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  1. Im just going to chalk this up to Karma. I hope Rutgers and UCF get sued perpetually for the remaining part of their sad/pathetic existence.
  2. Will USF need to take less people of lower socio economic status to meet this updated 4yr graduation rate? Is that what the legislature wants?
  3. Duran Bell finished 7th in the state finals as well. Looks like we will be ok in the speed dept for awhile.
  4. Congrats to the 3a 100m champion.
  5. I couldn't agree more. I did the email to congress thingy. What is there to stop them from doing this in the future like making the endowement size a mandatory criteria?
  6. Was a good game with beautiful weather.
  7. Did she just take a jab at the value of HER OWN Fng usf degree? Does Judy have the power to rescind degrees because we have a prime candidate right here.
  8. Big 12 will split once the contract is up. TV execs aint gonna keep paying big money for iowa state and kansas games. Looking forward to being in a conference with WVU again if they dont make the P4 cut this time.
  9. Productivity minus 50 for next hour. Thanks usf
  10. Espn not having a monopoly on content would be great for us. Viewership for college football is up on ABC and FOX. College football is still a huge cash cow for networks. ESPNs problem I heard is that they overpaid for NFL content.
  11. He should transfer to WKU to take over when Mike White gets drafted after sitting out a year.
  12. Football

    Taggart messed up our d line structure in my opinion, something i never understood from the get go was putting an undersized lb at DE and not recruiting the position adequately. I love the fact we are getting back to sanity and bringing the beef. Also why never attack? We are lucky to have Strong, but not sure transfers who were dismissed are the answer. Im glad one of them realizes how rare these second chances are.
  13. Make parking free for this one. Bus the students in. Give em stuff to get on the bus. I really dont want this to be embarrasing turnout.
  14. We got ourselves a team just keep em coming Gregory!
  15. He looks like a legit prospect. Plays small for his size isnt overweight great foundation of skills for Coach to build on. What a great addition.