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  1. CCS hates it here

    We could get Kiffin if we really wanted him. Buyout money for Charlie would be pretty large iirc.
  2. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Ucf is tough because if we go after milton they can do a delay to killins and that might be worse. Its going to be a barn burner flowers will need to carry the team.
  3. Football Thoughts

    It is not realistic to play crappy football all season, then all of a sudden decide to play champion football for one or two games. Having said that we do have the experience to pull it off so maybe you are not delusional. It takes awhile to master CCS special team philosophy so keep that in mind.
  4. Nebraska

    Concur. Deal has been drawn up but nobody has seen or signed. That happens after he loses or wins the ccg.
  5. OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    This has all the hallmarks of a lou holtz disciple running the show. Slow uninspired football. I doubt Gilbert wants to go slow when up only two scores. Strong came in on day 1 and said he was gonna slow things down and we fullishly thought we could change him. Gilbert executes coaches game plan. All will be revealed friday just make sure you self medicate during.
  6. This is why it is more important as an AD at a mid major program to set expectations for coaching staff and find the right balance because you dont want to introduce a philosophy that has shown not to work at your school or will take too long to improve the team and then the coaches bolt or get fired and you are back to square one. I dont know if that is the case here but I dont blame coaches because that is their strength and what they know at it wasnt a secret. The AD has to hire smart for what the team needs to find success. Also from a consumer perspective if we maintain consistency the program will also advance. As a consumer I want to know what Im buying is going to be just as good as the last time. GCO was just way more intreresting for me as a college football fan. Luckily the defense is competent but also hasnt faced a real challenge yet.
  7. West coast Tv money is a pipe dream. Half the country is asleep before there games hit halftime. Boise will demand a sweetheart deal because they think they matter. This USF UCF game and subsequent CCG is gonna be key for a bigger TV deal. Lets keep building what we have and have a real negotiation on TV bucks. This last deal was geared more for exposure and the conference was just proving itself. We have multiple years with multiple teams appearing in the top 25 and we did that without Boise even though they, as you may recall, left us at the altar and never paid us back for the reception hall deposit. F them.
  8. I dont care about west coast football. We have 3 teams in the top 25. We are doin fine without Boise and their huge ego.
  9. Five 3 loss teams.

    If you scratch my back...
  10. Around the AAC

    Killins is scary fast. We are gonna have to stay home and make him run side to side which I think we can do.
  11. Around the AAC

    We will need to punish Milton for his gunslinging ways as well. 2 ints already.
  12. Around the AAC

    Smu's fumble looked more unforced. Tices fumble was forced. Outcome the same though.
  13. QF threw well today

    Quinton admitted they installed some GCO plays. Seem to do the trick. Thanks Flowers we will miss your leadership.
  14. Around the AAC

    Smu knocking on the door but fumble jeez
  15. Offense

    Gilbert definitely dials it up when we are tied or losing. Then we go back to this playbook.