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  1. Joey Knight about to go on 620 now

    I`m sure it was enlightening and full of insider scoops.
  2. Martin Fennelly Weighs in on the FB Season

    His provacative crap is old and tired and his witing style is laughable. I can't believe he exists in a market like ours but he fits right in with our population that is becoming increasingly dumb.
  3. I like Auggie he says all the right things. Defense has gotta step up. Its been a rollercoaster between Bres, Allen, and Woodie. Just like the Bucs we gotta find some badasses on D again. (without the personal fouls though)
  4. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    I hate it but realistcally we knew his name would get floated by idiots in the media for any P5 job. They are lazy and don't even wait for comment anymore.
  5. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Not necessarily gone. He has an ability to bring up his win loss record almost blindfolded this season. And hes getting compensated by two schools right now at about 5mil per year. I dont see it . 2 weeks before camp. Reporters are idiots for suggesting it IMO.
  6. Sebastian Sainterling 3* OG

    Great tree stump. Awesome size for a prospect.
  7. Rashawn Yates DE/OLB '18

    Plays like a big time player. Hes fast and has good size. Im real happy with this one regardless of star rating.
  8. Welcome Nick Tammerine

    Cant forgive another teams swag but you are still welcome round here in my book.
  9. 2018 Kenneth Horsey 0T (3 stars)

    His hands are huge. Nice size overall for a recruit.
  10. Dwayne Boyles DE/OLB '18

    Hope he hits another lil growth spurt and maybe thats what coaches are seeing now this summer. Shows a lot of grit and instincts in his hudl even though hes small for a DE and not quite fast enough to be a true LB. Def a hybrid at this point.
  11. That seems crazy he could wind up as our all time leader and not be on this silly watch list.
  12. Bad teams dont know they are bad yet week 1. It shouldnt surprise if we struggle on the first game. Hopefully we have a solid game plan for whatever trick plays they throw at us.
  13. I can also subscribe to that mock depth chart. I want to say that even though they may not be the biggest I'm pretty big on Danny Thomas and Craig Watts. I feel like Watts can be better than Jaime Byrd was in the 4-2-5. Thomas is fast and finishes tackles strong.
  14. To answer question realistically it is the secondary and I would say Nick Roberts and/or Mekhi LaPointe should be able to earn playing time. Duran Bell and Chauncey Smart as kick returner certainly possible. Keep Fullwood as punt returner imho. Keep DJ fresh as #1 rb.