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  1. @McMurphyESPN: New Colorado State coach Mike Bobo gets UCF DC Tyson Summers to join him as CSU DC source told @ESPN
  2. Online stream of USF vs. SMU game

    http://www.ifeed2all.eu/watch/298766/3/watch-south-florida-vs-smu.html let me know if somebody finds a better one
  3. http://ifirstrowus.eu/watch/280355/2/watch-maryland-vs-south-florida-.html i think the buffalo vs army game has to end first
  4. Bulls Sign 4 JUCO Players

    the fourth is Eric Mayes
  5. Dede lattimore

    Agreed! Had a career game today, broke his previous tackle mark I believe
  6. Hats off to Defense Today

    I wish Bench had gotten some more reps today though... Maybe he aggravated his lingering injuries after that 1 drive?
  7. Twitter Handles

  8. NEW JERSEY???

    Thought this thread was gonna be about annoyance concerning a new bowl game held in New Jersey
  9. D'Vario Montgomery leaves team

    Article by GA: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/taggart-wr-montgomery-quitting-usf-football/2136334
  10. MLK Plaza??

  11. NCAA '14 Fans

    Instead of red-shirting Bench, I put him in front of Eveld on the depth chart because I likes his mobility and his accuracy is a tad higher than Bobby's. Ended up going 6-6 in my first season.
  12. NCAA '14 Fans

    I usually wait for the ones from operation sports, those usually are the most in-depth. However I just downloaded PastaPadre to hold me over. Quick question, who is the fullback freshman on our roster? Is it Auggie Sanchez? I was hoping kennard Swanson would be in the game instead..
  13. NCAA '14 Fans

    Picked up the game this morning and was inputting the names for the USF roster, when I noticed our highest rates freshman is an LB rated at an 80. Any idea who this is? I was thinking either Nigel Harris got a great rating, or that they botched Rahmon Swain's class.
  14. Kyle Gibson, CB, Armood HS, Seffner FL

    @K_Gibson_G: Top 5 school No Order: Notre Dame , Vanderbilt , Louisville , Miami , Usf