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  1. Welcome HBDive

    Are you a 1st or 2nd down kind of HBdive?
  2. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Playoff committee controls who is ranked. Case closed it ain't happenning with that schedule. Wisconsin and GT don't get much respect as is.
  3. One thing is for sure. The AAC and especially teams from Florida with high level coaching, need way more respect. Our players train just as hard/lift the same weights etc. as other teams do. Also, Skip shoulda took both Griffin boys when he had the chance. Lastly, thank God Frost is leaving.
  4. Mack Attack.

  5. Houston In-Game thread

    Outmatched though. Lot of sloppy play and bad rebounding on both sides.
  6. Predicting the starters next year

    They were both very productive at Duke. Hopefully a year off they havent lost their edge.
  7. MVS Invited to NFL Combine

    Rare combo of 6'5" and 4.5 speed. Put Andre Davis' hands on em and he would be unstoppable. He will get drafted I'm sure.
  8. Predicting the starters next year

    Watts Nick Roberts and Duran Bell could move onto the 2 deep easily. Lets get through spring and the picture will be clearer. LB choice for MLB will be interesting as Danny Thomas left the program but have a lot of unproven talent out there to choose from still. Sawtelle I dont think is going to leave first team, both sets of coaches has played him a lot so he must be doing the right things.
  9. DJ’s non-TD

    Def a 50 50 call.
  10. Predicting the starters next year

    I could see Strong moving Sands to safety and using Conkrite and Mack since they fit his mold better. Hope he doesn't move Mccants.
  11. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    They should be thrilled they vanquished the all mighty hb dive play. Congrats to them!
  12. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    A lot of great plays on defense but it seems to be missing a couple of ingredients to put it over the top. An elite DE would be swell. I think Strong will continue to make our D line great again though.
  13. McCants Thread for next year

    Clone him dammit
  14. Proud of this Class

    Feels good to win but bittersweet seeing a big chunk of the dream team move on. Way to end it.