweetbacks when somebody would ask to fix the defense. Ohh but we are undefeated. Aggrevating
  13. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    I think the take home here is that even when you win against a triple option team, you lose. It is bad enough to have navy in the league.
  14. Deangelo Antoine Status

    Joey knights to busy giving emotional back massages to Matt Baker about his AP Ballot on twitter to get any real info on the nature of injuries to important players.
  15. #12 #14 and #18

    2nd most output on offense in school history should move the needle some. Our defense is good enough to keep us in the 20-25. Penalties are fleeting things.