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  1. CCS hates it here

    I don't want a coach who doesn't want to be here. I'd rather have an up-and-coming coach who's trying to make a name for himself, with an exciting offense and willingness to innovate using Florida speed. If CCS leaves I won't be terribly upset about it. Next year will be a rebuild year anyways with as many critical seniors as are leaving.
  2. 9-1

    Because we don't. Only the most optimistic among us believes we WILL win this game against C. I don't expect us to, but I'm hopeful!
  3. Offense

  4. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Delightful. Let Oregon suck it.
  5. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    Just another sad example of USF trying to manufacture a tradition. Traditions need to develop organically. My understanding is that the stampede is usually not well attended, and I can understand why. Better tradition that I would like to see stick: players high-fiving the student section at the end of every home game.
  6. Post Game Quotes to Scrutinize

    Describes me too.
  7. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Too much baggage for Kiffin. I don't see it.
  8. Post Game Quotes to Scrutinize

    Thanks, saw that after I posted. So basically, CCS' response was "Didn't do everything we could have done to win, but we could have still won at the end." Weak sauce.
  9. Post Game Quotes to Scrutinize

    At the presser (I didn't catch it) did anyone ask about the clock management issue?
  10. JUST BEAT UCF!!!

    Would be awesome.
  11. Offense

    Agreed. And it would be nice to have a coach who wants to be here. The impression I get from CCS is that he's somehow doing us a favor by coaching here. I'm getting to the point that I almost hope he leaves for greener pastures, and we bring in a guy who understands how to use Florida talent and wants to score a lot of points.
  12. Last Drive Clock Management

    Rumor has it that CCS doesn't like it here and will jump ship to a P5 school. So long as he takes his OC with him, I'm not sure that would be a horrible tragedy.
  13. Last Drive Clock Management

    Coaching malpractice.
  14. Last Drive Clock Management

    What I don't understand is how a dumb schmuck like me understands the importance of (among other things) clock management in that situation, but millionaires who have been coaching for years and years don't get it.
  15. Last Drive Clock Management

    This. And it was inexcusable. Our coaches owe the players an apology.