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  1. Seems like an honest, level-headed, but also goal-oriented approach by our AD.
  2. Driving down from Tallahassee and will be there with my parents!
  3. "Crickets"?

    Good point. First time I read it, I thought the Media weren't there because none of their readers cared (fanbase = crickets), but maybe I was too quick to draw that conclusion. Because Fennelly.
  4. "Crickets"?

    The swipe was the suggestion that the fanbase = crickets The article was rather benign, but the title was not. Unlike news articles I believe the columnists choose their titles. Also, I hate Fennelly's writing style, so it's easy to find fault with him, even when his columns aren't factually misleading.
  5. "Crickets"?

    Latest Martin Fennelly swipe at USF: Lights, Camera, Crickets - Charlie Strong Adjusts to a Different Fanbase Oh, and let me just put this right here: Score Martin Fennelly on JournoCheck
  6. New Media Accountability Website

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone! If any of you were willing to set up an account and test out the site, that would be awesome. Or at least check our the appearance and give me your thoughts. The site is 100% free to access and use. The problem is that it's so new, there's no one on it! Hopefully that'll change soon... And please remember us when football season starts again and you want to complain about Tampa Bay Times coverage again (or congratulate them for a job well done)! www.JournoCheck.com @JournoCheck (Twitter) Thanks again!
  7. New Media Accountability Website

  8. ESPN thinks we go 13-0!!!

    What we need to do is go 13-0, then win the Peach Bowl. Then also go undefeated in 2018 with wins against GTech and Illinois. Who knows - at some point we *could* get some consideration, depending on who else in conference is doing well/getting ranked, and our margins of victory.
  9. ESPN thinks we go 13-0!!!

    I agree. It would be a heavy lift to get into the CFP, even with an undefeated year, given our schedule. But it sure would be fun to be good enough to where it's even an issue!
  10. ESPN thinks we go 13-0!!!

    Would love to see it, but... I will always expect undefeated seasons to be the rare exception, never the rule or expectation. Even if we were left out of the CFP due to a weak schedule, 13-0 would be a historic season.
  11. New Media Accountability Website

    Thank you! I appreciate it.
  12. Every once in a while I see posts on here about the quality of USF athletics coverage by local media (WDAE, the Tampa Bay Times, local news, etc.). In fact, during the whole Big XII expansion fiasco beginning last year, I remember listening to Steve Duemig pretty much bashing USF on the radio for hours on end, laughing about the "pipe dream" of USF ever joining any P5 conference, much less the Big XII. Well, I got so frustrated I decided to do something about it. I put my money where my mouth is. I've created a website whose only purpose is to keep media accountable. If Steve wants to bash USF, that's fine, but from now on we will also have a place to bash him and other like him for their nonsense. Note that I launched it just yesterday, and it's still in its infancy. There are still many wrinkles to iron out. But basically, you can score (star system) and discuss, in a bulletin-board format, any journalist, media outlet, or media personality. Then share your thoughts to social media if you like. I don't know if this website idea will take off or not, but I had to give it a try. I encourage my fellow Bulls fans to give it a try. I think you'll like the look - green and gold, of course. If by chance www.JournoCheck.com (@JournoCheck on Twitter) ever becomes world famous or relevant, I hereby promise to make a significant contribution to an OCS! Btw, I checked in with Brad before posting this, just to confirm it was OK. He gave me the green light. I welcome any comments or criticisms you have - I want to improve the site in any way I can! Thanks guys.
  13. National Signing Day '17

    Yes but the gulf between you and that other guy is probably a lot wider than the one between USF and Bama...
  14. Could USF Surpise on Signing Day?

    Right. Kind of like how surprised I was at how nasty Austin was when I visited the first time. Full of bums, druggies, and hookers. And the stench of rotting burritos.