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  1. Illinois Attendance

    Tampa is used to top-tier pro sports options (NFL, MLB, NHL). We had better attendance when we also competed in the top-tier of college football. We no longer do, and while I hate to be a pessimist, I don't think attendance will improve significantly unless we ever become P5 again. The past two years have demonstrated that wins alone won't improve attendance. Which is why I think the current approach of planning for a $200 million stadium is a big mistake. I suspect USF doesn't really want to build anything, which is why they're aiming artificially and unrealistically high. A more reasonably sized, priced, and expandable OCS would be sustainable. And the stadium wouldn't look half empty and pirate-themed every home game.
  2. AP and Coaches Poll

    ^ I agree but not because I trust pollsters to get it right.
  3. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Our defense has improved and I expect better run defense than what we saw last year. That said, I'm... reluctant to give so many points in a conference game.
  4. AP and Coaches Poll

    The rankings will sort themselves out. Just win, baby! I was reminded today that we can rely on our objective media to result in a fair and accurate poll. That is why Auburn and Miami (FL) are ranked where they are. Don't you see? So no worries.
  5. We just need to take care of our own business. It isn't impossible if we run the table. On the other hand, it IS impossible if we don't run the table...
  6. SJSU +20.5 Points

    I expect to win. By a lot. But that's it.
  7. Football ticket/seating help

    It's not as much a problem at USF games because usually there are areas where empty seats are available, but I think if there's a sell out or it's crowded I think the expectation is that the child will sit on your lap. I could be wrong but that's my understanding...
  8. Joey has always been kind to USF, at least when compared to most other local media members. Glad to see it!
  9. Seems like an honest, level-headed, but also goal-oriented approach by our AD.
  10. Driving down from Tallahassee and will be there with my parents!
  11. "Crickets"?

    Good point. First time I read it, I thought the Media weren't there because none of their readers cared (fanbase = crickets), but maybe I was too quick to draw that conclusion. Because Fennelly.
  12. "Crickets"?

    The swipe was the suggestion that the fanbase = crickets The article was rather benign, but the title was not. Unlike news articles I believe the columnists choose their titles. Also, I hate Fennelly's writing style, so it's easy to find fault with him, even when his columns aren't factually misleading.
  13. "Crickets"?

    Latest Martin Fennelly swipe at USF: Lights, Camera, Crickets - Charlie Strong Adjusts to a Different Fanbase Oh, and let me just put this right here: Score Martin Fennelly on JournoCheck
  14. New Media Accountability Website

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone! If any of you were willing to set up an account and test out the site, that would be awesome. Or at least check our the appearance and give me your thoughts. The site is 100% free to access and use. The problem is that it's so new, there's no one on it! Hopefully that'll change soon... And please remember us when football season starts again and you want to complain about Tampa Bay Times coverage again (or congratulate them for a job well done)! www.JournoCheck.com @JournoCheck (Twitter) Thanks again!
  15. New Media Accountability Website