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  1. Gilbert Rumors

    My concern as well. Gilbert could be an excellent OC, but Strong may prefer HB dives to better position the defense. New OC would have to dance to Strong's tune.
  2. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    I've said it in other threads and I'll say it again - I'm not sure Strong really wants to be here. I admit that I could be wrong about that. I'd love to be wrong. Win a conference championship, i.e. do something special, and you'll become a fan favorite and people here will indeed be disappointed when you leave. But in the meantime, you're just one more coach in a string of good/bad/mediocre coaches since Leavitt left. Ultimately there's little difference between the Birmingham Bowl and Gasparilla Bowl to me. Fennelly's world view won't allow him to look at things from our perspective. He will always look at USF as the "aw shucks" little league college football team in town. Like Duemig. We aren't his audience, even though he's a local columnist. Even if we went undefeated like UCF did this year, the conversation wouldn't be about USF's accomplishments, but instead what P5 team is going to hire away our coach. So I've tuned him out. I'm just not going to waste my time. But I don't begrudge others who want to read him.
  3. The New XFL

    I'd be more into the XFL idea if it involved a team in Tampa. These wanna-be football start-ups always put a team in Whorelando. Miss the Bandits!
  4. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    Ergo you aren't insulted, because you don't care about USF? It's a nuanced thing. You can be honest without being obnoxious. Fennelly is obnoxious, and sometimes also dishonest.
  5. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    It also always seems he's writing to a non-USF (UF or FSU?) audience. But the joke's on him because they just don't care much about USF, and the people who do care about USF are often insulted by his poor attempts at humor. So what's the purpose then? I suppose gainful employment until the Times folds.
  6. Pre-Football Bulls: What was it like for you?

    Me too. Grew up a Bucs fan (creamsicle days) and, briefly, a Bandits fan. First generation American so I didn't have any family members with college allegiances. I didn't follow college football until I enrolled at USF in 1996 and watched my first college football game, which was also USF's first game, against Kentucky Wesleyan in 1997.
  7. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    I don't understand all this nonsense over Taggart. Yes, he was a good coach for us his final two years, and a strong recruiter. But FSU and UO are fighting over this guy like he's the second coming of Nick Saban. It's starting to seem like more of a grudge match than anything else. UO is insecure because it doesn't like playing second fiddle to FSU. FSU is insecure because Fisher pretty much took a big dump in Doak Campbell on his way out of town. Taggart might work out well in FSU. But he could just as easily fail. Stay tuned!
  8. What can we expect from Oladokun next year?

    When will we go to Battle?
  9. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    I was wondering the same thing.
  10. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    What suggests to you that Strong could be on this plane?