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  1. Yes but the gulf between you and that other guy is probably a lot wider than the one between USF and Bama...
  2. Right. Kind of like how surprised I was at how nasty Austin was when I visited the first time. Full of bums, druggies, and hookers. And the stench of rotting burritos.
  3. I'm not aware of any five stars directly out of high school. I don't think it'll happen in this case, but if it did, I think it'd be a first.
  4. What is it with this "jilted lovers" nonsense? Why do I have to give even two craps about xCWT again? He WAS our coach. He chose to leave. Good for him. I'm about as interested in him now as I am about Iowa's or Stanford's coach. This is my last Taggart post. I don't have any more time for other teams' coaches.
  5. Wasn't CCS the DC at UF when they won the national title some years ago? While nothing's ever guaranteed when college kids are involved, CCS is so clearly and obviously an upgrade over Raymond Woodie in terms of defensive coaching, I'm almost embarrassed to have to write it down. I'll take my chances with CCS...
  6. Very proud of our team and what they accomplished this year. Good positioning for next year if we can continue our winning ways. Mack and Adams will be missed but we still have enough talent and a favorable schedule to win 10+ next year, and maybe an AAC title?
  7. Agree. Maybe the conference-based TV deals will disappear in favor of school-specific deals?
  8. Got it. But presumably we didn't end the season ranked in AP or coaches polls after our L vs Oregon (which was brutal - I remember it vividly)...
  9. Injuries are humbling. Even if it were reasonable to conclude that, on paper, we should win every game on our schedule next year, it would NOT be reasonable to conclude that we won't have any injuries. How many and to whom could make what should be a great season into merely a good one.
  10. I'll take any ranking. I don't believe we've ever closed a season ranked (post-bowl) - is that correct?
  11. Merry Christmas!
  12. Did Masiello ever finish his degree?